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Este artigo é sobre the region. Para the city, veja Sentinel (city).

Sentinel: Region Summary
Province Hammerfell
Ruler Akorithi
Capital Sentinel City
Populace Redguard
Regional Knightly Order Order of the Candle
Patron Deity Arkay
Regional Temple Order of Arkay
Dominant Vampire Bloodline Selenu
Distinct Locations 549
Distinct Dungeons 111

The Kingdom of Sentinel is situated in northwestern Hammerfell overlooking the Iliac Bay. Its capital is the city of Sentinel. It is bordered by Myrkwasa to the southwest, by the Alik'r Desert to the southeast, and by Antiphyllos and Ayasofya to the east. The uninhabited isle of Cybiades lies off the coast to the north. The Selenu clan is the predominant vampire bloodline in the region.

Political Views

Political Factions
(by influence)
Sentinel 75
Queen Akorithi
Lord Vhosek
The Royal Guards
Lord K'avar
Order of the Candle
Lord Provlith
Court of Sentinel
People of Sentinel
Allies None
Enemies None
Allied with Sentinel

Service Locations

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Order of the Candle Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Arkay * Other
Agandaweyn Gen Akatosh
Ageliret Gen Zenithar
Aguja Gen ZZ
Akha-Hassi FG Gen Gem Ark ZZ
Akhaaqbi DB Boo Gen Gem Ark ZZ
Akhahanu DB TG Alc Boo Gen Gem Lib Paw Ark ZZ
Akhascu-Ij Clo Gen Akatosh
Akhenator Gen ZZ
Akhiirea Gen ZZ
Akhoaisa FG OC Arm Ban Boo Gen Ark ZZ
Akhotudata Gen ZZ
Akhulah DB TG Ban Gen Kynareth
Antelajda Gen ZZ
Antelehret Arm Gen ZZ
Antelilliga MG Gen Paw Zenithar
Antelissiwan Gen ZZ
Appirino Gen ZZ
Apponiwan Gen ZZ
Appuga Gen ZZ
Apputhuwan Gen ZZ
Atradrana Gen Kynareth
Atrilawan TG Arm Gen Gem Akatosh
Atroni-Gora Gen Wea ZZ
Atruhisa Gen ZZ
Baghakawan Gen Julianos
Baghastarana DB FG MG TG Boo Gen Paw Zenithar
Baghillidisu Gen ZZ
Bahazar Gen ZZ
Bemitor DB TG Arm Gen Gem Paw Julianos
Beraja Gen ZZ
Berbettukat Gen ZZ
Berbinbia FG Alc Arm Gen Ark ZZ
Berbisia DB MG Gen ZZ
Berbius Gen ZZ
Bohaweyn FG MG TG Gen Akatosh
Bubaaqja DB Arm Gen Paw ZZ
Bubandanis MG Alc Arm Gen Gem Paw Ark ZZ
Bubibureg Gen ZZ
Bubissidata DB FG TG Ban Gen Paw Ark ZZ
Bubopada TG Alc Gen Ark ZZ
Bubumbaret Boo Gen Ark ZZ
Ceraka-Gora Clo Gen Wea ZZ
Cerallaplex Gen ZZ
Cerekat Gen ZZ
Ceropator Gen Paw ZZ
Cudadkat FG TG Ban Gen Paw Ark ZZ
Cudakasa MG Arm Ban Gen Paw ZZ
Cudehjet MG Alc Gen Akatosh
Cudemi-Kom Gen ZZ
Cudena-Hassi DB FG Alc Gen Ark ZZ
Cudiplex Gen ZZ
Cudirius FG Gen Gem Ark ZZ
Damasta-Korom FG Arm Ban Boo Gen Gem Akatosh
Damedisu Gen ZZ
Dameho Gen Mara
Damila-Ij Gen Wea ZZ
Damiriria TG Alc Gen Ark ZZ
Elilabi MG Gen Ark ZZ
Gysaha-Gora DB FG Gen ZZ
Gysera-Thar Gen ZZ
Gysiian Gen ZZ
Gysillirea Gen ZZ
Gysotukat FG Alc Gen ZZ
Hemio Gen Kynareth
Hidax Gen ZZ
Horia Alc Gen Ark ZZ
Huh-Hassi Gen ZZ
Isfakabi MG TG Gen ZZ
