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Scout Taniril
Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 7 Health 2130
Scout Taniril

Scout Taniril is an Altmer mercenary currently stationed in the town of Phaer, which is in the grip of a virulent plague. He guards the home of Hendil, the alchemist who is treating the victims in a converted barn nearby. He will inform you curtly: "Sorry friend. This area's off limits."

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The First Patient

As you attempt to gain access to Hendil's house, Scout Taniril will be your first obstacle: "Move along now. Hendil and Amuur are the only ones allowed inside."

Why is Hendil's home under guard?: "The alchemist is paying us good coin to keep things locked down. He doesn't like folk sniffing about. But, uh. Maybe you have some good coins, too?"

You can either accept his rather blunt request for a bribe, or outright refuse:

Here. I'll be quick.: "(?)"


I'm not paying you.: "Well then you're not going in there! Get lost."

After entering Hendil's house one way or another and stealing the journal, Taniril will simply scoff at you: "Hmph. Quite the busybody about town, aren't you?"

Once you decide to enter the quarantined caverns, you can revisit Taniril for a similar conversation: "Hendil's not expecting visitors. So I'm going to guess you're here to talk to good old Taniril?"

I am, actually! Can we talk about your fellow mercenaries?: "Hmph. Depends on what you want to know."
Well, I need to get inside the quarantine. Any ideas on how I could do that?: "I'll tell you. You mentioned quarantine. To say the truth, my coin purse isn't feeling all that well."

Once again, you have the option to bribe him or simply walk away.

Let me guess? Your coin purse is hungry.: "Ha! That it is. Your best bet is to grab one of our uniforms from the cabinet in the bunkhouse. Anyone up there is sure to be sacked out. Won't notice a thing. Just don't tell 'em I sent you."
Thanks. Hope your coin purse feels better.

After The First Patient

Taniril blames Hendil and his assistant for the events in town: "Damned alchemists. Probably inhaled too many fumes."

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