Morrowind:Drain Health

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MW-icon-effect-Drain Health.jpg Drain Health
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 4
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Magic Apparel
Magic Weapons

Drain Health M points for D seconds

Temporarily lowers the Health of the target. If the victim is still alive when the spell expires, they will regain the lost Health.


  • This effect will in fact deliver a killing blow if the subject's Health is reduced to 0. A good way to kill enemies (with less than 100 Health) is to Drain Health 100 pts for 1 sec. And you can spice up the spell with Soultrap for 1 sec or even double the effect with Weakness to Magicka 100 pts for 1 sec. This trick can be somewhat costly, magicwise - but Drain Health in fact has the lowest base cost of the Destruction School and not many creatures are resistant to Magicka (Drain Health is not elemental damage).
  • You can take this even further and create a Weakness to Magicka 400% + Drain Health 400 pts spell that inflicts 2000 pts, the highest possible damage in the game, for a total cost of 240 magicka. This will kill almost anything in the game that's vulnerable to magicka, including Dagoth Ur. However, you'll need to either use Alchemy to fortify your willpower and luck, or use a Fortify Destruction effect to boost your skill to 170 or higher for several seconds in order to cast it.

Related Effects

Alchemy Ingredients

The following ingredients will result in a Drain Health effect if mixed into a potion:

* These are first-effect ingredients, so you may experience the effect by eating them raw.