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MW-icon-effect-Recall.jpg Recall
School Mysticism
Type Defensive
Base Cost 350
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Built-in Potions


Instantly transports you to the location placed by the Mark spell, from any distance. Good for escaping from a sticky situation, or quickly transporting yourself to a chosen location. Casting the spell if you have never cast Mark will have no effect.


  • Any followers you may have will not accompany you when you teleport. Thus, this cannot be used to facilitate escort missions. (Many followers added by 3rd-party plug-ins are scripted to follow you when you use this spell, but default characters in the game do not.)
  • Recall (and the other teleportation spells) are disabled in a few locations. In Morrowind, the only locations are Magas Volar (where you get the Daedric Crescent), and the Akulakhan chamber at the bottom of Dagoth Ur's facility (until you destroy the heart). The expansions add a few more such locations. The Clockwork City in Tribunal has disabled teleporting, and the inside of the Mortrag Glacier area in Bloodmoon does as well. Scripted teleports, such as from items, will still work in these locations, however. While you cannot Recall from these locations, it is possible to cast a Mark inside them, and Recall yourself to them later. (A trick used to acquire a second Daedric Crescent depends on this.) However, if you do so, make sure you have a scripted teleport item to get yourself back out, as the two Intervention spells will not work, and you will be stuck there.
  • It should also be known that the Bristleback Leather that can be obtained from the Tusked Bristlebacks (added by the Bloodmoon Expansion) has Recall as the fourth effect. However, it cannot be used as there are no other ingredients that have this effect.

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