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This page describes the mundane (non-magical) clothing items in Skyrim. Generic Magic Apparel details most magical clothing; the category Skyrim-Clothing provides lists of all the individual pieces of clothing in the game. Clothing items do not provide any armor; wearing them doesn't improve the armor rating.


These cover both your upper and lower body, and cannot be worn along with primary armor.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-BeltedTunic(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-BeltedTunic(f).png Belted Tunic
1 2
SR-icon-clothing-Blacksmith'sApron1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Blacksmith'sApron1(f).png Blacksmith's Apron
1 8
SR-icon-clothing-Blacksmith'sApron2(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Blacksmith'sApron2(f).png Blacksmith's Apron
SR-icon-clothing-Chef'sTunic(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Chef'sTunic(f).png Chef's Tunic
1 8
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes2(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes2(f).png Clothes
1 2
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes4(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes4(f).png Clothes
Worn by Ysolda.
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes1(f).png Clothes
This set of clothes includes a hat.
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes1(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes7(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes7(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes8(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes8(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes9(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes9(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Miner'sClothes1.png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes6(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes6(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes10(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes10(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes5(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes5(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes11(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Clothes11(f).png Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes1.png Fine Clothes
1 35
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes2.png Fine Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes3.png Fine Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes4.png Fine Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Fur-TrimmedCloak.png Fur-Trimmed Cloak
1 100 Worn by Jarl Korir of Winterhold, Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone of Hjaalmarch, and Thane Bryling of Solitude.
SR-icon-clothing-HammerfellGarb.png Hammerfell Garb
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-Miner'sClothes1.png Miner's Clothes
1 2
SR-icon-clothing-Miner'sClothes2.png Miner's Clothes
SR-icon-clothing-Mourner'sClothes.png Mourner's Clothes
1 2
SR-icon-clothing-NobleClothes.png Noble Clothes
3 100
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes1.png Party Clothes
1 25 See Quest: Diplomatic Immunity.
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes2.png Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes
1 55 Sold at Radiant Raiment in Solitude during Fit for a Jarl.
SR-icon-clothing-RaggedTrousers.png Ragged Trousers
1 1
Ragged TrousersDG
This type of Ragged Trousers is a bloody version added by the Dawnguard add-on.
SR-icon-clothing-RedguardClothes.png Redguard Clothes
1 5 Worn by Nazir.
SR-icon-clothing-RoughspunTunic.png Roughspun Tunic
1 1
SR-icon-clothing-TavernClothes.png Tavern Clothes
1 2
SR-icon-clothing-WeddingDress(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-WeddingDress(f).png Wedding Dress
1 50 Worn by Vittoria Vici in Bound Until Death.


These cover both your upper and lower body, and cannot be worn along with primary armor.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-BlackRobes.png Black Robes
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-BlueRobes.png Blue Robes
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-CollegeRobes1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-CollegeRobes1(f).png College Robes
1 10 Only the first variant (000D3dea) can be obtained. They can be found and bought in Solitude's Radiant Raiment.
SR-icon-clothing-CollegeRobes2(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-CollegeRobes2(f).png College Robes
SR-icon-clothing-Emperor'sRobes.png Emperor's Robes
1 100
SR-icon-clothing-GreenRobes.png Green Robes
1 5 Cannot be obtained in the original version of the game. If Hearthfire is installed, it can be received as a gift from adopted children.
SR-icon-clothing-BlackRobes.png Hooded Black Robes
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-BlueRobes.png Hooded Blue Robes
1 5 With Dawnguard installed, it is worn by a dead adventurer found at Deep Folk Crossing.
SR-icon-clothing-MonkRobes.png Hooded Monk Robes
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-BlueRobes.png Mage Robes
1 5
SR-icon-clothing-MonkRobes.png Monk Robes
1 5
Monk RobesDG
Worn by the prelates in the Forgotten Vale.
SR-icon-clothing-RaggedRobes.png Ragged Robes
1 1
SR-icon-clothing-RedRobes.png Red Robes
1 5 Cannot be obtained in the original version of the game. If Hearthfire is installed, it can be received as a gift from adopted children.
  • Worn by Galathil in the Ragged Flagon if Dawnguard is installed.
SR-icon-clothing-VaerminaRobes.png Vaermina Robes
5 10 Two can be found inside Nightcaller Temple. They are also found on Vaermina devotees within the temple.

