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Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 7 Health 292

Nelulin is an Altmer resident of Phaer on Auridon. He is the son of Velatosse and his brother, Iwelien, was one of the first victims of the recent plague.

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Plague of Phaer

When you first meet him, he complains about the work he has to do: "All the good hands got themselves sick. So all the repairs fall to me. Just great."

When you approach him to deliver the salve, Nelulin is none too pleased: "Sorry, help you? I've got a lot of work to do around here."

Hendil sent me. I have some salve for you?: "Salve? What? Does that mean I've got the plague? Stars above. Mother won't be able to bear this."
I don't know. You were on his list.: "Hendil's done so much for this town, all I can do is trust him. Wish this wasn't happening to me, though."
You mentioned your mother?: "My mother, Velatosse. She's at her home nearby, waiting for word about my brother. He's down in the cave, waiting for Hendil to come up with a cure. It'll be all right. Thank you."
Sorry to bear bad news.: "I suppose I should be grateful I have the salve. Hendil's son succumbed so quickly. Stars damn this plague."
You mentioned your brother. What happened to him?: "My brother, Iwelien, was one of the first to fall to the plague. Hendil was so kind, talking to mother. Explaining things. Iwel's been in quarantine for days now with no word. She's beside herself. Now with me having to take the salve. Damn it."

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