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Knightly Orders
Opening Hours 11:00 - 23:00
Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order.png
Garrison of a Knightly Order

Knightly Orders are the legions of knights doing the bidding of the regional leader. One may only join one Knight Order since patch 1.04.191. The reward for performing knightly quests is increased reputation with the region's commoners and nobles rather than any monetary payment. In addition, you can improve your reputation with your own order if you do quests for other knightly orders. Quests for your own order might also set off a quest-chain to retrieve an artifact of great power. With each promotion within the order, the Knights will give a new, random piece of armor, starting at steel and getting better with each increase in rank. Knightly Orders do not offer training.

Joinable Knightly Orders

Political Views

All Knightly Orders of the Iliac Bay are bound by honor to an imaginary Faction called Generic Knightly Order (probably for game-internal issues). This Order is structured as seen below.

Political Factions
(by influence)
Generic Knightly Order


Apparently the level of the player's character determines which quests one can get from a Knight Order one is a member of, rather than the reputation one may have with them. For example a level 7 character can get any quest which requires a reputation of 71 or less.

General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Reputation Required
Quests for non-members
The Traitor You are not yet a trusted member of our knightly order... Execute a traitor to the order to gain their favor. Not in Order
The Hunter Hmmph. I don't trust you, (player's name). You are not a member of our order... Rid the local peasants of a monster. Not in Order
Trouble with Orcs I am (questgiver's name). You are not a member of this knightly order... Kill the leader of a local orc gang. Not in Order
The Infested House Why should I trust you, (player's name)? I suppose some small trial... Clean out a local residence for a Knight Order. Not in Order
Quests for members
The Princess (player's first name), the Princess (princess name) has been captured from our protection... Rescue an abducted princess. In Order
Retribution We have a traitor in (current town), a villainous... Restore honor to the order by killing a traitor. In Order
The Crazed Mercenary Welcome (player's name). My name is (questgiver's name). The order has just been told of a... Kill a crazed orc mercenary, who has really bad plans for the region. 10 reputation or more
More Trouble with Orcs Let me introduce myself. I am (questgiver's name) of (order)... Kill the leader of a band of orcs that is making the regional population nervous. 20 reputation or more
Still More Trouble with Orcs They call me (questgiver's name). I have a quest for you... Kill the warlord of an orc band that is threatening local commerce. 40 reputation or more
Killing a Giant I've just gotten word of a giant raiding farms and devouring cattle... Kill a giant who has been terrorizing the region. 40 reputation or more
The Exorcism I am (quest giver's name). One of the local nobles... Exorcize a haunted property for a local noble. 50 reputation or more
Eternal Rest Have I got a good one for you... Take care of a local noble's undead ancestor. 60 reputation or more
Invasion from Oblivion (player's first name), we have an emergency. The Mages Guild has discovered... Stop a supposed invasion from Oblivion. 70 reputation or more
The Dragonslayer Shhh! Don't let anyone else hear this, (Brother/Sister). I just got word that a dragon has been spotted... Slay a dragonling living in a local dungeon. 70 reputation or more
The Artifact A rumor has surfaced as to the whereabouts of an ancient artifact of power... Embark on a quest for a legendary artifact. 71 reputation or more
The Army of Undead I am (questgiver's name) of (order). I have a most dangerous quest... Destroy an Ancient Lich who is raising an army of undead. 80 reputation or more
The Lost Artifact * I am (questgiver's name) of (order). I have a most dangerous quest... Destroy an Ancient Lich and embark on an optional quest to reveal a lost artifact. 81 reputation or more

* Quest is only available with the CompUSA Special Edition Patch (see Patches and Official Utilities)



Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Questgiver1.png
First Questgiver of a Knightly Order
Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Questgiver2.png
Second Questgiver of a Knightly Order
Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Questgiver KoF.png
The Questgiver of the Knights of the Flame
Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Questgiver OoR.png
The Questgiver of the Order of the Raven
Ficheiro:DF-Questgiver KnoW.png
The Questgiver of the Knights of the Wheel

You will get your Quests from these men.


Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Seneschal KoF.png
The Seneschal of the Knights of the Flame
Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Quartermaster.png
Seneschal of a Knightly Order

You will receive your house from him, after you acquired the rank of a Paladin.


Ficheiro:DF-Knightly Order Smith.png
Smith of a Knightly Order

He will give you a random piece of plate armor every time you get promoted to a new rank. The material of this armor piece depends entirely on the rank you have been promoted to and the material gets better with each promotion. See the table below for further details.


Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill Armor Material
0 Aspirant 0 22 4 Steel
1 Squire 10 23 5 "Fake" Iron*, Iron, Steel, Elven
2 Gallant 20 31 9 Iron
3 Chevalier 30 39 13 Steel
4 Keeper 40 47 17 Random**
5 Knight Brother 50 55 21 Elven
6 Commander 60 63 25 Dwarven
7 Marshall 70 71 29 Mithril
8 Seneschal 80 79 33 Adamantium
9 Paladin 90 87 37 Ebony
  • "Fake" Iron is an armor type which can look like leather or chain and has also the same statistics, but its material flag is set to iron. This means characters with the "Forbidden armor type: Plate" restriction are not allowed to wear it. Apparently this special type of armor can not be found in the game beside in Knight Orders.
  • The fourth promotion, Keeper, strangely awards the character a random material. The selection pool appears to conform to the rules for random, leveled loot. It is possible to obtain Silver, Orcish, and Daedric armor pieces at this rank, and this rank only, as long as the character is of sufficient level to see these materials. As one might expect, the most likely rewards are Iron and Steel.

Required Skills


Knightly Order Benefits
Rank 0 No charge for staying at inns in the order's region
Rank 4 No charge for staying at any inn in the Iliac Bay region
Rank 6 No charge for traveling by ship or boat
Rank 9 Receive a free house in one of that order's regions¹

¹ actually locating your house is another matter

Free House

When promoted to Paladin of a Knightly Order, the Seneschal will offer a house within the current city. Talk to the Seneschal, but save the game before clicking Receive House. When the location of your new home is marked on your map, step out of the room and into the short passage. (Do not enter the passage leading back towards the Armorer.) Turn left and go through the closed door. It will lead you into a tiny courtyard where you can check your town map and see the location of your new house. If you want to go to your house, use a Levitate spell and fly to it, or climb up the walls. If you don't like the house, re-load the game.