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Veteran content in the Elder Scrolls Online is unlocked when a character reaches Level 50. There are sixteen ranks of Veteran progression, beginning at VeteranRank 1 and continuing to VeteranRank 16. A new Veteran Rank is gained when a player earns 850,000 XP. Players with higher Veteran Ranks are able to utilize more powerful gear and consumables.

The following Veteran content is unlocked upon reaching Level 50, unless stated otherwise.

  • Cadwell's Almanac allows players to experience the storylines of the two other alliances that were not chosen during character creation, through the related quests Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold. The Almanac quests are unlocked at the end of the Main Quest, and put players in Veteran-scaled versions of the other alliances' territories. The territories themselves are also unlocked directly upon reaching Level 50 if players haven't yet completed the Main Quest.
  • Adventure Zones introduce four-player group-oriented content with new storylines for Veteran players. They also contain Trials, challenging dungeon instances geared towards groups of twelve players from VeteranRank 10 to VeteranRank 14.
  • Veteran Dungeons continue the story of the lower-level Group Dungeons with new content and a higher difficulty. The Undaunted also offer new Veteran Pledges to clear out one Veteran dungeon each day.
  • Champion System progression offers players the opportunity to customize their characters with new and exciting passive abilities.
Veteran Points


  • At launch, Veteran progression was marked using a different indicator called "Veteran Points", or VP. Players did not gain extra skill points or attribute points when ranks increased, and were instead granted a large boost to their base attributes for each rank. This was standardized in Update 5 so that Veteran Ranks were gained using XP instead of VP, and Veteran Points were removed from the game.
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