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Home Settlement Phaer
House Eryeril's House
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 7 Health 2130

Eryeril is an Altmer noble living in Phaer on Auridon. He is from an old family, which helped found the mining town, although it has recently fallen into disrepair and been struck by a virulent plague.

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Plague of Phaer

When you first speak to him, he is contemptuous of the sick: "If you ask me, this plague is sent by Auri-El. Cull out some of these useless layabouts. Make the town more habitable."

When you enter his house to deliver the salloweed aloe, he is not the most gracious host: "What are you doing in my home? Don't you know who I am?"

Hendil sent me. I have this salve—: "It's about time! My family helped to found this Stars-forsaken town. You'd think I'd be one of the first to get treated."
Right. Hope you feel—: "You've done what you came to do. Get out. And don't dawdle. Bad enough I have to deal with these dirt farmers. Now I'm dealing with their diseases, too."

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