See Quest: Waking Nightmare.


These cover your head, and cannot be worn along with any helmet.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-Alik'rHood.png Alik'r Hood
0.5 2
SR-icon-clothing-Chef'sHat.png Chef's Hat
0.5 1
SR-icon-clothing-Hat3.png Cowl
1 1
SR-icon-clothing-FineHat.png Fine Hat
0.5 25
SR-icon-clothing-Hat2.png Hat
0.5 1
SR-icon-clothing-Hat3.png Hat
SR-icon-clothing-Hat1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-Hat1(f).png Hat
SR-icon-clothing-Hat4.png Hat
SR-icon-clothing-MageHood1(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-MageHood1(f).png Mage Hood
1 1 Sold by Colette Marence. Can be looted off of random thief encounters on the roads of Skyrim.
SR-icon-clothing-MageHood2(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-MageHood2(f).png Mage Hood
Cannot be obtained.
SR-icon-clothing-MageHood3(m).pngSR-icon-clothing-MageHood3(f).png Mage Hood
SR-icon-clothing-Mourner'sHat.png Mourner's Hat
0.5 1
SR-icon-clothing-RaggedCap.png Ragged Cap
0.5 1
SR-icon-clothing-RedguardHood.png Redguard Hood
0.5 2 Worn by Nazir.
SR-icon-clothing-WeddingWreath.png Wedding Wreath
0.5 10


Includes all non-armor versions of boots. These go on your feet and cannot be worn with armored boots.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-Boots1.png Boots
1 2

Other footwear with same name of "Boots" include:

  • One enchanted pair of boots found in the Arch-Mage's Quarters; these enchanted boots are documented on their own page.
  • Armor boots worn by Dremora; these are documented with the other Dremora Equipment, but cannot be looted or equipped by the player.
SR-icon-clothing-Boots2.pngSR-icon-clothing-Boots2(f).png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots3.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots4.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots6.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots10.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots8.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots9.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots11.png Boots
Worn by the prelates in the Forgotten Vale.
SR-icon-clothing-Boots5.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots7.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Boots9.png Boots
SR-icon-clothing-College Boots.png College Boots
2 0 Only equippable through the console.
SR-icon-clothing-Boots6.png College Boots
SR-icon-clothing-CuffedBoots.png Cuffed Boots
1 25 Worn by Jarl Elisif the Fair and High King Torygg.
SR-icon-clothing-FineBoots.png Fine Boots
1 20
SR-icon-clothing-PartyBoots.png Fine Boots
SR-icon-clothing-Footwraps.png Footwraps
1 1 Typically worn in conjunction with the Roughspun Tunic. The second type of Footwraps is a bloody version added by the Dawnguard add-on.
SR-icon-clothing-Fur-LinedBoots.png Fur-lined Boots
1 25 Three pairs can be found in the East Empire Company Warehouse.
SR-icon-clothing-MythicDawnBoots.png Mythic Dawn Boots
1 15
SR-icon-clothing-PartyBoots.png Party Boots
0 25 See Quest: Diplomatic Immunity.
SR-icon-clothing-PleatedShoes.png Pleated Shoes
1 25 When viewed in the inventory, these are visually identical to the unique-named pair worn by Ulfric Stormcloak.
SR-icon-clothing-RaggedBoots.png Ragged Boots
1 1
SR-icon-clothing-RedguardBoots.png Redguard Boots
1 3
SR-icon-clothing-Shoes1.png Shoes
0 2
SR-icon-clothing-Shoes2.png Shoes
SR-icon-clothing-ThalmorBoots.png Thalmor Boots
1 10
SR-icon-clothing-WeddingSandals.png Wedding Sandals
1 20 See Quest: Bound Until Death.


These go on your hands and cannot be worn along with gauntlets or bracers.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-Gloves.png Gloves
0.5 1
SR-icon-clothing-MythicDawnGloves.png Mythic Dawn Gloves
1 25
SR-icon-clothing-ThalmorGloves.png Thalmor Gloves
1 10


All of the following rings (except the Bone Hawk Ring) can be crafted at forges; the linked pages provide details on the materials necessary to craft the items.

