Skyrim:Idgrod Ravencrone

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Idgrod Ravencrone
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Home City Morthal
Location Highmoon Hall
Race Elder Gender Female
Level 4 Class Mystic
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Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 65
Stamina 55
Primary Skills Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration, Sneak
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHjaalmarch; Favor255QuestGiverFaction; Imperial Government; MQ201PartyGuestUnhappy; Morthal Longhouse Faction (Both Sides); MorthalJarlFaction; NPCs the Player cannot marry; Ruling Government; TownMorthalFaction; faction for party guests
Idgrod Ravencrone

Idgrod Ravencrone is an elderly Nord mystic. She is the Jarl of Hjaalmarch and runs the administration with her husband, Aslfur, who serves as her steward. Her housecarl is Gorm. She is the mother of Idgrod the Younger and Joric.

She wears a fur-trimmed cloak, pleated shoes, and a pair of fine armguards. She is equipped with a steel dagger and also carries a selection of common items and gold.

When first spoken to, Idgrod will say: "So, life has brought you to Morthal, and to me. What purpose this serves, we will no doubt see. Welcome." Later, as you pass by, she may say, "Tamriel is full of wisdom and magic, if one is willing to look for it. Few have their eyes open.", "I speak, and others hear. It is my hope that instead they listen.", "In Morthal, there is little to rule. But there is much to teach. And so, I am Jarl.", "All this talk of rebellion and strife. Too many are focused on what might be instead of what is. It tires me to talk about it.", or "There is too much to learn in the world, too much to know, to fight over 'laws' that have no real purpose."

According to the townsfolk, Gorm, and Idgrod herself, she sees visions granted to her by the Eight, and seems to rely on these more than the opinions of her people, as evidenced in her dialogue about the resident wizard, whom she trusts even if nobody else does.

Upon first entering Morthal, Benor, Jorgen and Thonnir will be arguing with Aslfur outside Highmoon Hall, hinting at Idgrod's unpopularity. The townsfolk are concerned about her lax approach to governing, and some will readily complain about her should you inquire. In particular, Jorgen will say: "The world's going mad, and our Jarl does what? She hides inside with her 'visions'. We need a leader, not some mystic!" If you ask if he doesn't trust the Jarl, he will say, "How can I? She never speaks with us. She's allowed this wizard, Falion, to live in our midst practicing gods-know-what. And now there's talk of rebellion, and dragons? What help could Idgrod be against them? No, we can only rely on ourselves. You'd do well to remember that."

Although Idgrod is unwilling to reveal which side she is allied with in the civil war—stating that she stands with Morthal—she remains aligned with the Imperial Legion in practice. If Morthal ends up under control of the Stormcloaks, through your actions actions in either the civil war or Season Unending, Idgrod will be replaced as Jarl by Sorli the Builder.

"Dark times, indeed."

If Hjaalmarch is captured by the Stormcloaks, Idgrod, her court and her children will be exiled to the Blue Palace in Solitude like most of the Imperial-aligned Jarls, and stay there for the rest of the game (unless given over during the main quest and later retaken by an Imperial-aligned player, at which point she will resume her post as if nothing ever happened). While she is living in the Blue Palace basement, she will not be nearly as hostile as the other Jarls, and in fact take a more optimistic tone: "It is my hope that I will one day return to Hjaalmarch. But the Divines have not shown this to me," or "I try and take comfort in knowing that when all is lost, there is much to be gained." One response is not so hopeful, however: "Dark times, indeed. I fear the worst for Morthal and my people."

Related Quests

Dialogue and Quest-Related Events

Upon meeting Idgrod, you will be able to choose from three topics. The first one, varying slightly depending on whether you have heard rumors about Hroggar and his burned down house from Jonna or a guard, will lead to a quest:

Your Dialogue Idgrod's Reply Condition
Is there a story behind that burned down house? "Hroggar's house? He lost his wife and daughter in the blaze. My people believe it to be cursed now. Who am I to gainsay them?" If you have not yet heard the rumor
I hear you want someone to look into that house fire. "Hroggar's house fire? He lost his wife and daughter in the blaze. My people believe it to be cursed now. Who am I to gainsay them?" If you have heard the rumor (quest already begun)

At this point you can inquire further, asking what Hroggar claims to have happened. Idgrod will tell you: "Hroggar blames his wife for spilling bear fat in the fire. Many folk think he set the fire himself." When you bring up the presence of his wife and child in the house, she'll reply : "Lust can make a man do the unthinkable. The ashes were still warm when he pledged himself to Alva." You can then ask why she hasn't arrested Hroggar, to which she'll reply: "On rumor and gossip? No. But you, a stranger, might find the truth for us. Sift through the ashes that others are too fearful to touch. See what they tell you. Should you prove him guilty or innocent, I will reward you." The quest Laid to Rest will then begin, unless it has started already via rumors. For quest-specific dialogue, see below.