Isfemiret Gen Julianos
Isfijer FG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Isfopao Gen ZZ
Issaqaaqreg Gen Gem ZZ
Issaqeara FG Gen Julianos
Issaqettubia Clo Gen ZZ
Issaqumbaan TG Alc Boo Gen Paw Ark ZZ
Issaqunnujet Arm Gen ZZ
Issaquthuda Clo Gen Dibella
Issaqyryisa DB TG Gen Ark ZZ
Jala-Korom Clo Gen ZZ
Jalascu-Korom Gen ZZ
Jalelian Gen Dibella
Jalonia Gen Zenithar
Jaluhtor Gen ZZ
Javoccoton Clo Gen ZZ
Javyrykat Clo Gen Mara
Kaloton Clo Gen ZZ
Kalumbaisa Arm Gen Kynareth
Kaluthuara Gen ZZ
Khajiinis DB Boo Gen Paw Stendarr
Khajinria DB Boo Gen ZZ
Khajissiza MG TG Gen Ark ZZ
Khajjia DB MG TG Alc Arm Gen ZZ
Khajoajet FG MG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Khajogujer Clo Gen ZZ
Khajoharet DB FG MG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Linisa FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Wea Ark ZZ
Makawan Gen ZZ
Makemiga Gen Zenithar
Makodisu DB MG Gen Mara
Makorana DB MG Gen ZZ
Mesehret DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Gen Gem Paw Ark ZZ
Mesillinis Gen Wea ZZ
Mesiton Gen Stendarr
Mesotuus Gen ZZ
Mibu-Kom DB Arm Gen Ark ZZ
Mji-Ij Clo Gen ZZ
Mogakaa Clo Gen Mara
Mogallaja Clo Gen ZZ
Mogaret TG Boo Gen Paw ZZ
Mogascubia Gen Ark ZZ
Mogiisa Gen Mara
Mogyryzar Gen ZZ
Morirana Gen Akatosh
Naresa DB FG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Naribuga Clo Gen ZZ
Narillisia Clo Gen ZZ
Naririret Gen ZZ
Narohano Gen ZZ
Naronu Gen ZZ
Osandarea Gen ZZ
Oselah Gen Mara
Osissibia Gen ZZ
Oso-Ij Gen ZZ
Osuhla Gen ZZ
Osuza Gen Stendarr
Pallaton TG Gen ZZ
Papohadata Gen Kynareth
Pheonahaweyn Gen ZZ
Pheonolah Gen ZZ
Pheonuhno Gen ZZ
Pibuda Gen Wea ZZ
Pythinis DB FG MG OC TG Alc Arm Gen Gem Paw Ark ZZ
Pythoturana Clo Gen ZZ
Pythunnuweyn Gen Wea ZZ
Ramasta-Korom Gen Paw Ark ZZ
Ramemi-Gora Gen Wea ZZ
Ramillio Gen ZZ
Ramirirana DB FG TG Gen ZZ
Ramoga TG Arm Gen Ark ZZ
Rhaneraza FG MG Gen Paw Dibella
Rhogallalah Gen ZZ
Rhogenaria Clo Gen ZZ
Sedaha-Kom Gen ZZ
Sedojer DB FG MG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Seduthuo MG Gen Gem Paw ZZ
Sentinel MG OC Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Zenithar
Syruhus MG Gen ZZ
Tasalladax Arm Gen Gem Dibella
Tasoator Gen ZZ
Tasoparet DB FG MG OC TG Arm Ban Gen Gem Lib Paw Ark ZZ
Tasu-Gora Gen ZZ
Tsetallanis Gen ZZ
Tsetetturia OC TG Arm Boo Gen Lib Paw Ark ZZ
Tsetotuus Gen Kynareth
Tulaemi-Kom Clo Gen Mara
Tulaureg Gen ZZ
Tulauus Gen ZZ
Umbaaqwan DB FG MG OC TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Ark ZZ
Umbandadisu Gen ZZ
Umbocco-Kom Gen ZZ
Wadijabia Gen Kynareth
Wadijuan Gen Zenithar
Zagumba-Kom Clo Gen ZZ
Zaguthudisu Gen Mara
Zenahajet TG Alc Gen ZZ
Zenano Gen ZZ
Zenoguus Gen Paw ZZ
Zenotuza Clo Gen Kynareth
Zenuhno Gen Akatosh

* Regional Temples are not listed

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