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ON-qico-Main.png Use Meridia's blessing to explore a third alliance.
Quest Giver: Cadwell
Location(s): The Harborage
Prerequisite Quest: Cadwell's Silver
Reward: Meridia's Emblem of Searing Light
302 Gold
Recommended Level: Veteran Rank6 - Veteran Rank10

Having shown me another part of the world, Cadwell has offered to complete the map for me and show me the last alliance I have yet to visit.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Use the Light of Meridia to travel to the final alliance's territory.

Detailed Walkthrough

Off Again

After you turn in Cadwell's Silver, you can thank Cadwell, which leads him to reply that you have more adventures in store.

"Well, you've experienced two of the three alliances. Care to finish the set? Fill out your map? Collect all the…metaphors? If you're game, just touch Meridia's Light and you'll be off again!"

Use the Light of Meridia to transport yourself to the final faction.

Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion members will be teleported to the Covenant city of Daggerfall.
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant members will be sent to the Pact city of Davon's Watch.
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact members will be sent to the Dominion city of Vulkhel Guard.

Note that you can return to your original faction territory, or any of the Silver zones, at any time by using a wayshrine.

More Adventures

In order to complete the quest, you must once again complete the location objectives listed in Cadwell's Almanac, under the new tab GoldGold. The quests required for Cadwell's Almanac are a subset of the alliance story quests; if you want to experience the full storyline of the final alliance, you will need to seek out their introductory quest:

Aldmeri Dominion → → Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant: Mihayya will offer the quest The Broken Spearhead.
Daggerfall Covenant → → Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact: Riurik will offer the quest A Beginning at Bleakrock.
Ebonheart Pact → → Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion: Captain Tremouille will offer the quest Storm on the Horizon.

Note that content in the veteran alliances scales up to veteran ranks according to the following table:

Original Level GoldGold Rank Dominion Zone Covenant Zone Pact Zone
Tier 1
Starter Islands
Veteran Rank6 Auridon
Khenarthi's Roost
Stros M'KaiBetnikh
Bleakrock IsleBal Foyen
Tier 2 16–23 Veteran Rank7 Grahtwood Stormhaven Deshaan
Tier 3 24–31 Veteran Rank8 Greenshade Rivenspire Shadowfen
Tier 4 31–37 Veteran Rank9 Malabal Tor Alik'r Desert Eastmarch
Tier 5 37–43 Veteran Rank10 Reaper's March Bangkorai The Rift

Pages on the wiki will usually only reference the original level of content, not any veteran-scaled alternatives.

Back to the Harborage

Once you've completed the final alliance's required quests, you need to return to the Harborage and speak to Cadwell.

"Dear me! Thrice the champion, is it? Bravo!"
I've traveled the world, Cadwell.
"Not the whole world! It's quite larger than it looks. But, you've seen a lot of it, to be sure! Well done. Well done, indeed. I've a little something for you. Hardly suitable recompense for all your efforts, but there you are."

He gives you Meridia's Emblem of Searing Light, a pendant that gives you the feeling she is still watching you, and some 302 Gold.

Quest Stages

Cadwell's Gold
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Cadwell has prepared the Light of Meridia within the Harborage that will allow me to travel to another alliance. I should activate the Light to investigate more of the world.
Objective: Use the Light of Meridia
Cadwell's portal has taken me to the Daggerfall Covenant. I will have to make my way through Stros M'Kai, to Betnikh, Glenumbra, Stormhaven, Rivenspire, the Alik'r Desert, and finally Bangkorai.
Objective: Experience the Daggerfall Covenant
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