Another option when you first speak to Idgrod is to ask her if there is trouble in Morthal, to which she will reply, "That which is unknown can cause unease, even fear. It is to be expected. Some fear our new resident wizard. As they grow to know him, they will accept him. Time will prove me right." However, she will change her tune during another quest, Falion's Secret, also detailed below.

A third option is to ask her where she stands on the war. She will be indignant: "I stand where I have always stood. Here in Morthal." Then her tone will soften a little as she tells you, "Now is not the time to fight amongst ourselves. I fear dark days approach and all of Skyrim's strength will be needed."

The final dialogue branch is regarding her visions, and will appear if you have heard about them from any of the more vocal townsfolk, or have become sufficiently ingratiated with the Jarl herself. She will say, "The Divines reveal things to me at times, yes. I do not hide this. It is a gift. Anyone who believes otherwise does not and cannot understand it."

Like most Jarls of Skyrim, Idgrod will spend almost all of her time indoors. She will only leave Highmoon Hall on two occasions, unlike her children. While within the Hall, she may have conversations with her daughter, her housecarl, or her husband.

Idgrod the Younger has only inherited a bit of her mother's gift. She has been tasked with taking care of her younger brother, Joric, who apparently inherited all his mother's talent and more. While not outside hanging around the Thaumaturgist's Hut, she may have one of two conversations with her mother inside the Hall:

Idgrod Ravencrone: "You are looking after your brother, yes?"
Idgrod the Younger: "Yes, mother."
Idgrod Ravencrone: "Good. He must be kept safe from harm."
Idgrod the Younger: "What sort of harm? Have you had a vision?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "No, no. Just watch over him."

Idgrod the Younger: "I will be Jarl someday, mother?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "That is what the Divines have planned for you, yes."
Idgrod the Younger: "Have you... Do you see that future? Will I be a good leader?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "All things are possible, my child. But I believe it is within you to succeed."

Gorm is Idgrod's housecarl. He appears overprotective of his Jarl, as well as a bit nervous when her visions are mentioned:

Idgrod Ravencrone: "You are troubled, Gorm."
Gorm: "No, no. I'm fine. Is there something you need?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "No, Gorm. I am simply telling you what I see."
Gorm: "Yes, okay. Well thank you."

Gorm: "How are you feeling, Jarl Idgrod?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "The visions continue to hold me in balance, Gorm."
Gorm: "So, the same then."
Idgrod Ravencrone: "Do not worry, my friend. All is well."

Aslfur is both Idgrod's husband and her steward, and is protective of his wife in conversations with you, the reasons for which come to light in one conversation:

Idgrod Ravencrone: "The people still doubt me, don't they."
Aslfur: "No, not at all. It's just..."
Idgrod Ravencrone: "It does not surprise me. They do not share in what I see, and I cannot explain it to them."
Aslfur: "Just guide them well, and all will work out."
Idgrod Ravencrone: "I have never doubted that, husband."

Aslfur: "Have you made a decision about Falion?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "What decision is there to be made? I allowed him to live here. I stand by that."
Aslfur: "Yes, but there are concerns. Rumors that he's up to something."
Idgrod Ravencrone: "We are all up to something, my dear. All is as it should be."

Idgrod Ravencrone: "What troubles you, husband?"
Aslfur: "What? Oh, nothing. All is well."

The following conversation is set to only happen while Idgrod, Aslfur and the children are in exile in the Blue Palace:

Idgrod Ravencrone: "What troubles you, husband?"
Aslfur: "It's Joric. I fear his condition is worse. He calls out in his sleep sometimes. I've heard Falion's name. What does it mean?"
Idgrod Ravencrone: "Joric will be what Joric will be. Give it time."

Falion's Secret

Up to something...

Though previously confident that Falion would be accepted by the residents of Morthal, when you inform her of more strange happenings in Morthal, she will be less tolerant herself. Telling her that Falion is up to something will result in the response: "Ah, Falion. Always looking where he shouldn't for things he doesn't need. What has he done now?" You have the option of backing out at this point, to which she will say, "I see. If something does happen, you know where I am." If you instead rat Falion out, telling her that he is casting spells out in the marsh in the middle of the night, she will take action: "Ah, so it is not just dreams then. I have seen this. I will see that it is dealt with. Thank you for bringing clarity." She then rises from her throne, exits the building altogether for the first time in the game, and proceeds directly to Falion's location, wherever that may be. She will proceed to scold him for his actions, and warn him against repeating them. However, due to a bug, she may not actually speak, but instead follow Falion around indefinitely.

