Morrowind:Spell Absorption

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MW-icon-effect-Spell Absorption.jpg Spell Absorption
School Mysticism
Type Defensive
Base Cost 10
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Spell Absorption M points for D seconds

Gives a M% chance that incoming spells will be absorbed, and their casting cost will be used to restore the subject's Magicka pool instead of taking effect. Spells that are not absorbed will behave normally, doing their full effect.


  • For each active source of this effect, a check is made to see if an incoming spell is absorbed. The check is done on a scale of 100, meaning 1 point equals 1 percent. Unlike Reflect, if you are affected by two spells of 50 point Spell Absorption, the total chance to absorb spells is not 100%. After the initial check of 50%, another check of 50% makes the total chance 75% to absorb.
  • This effect is very useful to those born under the Atronach birthsign, since their Magicka does not regenerate with rest as normal due to Stunted Magicka. Fortunately, a 50% Spell Absorption is part of this birthsign's benefits. Although additional Spell Absorption would have lesser effect on characters with this birthsign, more is still better, as it's a good way to regain Magicka while avoiding hostile spells.
  • Spell Absorption will work in combination with Reflect, but Spell Absorption takes precedence, so only spells which are not absorbed may be reflected. Having more Spell Absorption makes Reflect do less, so if you have 50% of both Absorption and Reflect, it does not make you immune to spells. Rather, half of spells will be absorbed, and of the half that are not, half of those will be reflected. So a total of 75% will be stopped by these effects.
  • Spells which are not absorbed or reflected can still be Resisted by the appropriate Resist spell. Spells which are absorbed are absorbed at full strength. In the case of reflected spells, they are not first reduced by the original (pre-reflection) target's resistances. They are affected by the resistances of the new (post-reflection) target.
  • Spells with no magnitude such as Silence and Paralyze are not immune to Spell Absorption, since it is their casting cost, not their magnitude which is absorbed.
  • Tips for using Spell Absorption to regenerate Magicka include:
    • Summon a creature who attacks using spells, an Ancestor Ghost works especially well. Attack the summon three times so it turns on you, then absorb its spells.
    • Beneficial spells as well as attacks can be absorbed, including blessings and cures, such as those provided by Shrines, although constant absorption effects such as from The Atronach may prove detrimental if you need a shrine's blessing.
  • Two unique items provide Spell Absorption as a constant effect:
  • Other artifacts and unique items that provide this effect include:

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Alchemy Ingredients

The following ingredients can be used to create a potion of Spell Absorption:

* This is a first-effect ingredient, so you will experience a small dose of the effect by eating it raw.