Daggerfall:Cure for Lycanthropy

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Find a cure for lycanthropy.
Location(s): Any
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Loss
ID: $curewer
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Receive a letter from a lycanthrope hunter
  2. Travel to the town mentioned in the letter.
  3. Meet the priest(ess) there and talk to him/her.
  4. Choose how you want to approach this quest.
  5. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

If you are a lycanthrope you will receive this letter someday:

(current date)

Dear (player's name),

Or should I call you "(monster's name)," as you are known to the common folk of (current region), who bar their doors against you in fear each night? Yes, I know who and what you are, and your days of terrorizing the Iliac Bay are numbered. I offer you a simple choice: renounce your lycanthropy, or be hunted down like the wild beast you are. Let no one say that (hunter's name) lacks compassion. I offer you one last chance to save yourself. Go to (priest(ess)'s name) of (temple) in (town) if you wish to live. (He/She) is wise in the ways of lycanthropy, and if anyone can help you, (he/she) can. I will wait (time limit) days before sending my hunters after you. Use the time wisely.

(hunter's name)

Quest Object

If you want to cure yourself of lycanthropy, travel to the town mentioned in the letter and meet the priest(ess). He/She will say:

You must be (player's name). (hunter's name) said you might be coming to see me, although (he) doubted that you would heed (his) warning. Sadly, most do not, already too befuddled by the Beast within to save themselves. Yes, the curse of lycanthropy can be lifted, although I hesitate to speak of it, as the cure may be worse than the disease. We must lower our voices. You may not be aware that lycanthropy is an hereditary condition, passed on in certain families, although it can lie dormant for generations before reappearing. This is why the great crusades against lycanthropes led by those like (hunter's name) are ultimately futile, unless the families who carry this bloodline are exterminated as well. You now understand why I am reluctant to share this knowledge. As you know, the bite of a werebeast can pass the infection on to a new victim. However, if you can pass the infection to a latent lycanthrope, the curse will be lifted from you due to the intensity of its blossoming in the victim. My studies have recently uncovered a family which I am sure carries the disease. If you still wish to proceed on this dark course, I can tell you where to find the last survivor of this ancient, cursed bloodline.

Your answer determines how you will approach the quest.


Aproach I

You must answer the priest(ess)'s question with "Yes".

The priest(ess) goes on:

Very well. I cannot blame you for wishing to live. I comfort myself with the thought that (family's father) is the last of a doomed family, best ended before the curse renews itself. Yes, he is the one. As far as I know, he still lives in (family's town), the family home for generations. But first, you will need to see (alchemist's name) in (alchemist's town). (he/she) has assisted me in such matters before. The surest way to pass on the disease is for the victim to drink the blood of the lycanthrope. (alchemist's name) will ask no questions and tell no tales at your strange request. May (random god) guide your steps.

Deadly medicine

Travel to the alchemist's town and meet him/her. If you have at least 1000 gold he/she will draw off some of your blood and give it to you; you will need the blood later. If you don't have the required amount of gold, come back once you have acquired enough money.

Ficheiro:DF-Lycanthropy Friend.png
The deceased father's friend

Travel to the town where the father of the family is supposed to live and ask for him in town. You will learn that he died some years ago, but he left behind a child. Asking for rumors might tell you where the child can now be found. You may also learn of a former friend of the father living in town. When you meet this person and talk to him/her, he/she will say:

You're looking for (family's father)? I'm afraid that he died three years ago. Killed himself, actually, although very few know that part of it. I'm not sure what happened, but he became very moody, and began disappearing for days at a time. Left a note saying something about he couldn't live with himself, and didn't want (child's name) to find out the truth about it. I never figured out what it was all about. Yes, (child's name) was his only child. (He/She) was taken in by a family from (child's town) after (his/her) father's death. I'm afraid that's all I know.

Ficheiro:DF-Lycanthropy Wereboar.png
... after the transformation

Travel to this new town and get the child's location by asking around in town. Once you know where the child can be found, meet him/her. If you are carrying the werewolf blood, he/she will say:

Hello. Are you a doctor? I haven't been feeling very well today. Is that medicine you have there for me?

