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ON-qico-Normal.png Help distribute the treatment for a terrible disease.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Phaer — Discover the secret of the plague-ridden town.
Quest Giver: Anganirne, Endaraste or Ceborn
Location(s): Phaer
Next Quest: The First Patient
Reward: 106 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
XP Gain: 575
Recommended Level: 7
A lone alchemist tries to fend off the plague

The town of Phaer is beset by a mysterious plague. The town alchemist, Hendil, has taken steps to treat the ill.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. (Optional) Talk to Anganirne, Endaraste or Ceborn.
  2. Speak to Hendil.
  3. Collect salloweed west of town.
  4. Hand out the prepared salve, then return to Amuur.

Detailed Walkthrough

Just outside of Phaer, you may encounter either an Altmer named Endaraste, who is fleeing the town with her horse, Whinnie, or Altmer guards named Ceborn and Anganirne, who are guarding the town to prevent travelers from blithely entering. Both are motivated by the same event: a disastrous plague which has enveloped the town and is spreading rapidly. Whoever you speak to, they will tell you that the town's only healer, the alchemist Hendil, has set up in a local woman's barn. You should speak to him if you want to offer aid.

The supply of salloweed is contested.

As you approach the makeshift hospital on the west side of town, you will witness Hendil and his assistant Amuur responding to a crisis:

Hendil: "We're losing her, Amuur! Bring me that salve!"
Hendil: "Quickly!"
Amuur: "This is the last of the salve, sir. I hope it's enough."
Hendil: "We can get more later. Hurry!"
Hendil: "Yes, just like that. Apply the salve."
Curorne: "Please. Don't let me die."
Hendil: "She's alive. That's all that matters. Take her to quarantine."

Approach Hendil, and ask about what's going on. He'll tell you he's the local alchemist—not really a healer, doing what he can—and that his son was the first to be affected by the plague. When people become affected, he treats them with salloweed aloe, but if they get any worse, they're put into quarantine at the local mine. In fact, he just ran out of salloweed, and needs you to collect some more form a large patch growing near the town. Head out to the west of town near Ondil to find the plants, although you will encounter hostile infected villagers roaming the hills. When you have collected four samples, head back to the barn. Hendil will gratefully accept the materials and have Amuur brew up more aloe.

Amuur: "I'll make the new batch right away, sir."
Hendil: "Make this batch extra potent, Amuur."
Amuur: "It's ready, sir. I put an extra dose in. Here you go."

Hendil asks you to take the aloe to three at-risk townspeople: Aninwe, Eryeril, and Nelulin. Aninwe is just outside the barn working the fields of her farm, Eryeril is in his house in the center of town, and Nelulin is. All three will be surprised by their diagnosis, but will accept the aloe. Nelulin in particular talks about his bad luck with the plague and how hard it is on his mother, Velatosse. His brother, Iwelien, was one of the first to fall ill and has been in quarantine for a few days already.

Once everyone has their salve, return to the barn. There seems to be a disturbance at the entrance to the mine, but Hendil assures you they are just concerned for the well-being of those quarantined within. He is grateful that you have distributed the medicine, and will reward your service. Afterwards, as you exit the barn, Velatosse will ask to speak with you.

Quest Stages

Plague of Phaer
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Hendil is using a barn near the edge of town as a hospice. If I'm going to help him out, I'll need to find him there.
Objective: Talk to Hendil
Objective Hint: Watch Hendil and Amuur Work
The alchemist Hendil uses salloweed sap to create a treatment, a salve. He's asked me to gather new supplies, as both he and his assistant are needed in the barn.
Objective: Collect Salloweed (0/4)
I gathered the salloweed for Hendil. I need to take it back to him at the makeshift hospital.
Objective: Return to Hendil
I need to grab the salve from the workbench in Hendil's hospice.
Objective: Collect Salloweed Aloe
Objective Hint: Wait for Amuur to Prepare Aloe
Hendil and Amuur are still very busy. The alchemist has asked me to deliver salve to three villagers of Phaer.
Objective: Give Aloe to Nelulin
Objective: Give Aloe to Eryeril
Objective: Give Aloe to Aninwe
Finishes quest I delivered the salve to the villagers of Phaer. I should report back to Hendil now.
Objective: Talk to Hendil
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