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The Rourken were a clan of Dwemer who migrated from Morrowind to Hammerfell during the First Era, in a self-imposed exile. They left after refusing to join the First Council due to a longstanding animosity with the Chimer, led by Indoril Nerevar at the time.[1] According to legend, their leader hurled the great hammer Volendrung towards the setting sun and vowed to settle wherever it landed.[2] After a long journey through the forests of Cyrodiil, they arrived in the southern Alik'r Desert near Gilane in 1E 420.[1] There, they founded Volenfell (“City of the Hammer”), which later gave its name to the entire province as well.[2] Establishing trading relationships with neighboring Bretons and elves, the Rourken prospered and spread across the province, exploiting the harsh landscape's plentiful mineral resources with massive mines and workshops.[3]

Despite the physical separation from their brethren in Morrowind, the Rourken shared the fate of all Dwemer, mysteriously disappearing overnight.[4] Their cities, now abandoned, fell prey to pirates, raiders, and the ravages of time. The ruins of their civilization can still be found, half-buried in sand, all across Hammerfell, including in Rkundzelft, Santaki, and Stros M'Kai.[3] It would be over a hundred years before another civilization, the Ra Gada, would arrive to occupy the southern deserts.[1]


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