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ON-qico-Normal.png Help discover the source of a terrible disease.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Phaer — Discover the secret of the plague-ridden town.
Quest Giver: Velatosse
Location(s): Phaer, Phaer Catacombs
Prerequisite Quest: Plague of Phaer
Reward: Plaguetender's Staff
212 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
XP Gain: 1293 XP, Silver(?) VP, Gold(?) VP
Recommended Level: 7
It's not the plague that has been killing people...

Velatosse is suspicious about the plague's origins. She's asked me to look into the source of this mysterious illness.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Velatosse.
  2. Find evidence and show it to Velatosse.
  3. Enter the mine.
  4. Return to Velatosse.
  5. (Optional) Report to Captain Netanwe.

Detailed Walkthrough

Entering the house through the broken window

After having given the salloweed aloe to villagers, Velatosse asks to speak with you. She's concerned about what's going on, and wants you to investigate Hendil's house—which has guards out front—and meet her afterwards. She's suspicious about the fact that people aren't getting ill until after they receive treatment, and despite the fact that Hendil's own son was the first affected, she still thinks something's going on.

Scout Taniril, one of the guards, will try to stop you from entering, but isn't above taking a bribe. Or, if you examine the northern wall of the house, you may discover a loose panel through which you can slip inside. Once you're in, you'll find Hendil's Journal, which talks about his son, Tancano. When you return to Velatosse, she is distraught, saying that Nelulin was placed into quarantine as well. She reads the journal you bring her, which proves her suspicions that Hendil is behind it all, though doesn't quite explain how or why. She wants you to get into the mines and save her son.

You can either return to Taniril and bribe him again, or pay Scout Camenwen directly for a pass. Taniril's price is cheaper, as he simply directs you towards guard uniforms in the barracks. With either the pass in hand or the disguise equipped, you can stroll past the cave guards and enter the Phaer Catacombs.

Immediately inside, you will catch a glimpse of Hendil and his assistant hurrying down the slope. "Hurry, Amuur! We've got to get back before someone notices we're gone."

As you begin to follow them, you can find scattered about various letters to quarantined victims, including ones from Lenwe, Camarino, and Minique. Soon you will come across Nelulin, injured but alive. He will ask you find Hendil, then fall unconscious. Deeper inside the mine, after fighting through many Bloodthralls, you will encounter Amuur. Hendil commands him: "Hold them, Amuur. We can't let them get any further. They can't know the truth!" After defeating Amuur, continue onwards to find Hendil, who finally tells you what's really going on. His son, Tancano, became a vampire, and now feeds off of people and uses them as his thralls. Hendil really did want to help him, and is still researching a cure, but would rather hurt the town than his own son.

Tancano awaits in the next room, greeting you as "fresh blood! And my next thrall!". He attacks, using Iwelien as a thrall, but dies facing you. Hendil is distressed and upset, and would rather stay in the mines than face the victims' families. He suggests that you even tie him up so that he can't escape while you find Captain Netanwe, the guard captain.

Leave the mine again through the front entrance, where Velatosse is waiting for you. She asks you about her sons and what was really going on. She's relieved to know that Nelulin is alive, but saddened by Iwelien's death. When you tell her where Hendil is, she tells you to walk away and let her do what she needs to do.

Quest Stages

The First Patient
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Velatosse is very upset that the mercenaries are guarding Hendil's home as well as the quarantine area. She thinks the alchemist is hiding something. I should speak to the guard at the home, or find an alternate way in.
Objective: Find a Way into Hendil's House
Objective Hint: Bribe Scout
I need to search Hendil's home for some evidence of foul play.
Objective: Search Hendil's Home
I found Hendil's journal. I should leave Hendil's house now.
Objective: Leave Hendil's House
I uncovered Hendil's journal, which contains information on the source of the plague. I should take it to Velatosse.
Objective: Bring Journal to Velatosse at Her Son's Home
Hendil's journal indicates that something is amiss in the quarantine. Velatosse is very upset, as her elder son has now been taken as well. She's asked me to enter the cave and find out what's going on. Just need to figure out how to get in there.
Objective: Find a Way into the Cave
Objective Hint: Get Guard Uniform
I made my way into the cave and caught sight of Hendil running down a corridor. I should follow him to see what he can tell me.
Objective: Follow Hendil
I came across Nelulin, Velatosse's son. I should talk to him to see if he's all right.
Objective: Talk to Nelulin
Nelulin is weak, but not sick. He asked me to follow Hendil and Amuur further down the corridor to see why they put him in quarantine.
Objective: Follow Hendil in the Catacombs
Hendil has sent Amuur to stop me. I need to take him down.
Objective: Defeat Amuur
Hendil is still somewhere out there in the mine. I have to find him.
Objective: Find Hendil
Hendil's son is a vampire! The alchemist has been feeding his fellow villagers to the beast as he worked to find a cure. There's only one choice: Tancano has to die.
Objective: Defeat Tancano
I must confront Hendil.
Objective: Talk to Hendil
Hendil has surrendered, but can't face the villagers outside. I left him tied up in the mine for the time being. I should return to the surface.
Objective: Return to Phaer
Velatosse intercepted me at the cave's exit. I should tell her what's happened.
Objective: Talk to Velatosse
Finishes quest I decided to allow Velatosse to exact her revenge on Hendil. I should speak to her one final time.
Objective: Talk to Velatosse
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