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Agility is the governing Attribute for Block, Light Armor, Marksman, and Sneak. It affects:

  • Your ability to successfully hit enemies with a weapon and dodge their attacks (not magic).
  • Your ability to use the Sneak (including pickpocketing), Security, Acrobatics and Block skills. Note - this is not the same as skills 'governed' by Agility - those skills simply provide bonuses to raising Agility when leveling up, and are not themselves necessarily enhanced by the character's Agility.
  • Your maximum Fatigue.
  • Your resistance against staggering.

Character Creation

The starting values for Agility vary by race and gender:

Race M F Race M F
Altmer 40 40 Imperial 30 30
Argonian 50 40 Khajiit 50 50
Bosmer 50 50 Nord 30 30
Breton 30 30 Orc 35 35
Dunmer 40 40 Redguard 40 40

The following classes receive a +10 Bonus to Agility:


  • Since Agility affects the resistance against staggering, using the Berserk power of Orcs which decreases Agility by 100 points for 60 seconds will cause the user to fall when struck even with maxed Agility.