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Hundreds of books can be found in Elder Scrolls Online. Most books just fill in back story or provide lore material. However, there are a number of different kinds of books, such as skill books, quest books, and spell tomes. These special books are each listed on their own individual page. This page only lists the "normal" books in the game.

Other types of reading material found in the game include scrolls and notes and letters.


All books are divided into 54 collections, which vary greatly in size. These collections are further categorized into two larger libraries:

  • Shalidor's Library: This is a set of collectible books that become available once the Mages Guild has been joined. Collecting these books grants experience towards your rank in the guild.
  • Eidetic Memory: This library lists all the remaining books, letters and notes not included in Shalidor's Library.


Title Author Description Collection
16 Accords of Madness, Vol. VI
Hircine's Tale Literature
2920: The Last Year of the First Era
Carlovac Townway A historical series of books about Vivec and the Empire Tales of Tamriel
An Accounting of the Elder Scrolls
Quintus Nerevelus, Former Imperial Librarian An author's report on the Elder Scrolls and his subsequent entry into the Cult of the Ancestor Moth Legends of Nirn
The Adabal-a
Morihaus The memoirs of Morihaus, consort to Alessia and Taker of the Citadel Legends of Nirn
Advances in Lockpicking
An experienced thief summarizes the intricacies of lockpicking Skill Books
Aedra and Daedra
Anonymous Overview of the basic differences between Gods, Demons, Aedra, and Daedra Daedric Princes
Aetherial Fragments
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A description of the fragments of Aetherius Lore and Culture
An Affair with Death
Mirise Dres A necromancer tells of their first encounter with death Research Notes
Against the Snakes
Denskar Earth-Turner A soldier's thoughts on the second Akaviri invasion Lore and Culture
Ahzidal's Descent
Halund Greycloak The tale of a powerful enchanter's descent into madness Skill Books
Aicaano's Journal
Aicaano The journal of a scared elf Personal Journals
Alchemist Nilyne's Notes
Nilyne Hlor An alchemist recalling the recipe for a potion Research Notes
Alchemy For My Apprentice
You Know Who A master alchemist instructs an apprentice on the basics of potion-making Crafting Books
Alchemy Practicum
Defessus Lector A reminder on the proper way to create new potions Skill Books
Alchemy: Discovering Traits
Defessus Lector A guide to basic alchemy Skill Books
Aleris the Shroud
A record of the first champion of the Blessed Crucible Lore and Culture
The Alik'r (Second Era)
Enric Milres A description of time spent in the Alik'r Desert Tales of Tamriel
All About Giants
Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the Giantish Peoples of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore
The All-Beneficent King Fahara'jad
Chapter One: Of His Laudable Youth Biographies
Almalexia and the Mudcrab
A traditional Dunmer tale Tales of Tamriel
An Almanac of Betony
A description of Betony and its famous cliffs The World and Its Creatures
Altars of Bone
A passage about the construction of Altars of Bone Lore and Culture
Aluvus' Journal
Aluvus A search for an ancient Ayleid ruin Hearts and Flowers
The Amronal's Spell
Poem on the Amronal of Valenwood Words of the Poets
The Amulet of Kings
Wenegrus Monhana Chronicles the creation of the Amulet of Kings Legends of Nirn
Ancestors and the Dunmer (Abridged)
A guide for foreign visitors to Morrowind Stonefalls Lore
Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer
Marobar Sul An incomplete series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
Words of the Poets
Anirtur's Diary
Anirtur The diary of a merchant and his thoughts on trade in the city of Haven Diaries and Logs
Anonymous Journal
A journal on the spread of the plague Plots and Schemes
Antecedents of Dwemer Law
A historical account of the development of Dwemer law and custom from its roots in High Elven culture Dwemer
The Anuad Paraphrased
Early religious book providing a simplified version of The Anuad creation myth from the Mythic Era Divines and Deities
Apocrypha, Apocrypha
Describing the wonders of Apocrypha's trove of knowledge Daedric Cults
The Apprentice's Assistant
Aramril Advice from Valenwood's most prestigious spellcaster Lore and Culture
The Apprentices' God
A short text on the god Syrabane The Devoted and the Deranged
Arboreal Architecture
Cirantille A description of Bosmeri construction techniques The World and Its Creatures
Arcana Restored
Wapna Neustra, Praeceptor Emeritus A Handbook Magic and Magicka
Arch-Mage's Journal
Arch-Mage Valeyn The journal of the Arch-Mage of Shad Astula Personal Journals
An Archer's Archive
Sabarid the Seeker The far-ranging travels of a student of archery Skill Books
Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic?
