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This project's aim is to clean up and standardize all of the pages within the Lore-Places category. These pages (as with all pages in the Lore namespace) are meant to give a general overview of their subjects which is independent from the actual games. Many of the pages do not meet these standards, and this project was created in order to address that problem.


To join the project, simply add your name to this list.

  • TheRealLurlock - Project creator, general organizer and editor
  • Legoless - Content writing, general tweaking
  • Velyanthe - Changing tense, tweaking, separating game-specific info
  • Elliot - Template functionality, categorization, simple content
  • Jak Atackka - Template functionality, content writing
  • Eric Snowmane - Images
  • Tsxgrimreaper- Content, and Images
  • Emzi43- Just helping in general about places like Sovngarde and all that.
  • J'ZhirrthePriest- Summarizing and translating confusing concepts in to something understandable.
  • Kalis Agea - Content writing, checking content, general tweaking
  • KEATONGAMER-General supervision, final editing process
  • Chezburgar - Images, spelling (maybe), grammar, tweaking and possibly content
  • Pretax - Spelling, grammar and maybe content.
  • Daric Gaersmith - Updating the references on the Lore:Black_Marsh page in a sandbox.
  • Dominus Arbitrationis - Misc. edits and standardization of pages
  • Enodoc - Content and consistency.
  • Jeancey - Making new templates, spelling/grammar, consistency, writing new pages.
  • LordXenophon - Proofreading and comparison with in-game texts, gnomework.
  • Malthar - Spelling, grammar and some content.
  • Byerman - Content, images, spelling, and grammar.
  • Etharion - Content, images, mapping.
  • Kharwog - Content, grammar.
  • Steven0125Kjl - Minor content, spelling, grammar.
  • Satherian - Spelling, grammar.
  • Matt56 - Spelling, grammar, Minor content.
  • Dotto88 - Spelling, grammar, content editing, minor content, and maybe images.
  • Sheeprin-Spelling/grammar, content, and images.
  • Zacht.carnevale - Spelling/grammar, minor content, images.
  • Alik'rWarrior - Spelling and grammar, minor content and images.
  • TiltingScales - Spelling/grammar, content, images.

How You Can Help

  • Improve the Lore Place Summary template. In particular, the "Region" field needs work. This was always a bit iffy. While it made sense in Morrowind, in Oblivion, the regions are not so clearly defined. (Reading the first paragraph of Cheydinhal, you'd think that the city lies in three different regions, which isn't far off since the regions in Oblivion overlap and have soft borders.) Also, categorizing locations by region means that at least for Oblivion, each region category ends up with a very small number of articles - generally only one, since no regions other than the cities were deemed worthy of inclusion in Lore-space. For Skyrim, they're not even called "regions", but "holds". And for provinces other than Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind (specifically Vvardenfell, since mainland Morrowind is still unknown), and maybe Hammerfell, we don't even have this information, since the only game that allowed you to visit these areas was Arena, and it never got more specific than province. Ultimately, this field should be optional. Currently, leaving it out causes you to get an error on the page saying that it is missing data. True, but it's data we're not likely to have for a very long time, so we should be able to just leave it out without an ugly error message.
  • Add a summary to every place page in Lore space. Obviously, this depends on the template being fixed to support places not seen in games first.
  • Clean up all articles for places seen in games - many of these still have game-specific info that does not belong on Lore pages. This should be moved to the game-spaces for the games in which they appear.
  • Past-tense all articles for Morrowind locations that were destroyed in the Fourth Era. A template has been created, MWTense, to use on verbs to give a different verb tense when the articles are transcluded into Morrowind space, so that they appear in past tense only in Lore space. It's already in use on a number of pages and pretty self-explanatory. (It's not clear exactly how widespread the devastation was, so we'll have to decide which cities should get the past-tense treatment.)
  • Add in-game images where appropriate. Most of the articles have images in their game-space but not Lore space. We can just use the same images. Transclusion onto the Lore Places list pages is not a problem since the summary templates are "noinclude"d anyhow. Obviously not much can be done about locations not seen in games.
  • Wherever possible, place pages should include a map. In particular in the case of cities and other settlements, this should be a map of the region/province showing where the settlement is located, and NOT a map of the settlement itself (which is game-specific and should stay in the game space). Also, we should NOT be using maps which do not actually feature the settlement in question. For example, many of the Morrowind articles were using the Racemap05S-Morrowind.jpg image, which features a grand total of 4 cities on Vvardenfell. On any other place page, this should not be used because it doesn't contain information relevant to that page! These have been removed in the process of adding summaries, but surely we could come up with a map which does show the location.

Hidden Categories

These categories do not appear listed on the articles, as they have been tagged with the {{hiddencat}} template.

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