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In Daggerfall, players may be infected with one of two forms of lycanthropy: the curse of the werewolf or the curse of the wereboar. Being infected gives the player access to several unique abilities, but also gives the player several significant weaknesses.

Quests Featuring Were-Creatures



At lower levels it is also possible to randomly encounter were-creatures in dungeons and in the wilderness. Upon reaching higher levels, they are much less common.

Getting Infected

Although lycanthropy is thought of as a disease, it is not affected by weaknesses and resistances like other in-game diseases; only vampires are truly immune to infection. When you are injured by a lycanthrope, there is a 0.6% chance that you will contract the disease. The only sign that you have been infected will occur the first time you rest after contracting the disease; a short scene will play while a voice says:

You dream of the moon, and of a man who is less than a man.

72 hours after you have contracted the disease, you will turn permanently into a lycanthrope. Until then, the disease can be cured using a potion, spell, or temple healer.

Living as a Lycanthrope

If you arrive in a settlement while in were-form, the streets will be vacant; only when you transform back will the citizens show up again. The citizens will not vanish if you transform into your were-form while in town. You can still rent a room while in were-form, but you cannot buy or sell goods or talk to NPCs. Receiving any items while in were-form (i.e., quest rewards) will cause the game to crash.

Any crimes you commit in your were-form will not be charged to your player character; for the purposes of crime, your were-form is essentially a separate person.


  • +40 to Strength, Speed, Agility and Endurance (these boosts will not raise your attributes past 100). These changes apply to your human form as well.
  • +30 to Hand-to-hand, Climbing, Running, Stealth, Swimming and Critical Strike skills. These changes also apply to your human form. The 30% boost does not count toward level gains, though the skills can be increased past 100.
  • Access to the ability Lycanthropy, which allows you to change between your normal and lycanthrope forms once a day.
Special Traits
  • All lycanthropes are immune to diseases.
  • Immunity to iron and steel weapons while in were-form. Since most humanoid enemies (especially guards) only attack with these types of weapons, you are immune to their attacks. You can still be harmed by spells and hand-to-hand attacks.


  • You will feel the need to hunt innocents at least twice a month (more specifically, every fifteen days; fourteen days plus the day you start counting). This means you have to kill at least one NPC or guard in a town every fifteen days. If you don't, your max health will gradually decrease until it is maxed out at 4. Once you have killed a peasant or guard, your max health will return to normal until you feel the need to hunt again.
  • During every full moon, you will automatically change into your were-form and be unable to change back for the duration of the day. However, you will not change into your were-form during fast-travel. You will not change back automatically on the next day; you must use the shape-shift spell in your spell book to return to your humanoid form. See the Calendar article to learn how phases of the moon are calculated in-game.
  • Once a year, you will get a letter from a werewolf hunter stating that he has marked you as his next target. He will give you an option to either cure yourself or be hunted by his henchmen, a group of Knights.
  • You are unable to access your inventory or pick up items while in werewolf form.

Hircine's Ring

The Hircine Ring gives players all the benefits of lycanthropy with few of the negative consequences. The Hircine Ring quest can be started by contacting a witch, or the Glenmoril coven and having them summon Hircine. Hircine gives your character a quest to go kill another lycanthrope and offers the ring as a reward for its completion.

Hircine's Ring will stop you from getting the need to hunt innocents and prevent you from transforming during the full moon. It also allows you to change into your were-form as many times as you like.

Curing Lycanthropy

At some point after you become infected with lycanthropy, you will be sent a letter offering you a chance to be cured. If you follow the instructions in the letter, you will be sent to get a sample of your blood to infect the last member of a hereditary family of lycanthropes with. For more information on curing lycanthropy, see the relevant quest page.

The Coven of Glenmoril also provides players with a chance to remove lycanthropy. Accepting their quest to deliver a potion will instead give you the potion for removing the lycanthropic curse.


  • A slight delay between the automatic shift on a full moon means that one may use the Lycanthropy ability to shapeshift in order to loot enemies while in a dungeon.
  • A lycanthrope's health will always be fully restored when changing into either form.