Gabrielle Benele Skill Books
The Argonian Maid—An Oral Tradition
Telenger the Artificer An explanation for the reoccurring amorous Argonian Tales of Tamriel
The Argonian Mating Ritual
Valrendil of the Crystal Tower, Research-Appointee to the Thalmor Research notes on Argonian mating habits Research Notes
Argonians Among Us
Sil Rothril An overview of the Argonian race from a Dunmer's perspective Stonefalls Lore
Arkay the Enemy
KW Instructions for the faithful to foil Arkay Daedric Cults
The Art and the Madness v.1
The Hollow Voice On the necessity of fresh corpses for most necromancers Rituals and Revelations
The Art of Kwama Egg Cooking
Belami Llevarso An Introduction Dungeon Lore
Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr
Rules of conduct for a pirate crew Criminal Correspondence
Arx Corinium — First Seed Report
Centurion Pontius An Imperial officer's journal outlining the difficulties in the construction of Arx Corinium Dungeon Lore
Ashlander Wise Women
Jiuba Rothalen A treatise on the importance of Ashlander Wise Women Lore and Culture
Aspects of Lord Hircine
Juno Procillus, Academy of Chorrol Transcribed statement detailing the five aspects of the Daedric Prince Hircine Bangkorai Lore
The Assassin of Alik'r
Anonymous A Shadowscale tracks his targets through the Alik'r desert Tales of Tamriel
Aunt Anela's Cookbook
Aunt Anela Recipes for various beverages Houses, Shops, and Trade
Aura of the Righteous
Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr Skill Books
Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree
Beredalmo the Signifier The story of Green-Sap, the Tower of the Bosmer Grahtwood Lore
Auridon Explored
Fenlil the Wayfarer A fragmented travel guidebook covering the isle of Auridon
Ayleid Cities of Valenwood
The Esteemed Historian Homfrey at the University of Gwylim, 2E 455 Being a Survey of the Triumphant Settlement of the Heartland High Elves in the Southern Regions Malabal Tor Lore
Ayleid Inscriptions Translated
Beredalmo the Signifier A series of Ayleid phrases and their translations Tamriel History
Ayleid Survivals in Valenwood
Cuinur of Cloudrest, 4th Tier Scholar of Tamrielic Minutiae Thalmor report on the Ayleid Diaspora in the First Era Grahtwood Lore
Ayrenn – The Unforeseen Queen
Diretor Tanion do Colégio de Propriedade Aldmeri Um livro biográfico sobre a Rainha Ayrenn de Alinor Biographies
Azarrid's Race
The tale of a group of adventurers and their race to claim a priceless gemstone Skill Books
Back Home in Orsinium
An Orc's musings on his homeland Diaries and Logs
Bakhig's Journal, Page 11
Bakhig The Devoted and the Deranged
Bakhig's Journal, Page 19
Bakhig The Devoted and the Deranged
Bakhig's Journal, Page 3
Bakhig The Devoted and the Deranged
The Ballad of Navid the Singer
A ballad of a love-scorned sword-singer in the days of the Ra Gada Words of the Poets
The Ballad of Skald Skullsplitter
Skald Skullsplitter, His Mark Here: X A boastful drinking song Words of the Poets
Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock
King Eamond King Eamond's final address to his troops Bangkorai Lore
The Barrows of Westmark Moor
Sathyr Longleat the Elder On the conflicts surrounding the burial grounds near Rivenspire Rivenspire Lore
Basic Provisioning Guide
Cloelius Maluginensis A soldier's guidebook to provisioning in the field Crafting Books
The Bastard's Tomb
Taleon Mythmaker The tale of a total bastard Tales of Tamriel
The Battle of Glenumbria Moors
Song on the famous 1E 482 battle between the Alessian Empire and the Direnni Poetry and Song
The Battle of Red Mountain
Vivec The story of the Battle of Red Mountain and the Nerevarine Prophecies from Vivec's perspective
The Battle of the Ale
