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Houses, Shops, and Trade is a collection of 82 books, letters and notes that make up the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Cyrodilic Merchant's Lament
A Merchant's Guide to Valenwood
Advice for traders traveling through Bosmer lands
A Subtler Brew
A Treatise on the Knot
An overview on various knots used by sailors
Academy Supplies
A list of items required for enrollment in Shad Astula Academy of Magic

By the docks near Shad Astula

Aera's Household Notes
Aera Earth-Turner A to-do list
Amethyst Mining in the Alik'r
Ezdwelen al-Rihad An essay detailing the various places to procure amethysts
An Easy Assignment
Surii Dreth
Apothecary's Ledger
Valashi A report on recent sales
Appointments for the Thane
Boren the Precise Thane Mera Stormcloak's prescribed schedule
Armament Inventory
An inventory of rebel arms
Aunt Anela's Cookbook
Aunt Anela Recipes for various beverages
Barkbite Stronghold Shaman's List
Barkbite Stronghold's Shaman
  • Reman's Bluff, inside main building
A list of chores for a stablehand
Churasu's Alchemy Journal
Churasu A recipe to enrage wasps
Concerns, Petitions, Complaints
A log of all petitions and complaints in a small town
Contract with House Diel
Lord Alain Diel Details of a plot to enrage local harpies in order to expand territory
Contracts and Bounties
Damar's Ledger
Deleyn's Mill Order Form
Morric Miller
Delivery Schedule and Manifests
A bandit gang's delivery schedule
Deregor's Lost Goods
Distribution Notes
Eiman's Fishy Secrets
Enak-do's Ledger
Enthoras' Journal

Northwest of Elden Root, on a terrace near the fork in the road

Factor Luluelle's Report
Lacherie Luluelle
Fishing Camp Checklist
Gavo's Itinerary
Centurion Gavo
Gray Mire Tribal Leadership
Grida's Note
Grida Meadmoon
Guild Contract: Spindleclutch

Near Farwatch Wayshrine in Glenumbra. On the small island near the group of friendlies

House Hlaalu Philosophy of Trade
The philosophy of House Hlaalu
  • Sadri House, Narsis
  • Hlaalu Kinhouse, Narsis
How To Prepare Slaughterfish
Preparing Alder Plank Slaughterfish At Sea
Inventory (Confidential)
Confidential inventory listing
Kerthor's Supply List
Kerthor Wood-Hewer
Khajiiti Merchant's Invoice
An invoice for a flower of sanguine alendil
Kotholl's Contract
Dirngar Hlaalu
Kwama Egg Omelet
An omelet recipe
Kwama Egg Quiche
A recipe note
Kwama Shipment Manifest
A trade shipping manifest
Laughing Moons Ledger
A plantation ledger
Lessuns Lerned Garding Caravans
Big Dhorlun Big Dhorlun dispenses some advice
Letter of Understanding
Leidela Black-Briar
Mages Guild Authorization
Mathiisen Forge Inventory
Forge inventory listing
Meat for Soup
Notes on cooking potential of various types of meat
Mudcrab Order Request
He-cuts-the-Flesh A mudcrab order issued by an ambitious chef
Northglen Farm Opportunities
Marge Gaercroft
On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer
Anonymous Bosmeri Brewer Instructions on brewing Bosmeri alcohol with insects and meat
Pay Up, Enak
Pending Orders
Pircalmo's Shopping List
Pircalmo Pircalmo's shopping list
Promissory Note
Provision Requests
Quartermaster's Report
Receipt for Arcane Tomes
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A receipt of delivery
Recipe for Horker Pie
Roost Smuggler's Ledger
A ledger of smuggled items
Sea Amri Shipping Manifest
Shipping manifest for the Sea Amri
Seafood Supper
Set List
A list of songs
Silvenar Manifest
Silver Crawdad Surprise
A recipe for fish
Small Meals, Fast Meals
Stibbons' Qharroa Checklist
Strakes and Futtocks
Curly Lainlyn, Master Shipwright
Supplies and Sundries
Darj the Hunter A note about food shortages
Supplies for the Delve
Kuna An upset mine owner threatens her reluctant supplier
The Buying Game
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun Tips on buying and selling
The Handfast Song List
The Hind-Quarters Registry
Notes on inn visitors
The Holy Wamasu: Care and Feeding
The Toothmaul Contract
Contract between unlikely allies
Things to Do
A to do list
To Grandmaster Sees-All-Colors
Darj the Hunter A letter declining an offer to join the Fighters Guild
Tryn's Smithing Notes
Trynhild Earth-Turner
Valyia's Cargo Manifest
Valyia A trader's cargo manifest
Vital Records, 2E 541—2E 542
A record of births and deaths
Voljar's Meadery Recipes
What a Pig Needs
Swineherd Francois Wickton On the arduous tasks of a swineherd
Windhelm Shipping Manifest