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Ra Gada

The Ra Gada (sometimes spelled Ra' Gada or Ra'Gada) was the name given to the Yokudan "Warrior Wave" that left the doomed continent of Yokuda and sailed towards Tamriel. This mass colonization occurred in four successive waves during the eighth and ninth centuries of the First Era, and spanned approximately twenty eight years. The native Orcs, Nedes and Bretons fell to them quickly, as did the various creatures and beasts further inland. Eventually, they claimed the entire province after only a few major battles and established a new home for the Yokudan people called Hammerfell.

The term Ra Gada became corrupted to Redguard, and although it originally referred only to the warriors of the refugees, it gradually came to be used to refer to the whole race.


The Ra'athim Clan (also spelled R'Aathim) is an ancient noble family of Dunmer which hails from Ebonheart. Probably its most well-known member was its beautiful heiress, Katariah Ra'athim, who married Pelagius Septim III in 3E 141 and went on to become Empress Katariah.

Red Sabre

A fleet of pirates formed during the Camoran Usurper, under the leadership of Torradan ap Dugal. Destroyed by Commodore Fasil Umbranox of the Imperial Navy around 3E 286.[1]

Renrijra Krin

The Renrijra Krin (which translates as The Mercenary's Grin, The Laugh of the Landless or The Smiling Scum, and is often shortened to Renrijra) are a long-standing Khajiiti criminal organization. The Renrijra Maor (also called the Renrijra Pirates) are a naval subgroup of the organization.

The Renrijra's name reflects the group's philosophy of bravery and enjoyment of life, while also indicating that they owe allegiance to no ruler. It was originally a derogatory term, but was adopted by the amused group. The organization has no fixed rules, preferring to call its tenets "thjizzrini", or "foolish concepts". Their ranks are made up of thieves, thugs, bandits, smugglers, pirates and saboteurs. They are ruthless in pursuing their aims, but depend on guerrilla tactics to operate, giving freely to Khajiit civilians in return for their support.

During the Alliance War, the Renrijra Maor were hired by the Aldmeri Dominion as privateers. They raided the coast of Glenumbra, seeking to conquer the shores, which elicited an attack by the Breton Navy. In 2E 582, they began operating along the western coast of Morrowind and Black Marsh. They attempted to enslave the Argonian population of Silent Mire, a village in Deshaan, but were driven off by a series of counter strikes. They were also responsible for helping to supply the failed Dominion invasion of Shadowfen, but changed allegiance to the local pirate boss Captain One-Eye after their leader was killed.

By the late Third Era, the Renrijra had proclaimed dedication to reclaiming areas of Cyrodiil that they saw as rightfully belonging to Elsweyr. They blamed the Count of Leyawiin for driving the Khajiit from the fertile land around Lake Makapi and the River Malapi. In this they disagree with their ruler, the Mane, who was responsible for making the agreement with Cyrodiil. However, it was the belief of the Empire that the organization was simply posing as freedom fighters in order to further their criminal agenda and their Cyrodilic skooma smuggling. In 3E 433, Special Inquisitor Drels Theran of Bravil was in charge of suppressing the Renrijra insurgents.

Resolution of Z'en

The Resolution of Z'en is a temple devoted to Z'en, the God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants and Mercenaries. Long ago, in the movement's birth, early members made a temple like no other: one meant to be adaptable, but resilient to the storm of time. They are thus called Resolutions, a far more descriptive term than temples.

Restless League

The Restless League was a Redguard Crown organization set up in 2E 864 after the defeat of Prince A'tor at the Battle of Hunding Bay in and around Stros M'Kai. The League was based in a hidden cove on the island, and resorted to piracy in an attempt to rebel against Imperial rule. Cyrus joined the League, and was responsible for the death of Lord Amiel Richton. Because of this rebellion, Hammerfell was able to negotiate better terms for itself under the new empire of Tiber Septim.


The Rourken were a clan of Dwemer who migrated from Morrowind to Hammerfell during the First Era, in a self-imposed exile. They left after refusing to join the First Council due to a longstanding animosity with the Chimer, led by Indoril Nerevar at the time. According to legend, their leader hurled the great hammer Volendrung towards the setting sun and vowed to settle wherever it landed. After a long journey through the forests of Cyrodiil, they arrived in the southern Alik'r Desert near Gilane in 1E 420. There, they founded Volenfell (“City of the Hammer”), which later gave its name to the entire province as well. Establishing trading relationships with neighboring Bretons and elves, the Rourken prospered and spread across the province, exploiting the harsh landscape's plentiful mineral resources with massive mines and workshops.

Despite the physical separation from their brethren in Morrowind, the Rourken shared the fate of all Dwemer, mysteriously disappearing overnight. Their cities, now abandoned, fell prey to pirates, raiders, and the ravages of time. The ruins of their civilization can still be found, half-buried in sand, all across Hammerfell, including in Rkundzelft, Santaki, and Stros M'Kai. It would be over a hundred years before another civilization, the Ra Gada, would arrive to occupy the southern deserts.

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard are private guards for the Royalty of Morrowind and other regions of Monarchy rule. They operate separately from both the Imperial Legion and the Ordinators, and can mainly be found in or around Mournhold.


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