A drinking song Words of the Poets
Before the Ages of Man: Dawn Era
Aicantar of Shimmerene Chronicle of the major events of the Dawn Era Myths of the Mundus
Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era
Aicantar of Shimmerene Chronicle of the major events of the Merethic Era Myths of the Mundus
Beggar Prince
The story of Wheedle and his gifts from the Daedric Lord Namira Tales of Tamriel
Beginning Bladecraft: 7 Precepts
Master Ghelwezh An introduction to the art of Bladecraft Lore and Culture
Betnikh Limerikh
Words of the Poets
Words of the Poets
A Betrayal of Our Heritage
"Nworc at-Traeh" Promoting the Crowns and their Yokudan roots Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Binding Stone
The Office of the Canonreeve of Corrections On escaping physical barriers and the Binding Stone Dungeon Lore
Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots
Scholasticus Incognitus The tale of Bisnensel, one-time kingdom of the Last King of the Ayleids Daedric Cults
The Black Forge
Kyngald Nazkrixor A report outlining the construction of the Great Shackle Coldharbour Lore
Blacksmithing Basics
Zeg gra-Dush A beginner's guide to blacksmithing Crafting Books
Blasphemous Revenants
A call for the destruction of all vampires and those who follow them! The Devoted and the Deranged
The Blessed Dagger
A tale of a dream and a dagger Tales of Tamriel
Blessed, Blessed Satakalaam
The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam An ode to the Yokudan pantheon The World and Its Creatures
The Blessings of Hircine
A call for Bosmer to follow the will of Hircine Daedric Cults
Skill Books
Bloodfiends of Rivenspire
Nalana, Advisor to House Tamrith A report on the vampiric Bloodfiends of Rivenspire Rivenspire Lore
Boethiah and Her Avatars
A description of worshippers of Boethiah Daedric Cults
Boethiah's Glory
Livro de adoração para Boethiah Daedric Cults
Boethiah's Proving
Anonymous An account of a fatal summoning of Boethiah Daedric Princes
Bolga's Guide to Island Beasts
Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral A brief summary of the creatures found on Khenarthi's Roost The World and Its Creatures
Bones of the Forest
A short text on the god Y'ffre Rituals and Revelations
The Book of Circles
Frandar Hunding Proverbs on the creation and use of swords
The Book of Daedra
Excerpts from a lengthy tome describing the nature of each of the Daedra Oblivion Lore
The Book of Dawn and Dusk
A collections of sayings and aphorisms attributed variously to the Tribunals and to their saints and servants Poetry and Song
The Book of Memories
Historiographical musings Mysteries and Clues
The Book of No-Name
No-Name An apology from a tricky Khajiit
The Book of the Great Tree
Excerpts regarding the First Tree of the Elden Grove Grahtwood Lore
Bordaunt Virelande's Journal
Bordaunt Virelande An adventurer's journal The Devoted and the Deranged
Bowyer and Fletcher
Hoary Durotzel, the Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn A lesson on the various bow types Skill Books
Brave Little Scrib
A traditional Dunmer children's tale Tales of Tamriel
Brave Sir Cadwell
Words of the Poets
Bravil, Part 1
Sathyr Longleat The tale of the Alessian campaign to take modern-day Bravil from the Ayleids The World and Its Creatures
Bravil, Part 2
Sathyr Longleat The tale of the Alessian campaign to take modern-day Bravil from the Ayleids The World and Its Creatures
Breaking the Cycle of Tyranny
Alla Llaleth Propaganda from the Ebonheart Pact criticizing the Daggerfall Covenant Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Bretons: Mongrels or Paragons?
Phrastus of Elinhir A description of Bretons Stormhaven Lore
The Brothers of Darkness (1st ed.)
