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Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 7 Health 7455

Amuur is an Altmer resident of the town of Phaer. He is Hendil's assistant, and helps him tend to the sick in Aninwe's barn.

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Plague of Phaer

When you first speak to him, he and Hendil are treating an ill patient: "Need to see this woman. No time to talk."

He and Hendil help Curorne:

Hendil: "We're losing her, Amuur! Bring me that salve!"
Hendil: "Quickly!"
Amuur: "This is the last of the salve, sir. I hope it's enough."
Hendil: "We can get more later. Hurry!"
Hendil: "Yes, just like that. Apply the salve."
Curorne: "Please. Don't let me die."
Hendil: "She's alive. That's all that matters. Take her to quarantine."

After you bring Hendil the ingredients, Amuur will make some salve:

Amuur: "I'll make the new batch right away, sir."
Hendil: "Make this batch extra potent, Amuur."
Amuur: "It's ready, sir. I put an extra dose in. Here you go."

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