Morrowind:Damage Skill

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MW-icon-effect-Damage Skill.jpg Damage Skill
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 8
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Damage <Skill> M points

Permanently lowers one of the Skills of the target by M points. The attribute can only be restored by use of a Restore Skill effect. In the patched game version, this effect is only found in-game on the glove Elvul's Black Blindfold. In the unpatched version of the game it was also found on the weapon Fury, which damaged the player's armor skills. If a fortified skill is drained, it will also act like damage skill, until it goes below the normal skill level. To undo the effects of damage skill, you need to have the most recent patch and go to either a Shrine of the tribunal for Almsivi Restoration or to an Imperial Cult Altar for Restore Attributes.

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