Pellarne Assi A brief history of the Dark Brotherhood Lore and Culture
The Brothers of Strife
Nili Omavel On the ancient conflict between Nedes and Dunmer Stonefalls Lore
The Brothers' War
On the duel between Jorunn the Skald Prince and his brother Fildgor Eastmarch Lore
Burning Vestige, Vol. I
Warlock Endil A study focusing on Mehrunes Dagon and his supposed attack on a clan of witch-hunters Dungeon Lore
Burnt, Mostly Illegible Scrap
The Devoted and the Deranged
The Buying Game
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun Tips on buying and selling Houses, Shops, and Trade
Call to the Faithful
Prudentia Blaesus A call to religious followers Skill Books
The Cantatas of Vivec
A book of gospels in the form of epic songs Poetry and Song
Care of Kwama
Cirantille A description of Kwama caring methods The World and Its Creatures
Cassipia's Change of Heart
Little Leaf, Seneschal to the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems Concerns on the goals of the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems Craglorn Secrets
Ceyran, Warlord of Rulanyil's Fall
A plaque describing a displayed artifact Lore and Culture
Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm
Doctor Rhythandius An academic study into Daedric summoning and Azure Plasm Coldharbour Lore
Cheeses of Tamriel
Master Chef Gilbard Larocque An exploration of the cheeses of Tamriel Lore and Culture
A Child's Tamriel Bestiary
Shane gro-Orath (Clever, no? Ha, ha!) A children's rhyming alphabet book Words of the Poets
Children of the Sky
Description of the Nords The World and Its Creatures
The Chim-el Adabal
Mannimarco Mannimarco's musings on the Amulet of Kings and its red diamond The Five Companions
Chim-el Adabal: A Ballad
A poem surrounding the creation of the Chim-el Adabal Words of the Poets
The Chopping Block
Kajuld Blackfox A Nord teaches his younger brother how to wield an axe Skill Books
The Chosen People of Aldmeris
Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea An alternate history of the Maormer The World and Its Creatures
Chronicles of the Five Companions
The personal recollections of the Five Companions
Civility and Etiquette V. 5: Undead
Coristir An Altmer guidebook outlining the correct social protocols when dealing with the undead Dungeon Lore
Civility and Etiquette: Wood Orcs I
Coristir, Sage Sojourner An Altmer guidebook outlining the correct social protocols when dealing with the Wood Orcs Dungeon Lore
Clan of the White Bear
A set of guidelines followed by the White Bear clan Lore and Culture
Clans of Eastmarch: The Direfrost
A brief history of the Direfrost clan Lore and Culture
The Cleansing of the Fane
Fragmented script from a member of the Alessian Order Legends of Nirn
Clothier: Light Armor Basics
Lady Eloisse, Fifth Countess Manteau A brief description of light armor Skill Books
The Code of Mauloch
A description of the unwritten rules of the Orcs Glenumbra Lore
The Coiled Path
On the Ghost Snake The Devoted and the Deranged
Coils of the Father
A short text on the god Anu The Devoted and the Deranged
The Coldharbour Compact
A poem on Sotha Sil's mysterious First Era agreement with the Daedric Princes Words of the Poets
The Collected Theory Hypothesis
On the Collective Consciousness Theorem as an explanation for the disappearance of Falinesti The Devoted and the Deranged
Common Arms of Valenwood
Mistral Aurelian Teriscor An overview of Bosmeri philosophy regarding weapons and armaments Grahtwood Lore
Confessions of a Khajiiti Fur Trader
A Khajiit's memoir of the black market fur trade Criminal Correspondence
Confessions of a Skooma Eater
A narrative of a cured skooma addict Criminal Correspondence
The Consecrations of Arkay
Punctilius Tyrus The beliefs and practices of the Order of Arkay Myths of the Mundus
Crimes of the Daggerfall Covenant
Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination A summary Auridon Lore
The Criminal Mind
Scholar Mingalion A study of the brain and criminal behavior Lore and Culture
Crow and Raven: Three Short Fables
The Crown of Freydis
Taleon Mythmaker A history of the second royal crown of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore
