Morrowind:Restore Attribute

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MW-icon-effect-Restore Attribute.jpg Restore Attribute
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Base Cost 1
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Built-in Potions
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole

Restore <Attribute> M points for D seconds

Returns one of the target's Attributes to their normal value if they have been lowered by a Damage Attribute effect.


  • Restore Attribute will only work up to the natural maximum value for the Attribute, even if a Fortify Attribute effect is present. In other words, Restore Attribute only takes effect if the Attribute stat is red on the status screen. For example, if your Strength has been damaged 25 points, but you're wearing the Fist of Randagulf (R), Restore Strength would only give you back 5 points. To get around this, remove the Fortify effect (in the above example, remove the gauntlet) before invoking the Restore Attribute effect. This is fixed in the Morrowind Code Patch.

Related Effects

Alchemy Ingredients

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a Restore Attribute potion:

Restore Agility Restore Endurance Restore Intelligence Restore Luck
Restore Personality Restore Speed Restore Strength Restore Willpower

* These are first-effect ingredients, so you will experience the effect by eating them raw as well.