Daggerfall:Order of Arkay

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The sign outside all Orders of Arkay

"The Order of Arkay is devoted to the God of Birth and Death. Arkay is the great spirit who brings every man and woman, human, elf, Khajiit, and Argonian into this world, and when the time is true, ends their circle. Arkay is fertility and blight, joy and sorrow. At the Order, they celebrate the Blessed Neutrality that Arkay stands for. While they do not offer strangers blessings, for to give favor or curse would be to upset the eternal balance, the Order offers much to its members. Their libraries and sages are some of the finest in Tamriel. Of course, few are worthy to be initiated into the mysteries of Birth and Death." — In-game description

Political Views

Political Factions
(by influence)
Order of Arkay
Knights of the Circle
Apothecaries of Arkay
Mixers of Arkay
Summoners of Arkay
Binders of Arkay
Teachers of Arkay
Allies None
Enemies House of Dibella

Regional Temples

The following regions have Arkay as their chosen deity:


A member's health is fully restored if he or she speaks to another member of the Order. This service is available even to Novices.

Daedra Summoner

Ficheiro:DF-Daedra Summoner Arkay.png
Daedra Summoner of Arkay

Daedra Summoners will summon a Daedric Prince for everyone who is at least a Diviner of the Order and has the immense amount of gold such a summoning costs. Summonings can only take place on special days.

Donation Collector

Ficheiro:DF-Donation Collector Arkay.png
Donation Collector of Arkay

Collectors receive donations given to the Order. Large donations will improve the player's reputation with the deity and offer temporary blessings to a random attribute.


Healers can cure every known disease, the early stages of vampirism and lycanthropy included. The costs of their services depend on the player's rank within the Order as well as mercantile skill and the severity of the condition. Their services are available to non-members as well, and are even discounted on certain holidays. Members can also recover damaged Attributes for free by speaking to them.

Potion Maker

Ficheiro:DF-Potion Maker Arkay.png
Potion Maker of Arkay

Potion makers allow members of Curate rank or higher to make their own potions from raw reagents instead of having to buy them.

Potion Seller

Ficheiro:DF-Potion Seller Arkay.png
Potion Seller of Arkay

Potion sellers will sell potions to all members of Initiate rank or higher.


As the name implies, questgivers are in charge of all quests players can undertake for the Order.

Soul Gem Merchant

Ficheiro:DF-Soul Gem Merchant Arkay.png
Soul Gem Merchant of Arkay

Soul gem merchants will sell Soul Gems to everyone who is at least a Curate of the Order, however without a Soul Trap Spell such gems are of no use. Sometimes they even sell filled Soul Gems, but such gems are often of immense value and are consequently very expensive.


Trainers will train members in the skills the Order values most. They will also train non-members for 4 times the normal rate. Like all trainers, they can only increase skills to 50%.


Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Novice 0 22 4
1 Initiate 10 23 5
2 Acolyte 20 31 9
3 Adept 30 39 13
4 Curate 40 47 17
5 Disciple 50 55 21
6 Brother 60 63 25
7 Diviner 70 71 29
8 Master 80 79 33
9 Patriarch 90 87 37

Required Skills


Benefits by Rank
each rank Cures cost (10-rank)/10*default price / Heal all wounds, no cost
Rank 1 Access to Potion Seller
Rank 3 Access to Library
Rank 4 Access to Soul Gem Merchant
Rank 4 Access to Potion Maker
Rank 7 Access to Daedra Summoning

Training Offered