Laid to Rest

Once the quest has started, speaking to Idgrod before finding Helgi inside the house will cause her to scold you for not finding anything yet: "Then stop wasting my time." After meeting the ghost, you may return to Jarl Idgrod to inform her that Helgi's ghost asked you to find her. Idgrod's response is more evidence of her "difference": "The spirit world is strong in this place. Look to the graveyard. That is where you'll find her." When you have broken into Alva's house and found the necessary evidence, report back to Idgrod. When you tell her that Alva is responsible for the fire and murder, Idgrod will, at first, be disbelieving: "Alva? Didn't think she had it in her."

Tell her of Alva's plan, and Idgrod will demand proof immediately. Once she has it, in the form of Alva's journal, she will give you a small amount of gold and ask you to eliminate the puppeteer behind the plot: "So it's true. That traitorous bitch! Morthal owes you a debt. Here. You were promised a reward for solving the crime, but I need one more favor from you. Morthal is still in danger. The journal mentions Movarth, a master vampire I thought was destroyed a century ago. I'll gather together some able-bodied warriors to clean out Movarth's lair. They'll be waiting outside for you to lead them."

When you have returned, she will confess that she thought you couldn't do it, but thank you nevertheless.

Diplomatic Immunity

Among adders

Idgrod will only attend the party if she is Jarl and you are not in the process of becoming thane (i.e., before or after the thane quest).

She is understandably wary of the Thalmor, as shown by her dialogue during the party:

  • "Be about your business, while I'm about mine."
  • "Now here is a face I did not expect to see. Be mindful, for you walk among adders." (Relationship >= 1, i.e. completed Laid to Rest)
  • "It is not eyes that reveal another's true nature. It is the heart."
  • "If your eyes and your ears are open and your mind is free of judgement and expectation, you might learn much in this chamber."
  • "There are words spoken, and words unspoken. Beware these Thalmor, for they are adept in both languages."

Should you ask if she is having a good time, she will remark sagely, "Fair faces and fine food are well and good, but honesty is rarely so pleasing." If you ask her if she visits often, she will repeat the last line in the list above, though with an additional sentence: "There are words spoken, and words unspoken. Beware these Thalmor, for they are adept in both languages. For this reason, I avoid them when I can." When exiting conversation, she will bless you with "May wisdom light your path."

The distraction dialogue will only be available if you have completed Laid to Rest, but if this requirement is met, she will be more than happy to make some mischief on your behalf. Upon telling her you need her help with something, she will respond favorably: "My ears are always open to a friend's request." When you ask her to cause a scene and get everyone's attention for a few minutes, she'll oblige: "Nothing would please me more. I'll keep their eyes away while you do what you came here for."

"An old woman can get away with almost anything."

Her distraction involves approaching Razelan, another guest at the party:

Idgrod: "An old woman can get away with almost anything."
Idgrod: "No harm is meant to you happy fool. Right here! I see it in your face! The snakes writhe behind your eyes! Get away, get away from me!"
Razelan: "Hmm? Did you say snakes? Where? I hate them, always slithering the way they do... what? Are they on me?"'
Idgrod: "Begone, serpent! Begone from this house and trouble it no more! Beware of the serpent in your midst! Beware, oh people of Skyrim!"
Elenwen: "Razalan. And you promised to behave yourself this time. Remove him. He's disturbing the other guests."
Razelan: "I protest! This is an insult to the dignity of my person! This time I'm completely innocent!" or "This is preposterous. Disrespect... insulting! I am tired of being hounded from all sides!" or "Madame Ambassador, you know that I would never have behaved... that is to say... well I swear I'm innocent this time!"
Idgrod: "Dear me. All this trouble over me? I think I was confused. There's no harm in him. Please, let him go."
Razelan: "Absolutely not! I protest... uh, that is, yes, of course. I still don't understand what just... oh never mind." or "That is absolutely untrue! Uh, that is, yes, of course. What... I don't understand why everyone... never mind."


  • Idgrod was supposed to have a sister named Argi Farseer residing in Stonehills, but this was not implemented in the final game.
  • If you are a fourth stage vampire she will not attack.