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Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level 10 Health 2673

Endaraste is an Altmer who can be found near Phaer, leading her horse Whinnie. She is leaving town due to the sickness there. She can later be found outside of Skywatch, being denied access to the city out of fear that she and the other Phaer refugees might be carrying the plague.

Quest-Related Events

After The First Patient

If you speak to Endaraste outside Skywatch after the source of the "plague" has been discovered, she'll say sarcastically, "You'll want to keep back. Who knows if the damned of Phaer are catching?"

You're from Phaer? It's safe to go home, then.: "Unlikely. The whole town was in the grip of plague when I left."
Phaer suffered no plague. It was a vampire. Hendil's son.: "What? That bastard. Pretending to help the sick. Thank you traveler. Whinnie and I will head back soon enough, then! Stars thank you for your kindness."

Related Quests

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