Dark Ministrations
The Devoted and the Deranged
Daedra Worship: The Ayleids
Phrastus of Elinhir A description of Daedric worship by the Ayleids Daedric Cults
Daedra Worship: The Chimer
Phrastus of Elinhir A description of Daedric worship by the Chimer Daedric Cults
The Daedric Flame
Kalsius Malik Notes on the blue flames of Coldharbour Rituals and Revelations
The Dark Husband
On Sithis, Dark Husband of the Night Mother Rituals and Revelations
Dark Ruins
Cyrillo the Deranged Deshaan Lore
Darkest Darkness
A description of various Daedra Oblivion Lore
The Death Blow of Abernanit
Anonymous The death of Dagoth Thras Words of the Poets
"Death" of Morphotypical Entities
Doctor Rhythandius Academic musings on the "death" of Daedric beings Rituals and Revelations
The Deepest Cut
Poem on Rulanir the Blademaster Words of the Poets
Del's Claim Report
Lennoon A report to a superior officer Letters and Missives
Desert Delicacies
The Devouring of Gil-Var-Delle
Fastor On the mysterious destruction of an ancient Valenwood township Grahtwood Lore
The Direfrost Flame
Thorvild Direfrost On the legacy of the Direfrost clan Rituals and Revelations
The Dominion's Duty: Marbruk
An Entry by the Altmeri Travel Guild The World and Its Creatures
The Doors of Oblivion
Seif-ij Hidja The chronicles of Morian Zenas' journey through the realms of Oblivion, penned by his apprentice
Dragon Skull Parchment
A fragmented verse from an ancient Nordic song, written in the language of the dragons Mysteries and Clues
Dwemer Dreams
Narsis Dren, Treasure Hunter An account of a treasure hunter's dreams of the Dwemer Tales of Tamriel
Dwemer Dungeons: What I Know
Kireth Vanos, Dungeon-Delver Extraordinaire A description of Dwemer dungeons Deshaan Lore
The Eagle and the Cat
Lord Gharesh-ri, Speaker for the Mane A description of the outbreak of the Knahaten Flu Reaper's March Lore
Ebony Blade History
A warning to whomever would seek to wield the power of the Ebony Blade Myths of the Mundus
The Eight Steps of Mummification
Fezmani of the Steady Hand, Priest of Tu'whacca How to mummify a body Lore and Culture
The Eldest: A Pilgrim's Tale
Religious rites of the Bosmer Greenshade Lore
Enigma of the Runestones
Telenger the Artificer On the runestones of Tamriel Skill Books
Eulogy for Emperor Varen
Lord Abnur Tharn, Chancellor of the Elder Council A lament for a dead emperor Tamriel History
The Everscriven Tome
A short text on the god Xarxes The Devoted and the Deranged
The Exclusionary Mandates
The dictates of the Marukhati Selective Legends of Nirn
Exegesis of Merid-Nunda
Phrastus of Elinhir Thoughts on a rare manuscript Coldharbour Lore
Exodus from Summerset
Praise for Saint Veloth the Pilgrim Tales of Tamriel
The Fall and Rise of Reman's Bluff
Praetor Aemilianus Lector Details of an Imperial fort besieged by Orcs in the late First Era Lore and Culture
The Fall of Carac Dena
A search for an ancient Ayleid ruin Research Notes
The Fall of Queen Nurnhilde
Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm An ode to a fallen queen Words of the Poets
The Fall of Trinimac
The Faithless One An essay on the defeat and rebirth of Trinimac Lore and Culture
Fang of the Sea Vipers
Telenger the Artificer An Aldmeri Dominion report on the Maormer threat Auridon Lore
Father of the Niben, Fragment One
Florin Jaliil Fragment of a journal of Topal the Pilot, translated and with commentary Skill Books
Father of the Niben, Fragment Two
Florin Jaliil Fragment of a journal of Topal the Pilot, translated and with commentary The World and Its Creatures
The Father's Promise
A poem dedicated to Sithis and the Dark Brotherhood Words of the Poets
The Fickle Nature of Mudcrabs
A researchers notes on the behavior of Mudcrabs The World and Its Creatures
Field Guide to Spriggans
Phrastus of Elinhir A guide to spriggans The World and Its Creatures
The Final Lesson
Aegrothius Goth Two apprentices are separated
The Firmament
Ffoulke A book of constellations and their meanings Myths of the Mundus
The Five Far Stars
Zershishi Mus-Manul Ashlander poetry Poetry and Song
The Five Points of the Star
Sigillah Parate Daedric Cults
