Lore:Stros M'Kai

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Stros M'Kai
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Abecean Sea
Appears in Redguard, ESO
Map of Stros M'Kai

Once the home of Crown Prince A'tor, Stros M'Kai is an important tropical island off the southern coast of Hammerfell near the Cape of the Blue Divide. Stros M'Kai is renowned for its completely steam-powered Dwemer ruins and ancient mines, including the marvelous observatory known as the Orrery.

Stros M'Kai only has one major town, which bears the name of the island. It holds the Palace, the Temple of Arkay and the famous statue of Frandar Hunding. Underneath the town lies the Catacombs, which serve as both a prison and a treasury. The small settlement of Saintsport is found at the southern tip. There are very few other settlements, apart from the nomadic Yokudan campsites. Roughly a third of the land is taken up by the barren Ogres Tooth Mountains. Jarrin root, an extremely toxic plant which kills almost instantly when ingested, can only be found on the island.[1]

The main island has a large network of natural caves inhabited by goblins and trolls. The goblins were advanced enough to cultivate mushrooms and create floodgates for the toxic water which runs through a polluted subterranean river. The tribe's king, a large ogre, was killed by Cyrus the Redguard.[2]

A chain of islands known as The Spine lies off the West coast of the main island. These were once bridged, but have long fallen into dereliction. The Isle of N'Gasta is a small island even farther offshore. It suffers from frequent storms, and was the home of the infamous Sload necromancer, N'Gasta. This island was likely once used by the first Redguard settlers as a cemetery for criminals. This was a tradition brought over from Yokuda, to prevent the criminal's evil spirit from tormenting the living.[3] The dominant feature on the island is the Necromancer's Tower.



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