By giving the werewolf's blood to the child, you will cure yourself of lycanthropy and will end this quest.

Approach II

You must answer the priest(ess)'s question with "No".

The priest(ess) will say:

I understand. In fact, I am almost relieved that you shun this road to salvation. It shows that the Beast does not yet wholly dominate you. I would not offer false hope, but if you still wish to try to cure yourself ... Well, this is no more than a legend, but supposedly there is a coven somewhere which can cure lycanthropy. The best lead I can offer is an ancient text, "A History of the Daedric Sects." Unfortunately, the only existing copy disappeared in the sack of (dungeon) over a century ago. Perhaps it remains hidden somewhere in the ruins there. If nothing else, the search might help you keep the Beast at bay, at least for a while. May (random god) guide your steps.

The cure

Travel to the dungeon the priest(ess) mentioned and find a page torn from a book within. The page says:

"...reputed to have the ability to raise the dead, although as yet the Conclave has not unearthed any evidence of this beyond the usual legends and anecdotes.

By contrast, the existence of the Glenmoril Coven is firmly rooted in history. In fact, this coven is of such antiquity that its very origins have been lost. The Circle of Seven, as it is often called (the Glenmoril Coven regards thirteen as a newfangled corruption of the original seven Initiates plus six Acolytes -- one for each of the Circle except for the Mistress, who is considered above such apprenticeship duties). As usual, legend mixes with fact in the popular belief that the Glenmoril Coven possesses the cure for lycanthropy. Complete documentation of these legends may be found in the library of (new dungeon).

The Iliac Bay region is also home to another of..."

Travel to the new dungeon mentioned on this book's page and find a map within. The map will reveal the location of the Glenmoril Coven in the Ilessan Hills.

Acquiring this information does not provide any immediate benefits. However, you now know the location of one of the fourteen Witch Covens in the Iliac Bay. To cure yourself of lycanthropy once and for all, you must travel to the Glenmoril Coven and obtain the quest A Special Mixture from the beldam. It might take a couple of tries to get this quest. Once you have the "Pure water" use it and it will cure you of lycanthropy. This "potion" works also for Vampirism.

Quest End

If you choose the first approach, the following message appears when the child drinks the blood:

As (child's name) drinks your blood, you feel your mind clear for the first time since you were afflicted with lycanthropy. But (child's name) cries out in agony as (he/she) changes form right before your eyes.

The child will transform into a wereboar and your Regional Reputation in the region will drop by ten points. If you kill the wereboar, your Regional Reputation will drop once more, this time by twenty points.

Reputation Loss

The following actions will influence your Regional Reputation during this quest:

Action Regional Reputation Gain
Turn the child into a wereboar -10
Kill the wereboar -20


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • One Wereboar if you give the child the werewolf's blood
  • 30x One Knight every seventy nine in-game minutes (20% chance) after the quest's time limit has expired and the player hasn't used the child to get rid of lycanthropy



  • Contrary to logic, even if you are not a werewolf, the alchemist will draw werewolf's blood from you and the child will transform into a wereboar after drinking the blood. when drinking werewolf's blood.
  • If the quest time limit expires, you still have a time frame, ranging from seven to twenty eight days, during which you can cure yourself using the child, or embark on the search for hints regarding the Glenmoril Coven. When this time frame expires, the quest is over and all quest-related people and objects, including the child, the book's page and the map, will disappear.
  • If you cure yourself of lycanthropy using the child, the hunters will immediately leave you alone. However, if you use a Witch Coven to cure yourself, they will continue to chase you, either until their contingent is exhausted or until the quest is over. This behavior is caused by the quest's internal processing.
  • If you use the map, which reveals the location of the Glenmorial Coven after the quest has ended, the game will freeze. Since you should already have used the map as long as the quest is running, you can throw it away now, since it is of no further use.
  • If you proceed with approach I to curing your lycanthropy, but answer "NO" when the child asks for the medicine, you can return to the priest to tell him you couldn't follow through. You will then proceed with approach II.