You may wear only one ring at a time. The ring will be visible on your character's hand as long as you are not wearing certain types of gauntlets.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-jewelry-Bone Hawk Ring.png Bone Hawk Ring DG
0.25 75 Can be found in Volkihar Keep in Harkon's quarters, up the stairs from the torture set along the left wall before the door to the coffin, locked in a display case.
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverRing.png Silver Ring
0.25 30
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldRing.png Gold Ring
0.25 75
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverGarnetRing.png Silver Garnet Ring
0.25 160
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverAmethystRing.png Silver Amethyst Ring
0.25 180
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverRubyRing.png Silver Ruby Ring
0.25 260
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldSapphireRing.png Gold Sapphire Ring
0.25 500
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldEmeraldRing.png Gold Emerald Ring
0.25 700
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldDiamondRing.png Gold Diamond Ring
0.25 900


All of the following amulets can be crafted at forges; the linked pages provide details on the materials necessary to craft the items.

You may wear only one amulet or necklace at a time. The necklace will be visible if you are wearing certain types of clothing or armor.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverNecklace.png Silver Necklace
0.5 60
SR-icon-jewelry-Bone Hawk Amulet.png Bone Hawk Amulet DG
1 100 Two can be found in Volkihar Keep:
  • One in Harkon's quarters, up the stairs from the torture set along the left wall before the door to the coffin, locked in a display case.
  • One in the coffin room along the far back wall, locked in a display case.

Forging these requires materials dropped by Bone HawksDG as well as leather strips.

SR-icon-jewelry-GoldNecklace.png Gold Necklace
0.5 120
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverJeweledNecklace.png Silver Jeweled Necklace
0.5 380
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldJeweledNecklace.png Gold Jeweled Necklace
0.5 485
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldRubyNecklace.png Gold Ruby Necklace
0.5 550
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverSapphireNecklace.png Silver Sapphire Necklace
0.5 580
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverEmeraldNecklace.png Silver Emerald Necklace
0.5 830
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldDiamondNecklace.png Gold Diamond Necklace
0.5 1200


When worn, circlets (including all enchanted circlets) occupy a special "circlet" body part slot. Most helmets and other headgear occupy both the "circlet" and "hair" body part slots; meaning that, in general, circlets cannot be worn with any other headgear. Similarly, most hooded robes occupy both the "circlet" and "hair" body part slots in addition to the "body" part slot. However, there are a handful of bugged items that occupy only the "hair" and not the "circlet" body part slot, allowing them to be worn simultaneously with any circlet:

The Aetherial CrownDG, Wedding Wreath, and all Dragon Priest Masks occupy only the "circlet" body part slot, and can therefore also be worn simultaneously with any of the aforementioned bugged items. Note that wearing two pieces of armored headgear, even if both are the same weight, negates the armor bonuses from the Well Fitted and Custom Fit perks. Various bugs that allow multiple head items to be equipped are fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Unlike rings and amulets, circlets cannot be made by the player at forges.

Name (ID) Weight Value
SR-icon-jewelry-CopperAndOnyxCirclet.png Copper and Onyx Circlet
2 50
SR-icon-jewelry-CopperAndMoonstoneCirclet.png Copper and Moonstone Circlet
2 100
SR-icon-jewelry-CopperAndRubyCirclet.png Copper and Ruby Circlet
2 150
SR-icon-jewelry-CopperAndSapphireCirclet.png Copper and Sapphire Circlet
2 200
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverAndMoonstoneCirclet.png Silver and Moonstone Circlet
2 250
SR-icon-jewelry-JadeAndSapphireCirclet.png Jade and Sapphire Circlet
2 300
SR-icon-jewelry-JadeAndEmeraldCirclet.png Jade and Emerald Circlet
2 350
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverAndSapphireCirclet.png Silver and Sapphire Circlet
2 400
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldAndRubyCirclet.png Gold and Ruby Circlet
2 450
SR-icon-jewelry-GoldAndEmeraldCirclet.png Gold and Emerald Circlet
2 500


  • Unlike in previous Elder Scrolls games, shirts, pants, and skirts are mixed together into a single "Clothes" item to optimize gameplay. It allows more NPCs to be in one place at the same time and reduces the chances of clothing glitches, mislabels, and errors.
  • Additional clothing, which cannot normally be obtained and/or used by the player, is listed at Unobtainable Items.