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Lore: História(Redirecionado de Lore:First Council)

Since the Nordic invasion and conquest of present-day Morrowind by King Vrage around 1E 240, the Nords had ruled the region. At the turn of the second century of suppression, Dumac Dwarfking's Dwemer and Indoril Nerevar's united Velothi Chimer forged an alliance against the common foe. The alliance ultimately succeeded in driving the invaders from the land in 1E 416, leading to the First Council of newly-named Resdayn. Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking were elected as leaders of the First Council. Resdayn flourished under the leadership of Dumac and Nerevar and the peace between the Chimer and Dwemer brought an unprecedented prosperity and flowering of both cultures for a time.

The peace existed mainly by the strength of personal friendship, forged in battle, between Dumac and Nerevar, as they both were counciled to war to end this unholy alliance. The scheming of Almsivi and Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac bore fruit. The discord was triggered by Azura's interference [1], the plans of Kagrenac for the Anumidum project and Dumac's ignorance of it, which led to a falling-out with Nerevar.

The council was dissolved in 1E 668 following the War of the First Council, which lead to the deaths of Nerevar and Dumac, the apotheosis and rise of the Tribunal, and the disappearance of the Dwarves after the Battle of Red Mountain.

The idea of a uniting council was taken up later, as Vivec formed the Grand Council of Morrowind, which contained the surviving Great Houses.

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