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Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level 7 Health 2130
Aninwe in dialogue

Aninwe is an Altmer farmer in the town of Phaer on Auridon. Her farm is on the western edge of town, and its barn is currently co-opted as a hospital for victims of the virulent plague.

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Quest-Related Events

Plague of Phaer

When you first speak to her after arriving in town, she'll lament the fact that her barn is in use: "I know he's doing good work. But Stars do I wish Hendil would give me back my barn."

When you approach Aninwe to inform her she needs treatment, she will not suspect anything amiss: "Hey there."

Hendil had you on his list. Said to give you some salve?: "I'm sick? Stars. I suppose it was only a matter of time. It is my barn, after all."
Here's the aloe.: "Thank you! Here I thought my biggest problem was keeping the farm. Now I'm worried about catching the plague. The Stars move, I suppose."

Speaking to her afterwards, she seems to accept the necessity of treatment with good cheer: "This stuff stinks. But hey, I guess it beats being sick!"

After The First Patient

After the problems in town have been settled, Aninwe will only greet you with a simple, "Hey there."

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