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Skill: Acrobatics
Governing Attribute:
Fall: +3.0
Jump: +0.15

The Acrobatics skill enables one to jump long distances and to avoid damage when falling from great heights. Nimble acrobats can reach areas others cannot get to and can direct their paths while falling.

This skill is extremely useful for travel. Combined with a lot of speed, using acrobatics is by far the fastest way to get from place to place on foot. The higher your acrobatics, the steeper a slope you can climb.

Character Creation

The following races receive bonuses to their Acrobatics skill:

The following classes have Acrobatics as a Major skill:

The following classes have Acrobatics as a Minor skill:


The Master Trainer of Acrobatics is Senyndie at the Arena Fighters Quarters in Vivec. Other trainers of note are:

See Acrobatics Trainers for the complete list.


The following books will increase your Acrobatics skill:


The following factions include Acrobatics as one of their favored skills:


  • You will never be damaged by a fall that you can jump the height of. In other words, if you can jump 100 metres into the air, a fall of 100 metres will not damage you.
  • With an extremely excessively high acrobatics skill it is possible to jump from one end of the map to the other.