The Five Tenets
The honorable code of the Dark Brotherhood Criminal Correspondence
A Folk Tale
Lore and Culture
The Folly of Isolation
Fragments of a play
The Fort Sphinxmoth Ruins
Calantius of Skingrad How the mighty Elsweyr fort fell into ruins The World and Its Creatures
The Founding of Bloodtoil
The history of the village of Bloodtoil The World and Its Creatures
The Founding of Southpoint
The Provincial Office of Governor Zantonius Imperial propaganda for citizens of Southpoint The World and Its Creatures
The Founding of Zuuk
Ashalaku, Black Marsh On the Kothringi tribesman Zuuk and the settlement named after him The World and Its Creatures
The Four Abominations
Vinicius Imbrex, Archbishop of Chorrol, 1E 10511087 A description of the unnatural enemies of mortals, which are hated by Stendarr Skill Books
Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus
Fragmented mythical account of Ysgramor's encounter with Herma Mora, the Woodland Man Daedric Princes
The Friend of All Mortals
The Resolute Templar of Ska'vyn On Stendarr, the God of Mercy and Justice Skill Books
Frontier, Conquest
University of Gwylim Press, 2E 344 Details the presence of humans in Tamriel prior to the original Nordic conquests thought to bring humans to Tamriel Tamriel History
The Fruit and the Stone
A tale surrounding the fruit of the Hist Rituals and Revelations
Fundaments of Alchemy
Alyandon Mathierry A fundamental primer on Alchemy Skill Books
The Fury of King Ranser
Wafimeles Masteret (Lorekeeper) How Ranser's War led to the formation of the Daggerfall Covenant Lore and Culture
Galerion the Mystic
A biography of Galerion, a Psijic who founded the Mages Guild Biographies
The Ghostly Stag
On the ghostly stag of Clickyville
Ghosts of Glenumbra
Jean Dutheil A dissertation on the haunting of Glenumbra The World and Its Creatures
The Gifts of Magnus
The Devoted and the Deranged
Gifts of the Nereids
An anecdotal account of the Nereids Greenshade Lore
The Glenmoril Wyrd
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A description of witches of the Glenmoril Wyrd Bangkorai Lore
Glenumbra's People
Aldous Brousseau A description of the people of Glenumbra The World and Its Creatures
Glenumbra's Towns and Cities
Ansur Belote A description of the various settlements in Glenumbra The World and Its Creatures
Goddess of Storm, Mother of Nords
Details on Kyne, the Nordic goddess of the storm Lore and Culture
Gods and Worship In Tamriel
Brother Hetchfeld, Associate Scribe at the Imperial University, Office of Introductory Studies An overview of how the presence of Gods affects temple life worship Divines and Deities
Goodnight Mundus
A Tamrielic Lullaby Words of the Poets
Great Harbingers of the Companions
Swyk the Long-Sighted Chronicle of some of the leaders of the Companions Biographies
The Great Houses and Their Uses
Tel Verano Appraisals of the Great Houses of Morrowind Stonefalls Lore
The Great Siege of Orsinium
On the famous First Era conflict between Orcs and their neighbors in the Iliac Bay Words of the Poets
Green Lady, My Lady
An ode to the Green Lady Malabal Tor Lore
The Green Pact and the Dominion
A discussion of how the Green Pact affects the Dominion Greenshade Lore
Green Pact Bosmer: Observations
Dinycthus Precis A study into the Bosmer adherents of the Green Pact Lore and Culture
The Green Singing
The ritual incantation of a Spinner of Y'ffre The World and Its Creatures
A Guide to Fishing Tamriel
"The Old Slaughterfish" An old angler's advice on his profession Crafting Books
Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant
A history and overview of the Daggerfall Covenant Glenumbra Lore
Guide to the Ebonheart Pact
A history and overview of the Pact Stonefalls Lore
Guild Memo on Soul Trapping
Vanus Galerion, Archmagister Emeritus Vanus Galerion's proposal on the use of soul-trapping magics Magic and Magicka
Guylaine's Dwemer Architecture
Guylaine Marilie Guylaine Marilie's summary of historical Dwemer architecture, which has been somewhat invalidated by modern scholarship Dwemer
The Hanging Gardens
