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SR-icon-spell-Illusion Dark.png Frenzy
School Illusion Difficulty Master
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Both Hands
Spell ID 0007e8da Editor ID Frenzy
Base Cost 990 Charge Time 3.0
Duration 60 sec Range 0
Magnitude 25 Area 250 ft
Tome ID 000a2719 Tome Value 1250
Purchase from (after Illusion Ritual Spell)
Creatures and people up to level 25 will attack anyone nearby for 60 seconds.

Mayhem is a master level Illusion spell that causes creatures and people up to level 25 within a 250 foot radius of the caster to attack anyone in sight for 60 seconds.



  • Animage, creatures 8 levels higher can be affected
  • Kindred Mage, people 10 levels higher can be affected
  • Rage, all targets 12 levels higher can be affected
  • Master of the Mind, allows spell to work on undead, daedra, and automatons

Note that these perks will stack, so the overall effective values for the spell with perks are as follows:

Max Lvl
Default 25
Animage 33
Kindred Mage 35
Rage 37
Animage + Rage 45
Kindred Mage + Rage 47


  • A more common use for this is to cast it on a group of enemies, so they all fight each other instead of you. Odds are you'll be left with just one last severely weakened enemy standing, which you can then mop up on your own.
  • A particularly effective tactic is to use Mayhem when entering a dungeon. Due to Mayhem's large impact radius, it can effectively turn the area into a free-for-all kill zone, as enemies slaughter each other.