A travel guide to the Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale, written in both Dwemeris and Aldmeris The World and Its Creatures
Harvest's End
On the exploits and studies of Chimere Graegyn Lore and Culture
The Heart of Love
A short text on the god Mara The Devoted and the Deranged
The Heartland of Cyrodiil
Phrastus of Elinhir A description of the Heartlands The World and Its Creatures
Heavy Armor Forging
Sven Two-Hammers A guide to creating Heavy Armor Skill Books
Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice
Garshag gra-Sharkub How to get started smithing Skill Books
The Hidden Twilight
The introduction of an ancient text Mysteries and Clues
Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild
High Incunabulist Valaste of the Mages Guild Essay dispelling common misconceptions surroundings the formation of the Mages Guild Auridon Lore
The Hist's Fire
Pegareem How two Argonians met Hearts and Flowers
History of the Fighters Guild
Detailing the events leading up to the foundation of the Syffim, now known as the Fighters Guild
The Homilies of Blessed Almalexia
Almalexia A series of children's fables, each with its own moral Literature
The Horror of Castle Xyr
Baloth-Kul A One Act Play
Horrors of the Strid Basin
A warning regarding the Hoarvors of the Strid River The World and Its Creatures
The Horse-Folk of Silverhoof
Doctor Nabeth al-Gilane, Khefrem Academy of Yokudan Heritage On the lost tribe of Yokuda, the Horsemen of High Rock Rivenspire Lore
The House of Troubles
Chronicle of the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal Daedric Princes
House Tharn of Nibenay
Count Opius Voteporix Noble Families of Cyrodiil, Volume Seventeen Tamriel History
The Humor of Wood Elves
Telenger the Artificer A collection of Bosmer jokes Malabal Tor Lore
The Hunger of Sep
The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam On the dangers of the Hunger of Sep The World and Its Creatures
Hymn to Kyne
A song to Kyne Words of the Poets
A Hypothetical Treachery
Anthil Morvir A One Act Play
I was Summoned by a Mortal
Kynval Zzedenkathik of Clan Deathbringer A humorous tale of a Dremora's summoning Coldharbour Lore
Ice Elves: Fact or Fiction?
The tale of a suspected encounter with an Ice Elf Tales of Tamriel
The Illusion of Death
Fragmented account of Prophet Marukh's encounter with the spirit of Alessia Biographies
In the Company of Wood Orcs
Sisarion Extract from a Bosmer's journal recounting his experience with Wood Orcs Grahtwood Lore
The Interment of Feremuzh
A tale surrounding the hunting of a vampire Rituals and Revelations
Investigator Vale: Fowl Play
Investigator Vale handles a royal situation Orsinium Archive
Investigator Vale: The Locked Room Murder
An investigation of an alchemist Orsinium Archive
Invocation of Azura
Sigillah Parate A work written by the High Priestess of Azura arguing the superiority of Azura to other Daedra Princes Daedric Princes
An ode to the victims of a monster Words of the Poets
The Ivory Lord: A Hero Born
The tale of Erric Deleyn, a High Rock hero against the Alessian Empire
Jornibret's Last Dance
Song involving men and women's parts Skill Books
Jorunn the Skald-King
Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm A biographical book on High King Jorunn of Skyrim Biographies
Josef the Intolerant
Ilitha The tale of a prejudiced gladiator Dungeon Lore
Journal of Bravam Lythandas
Bravam Lythandas The record of a wizard's experiments with illusions Research Notes
Journal of Tsona-Ei
Tsona-Ei The journal of a sailor in the All-Flags Navy
The Judgment of Saint Veloth
Magistrix Vox A description of a relic of Saint Veloth Deshaan Lore
Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild
High Incunabulist Valaste of the Mages Guild Essay dispelling common misconceptions surroundings the formation of the Mages Guild Auridon Lore
The Knightly Orders of High Rock
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A description of Breton knights Stormhaven Lore
Knowing Satakal
Seven Redguard Maxims The Devoted and the Deranged
Kurog's Betrayal
Propaganda calling for Orc resistance against the Daggerfall Covenant Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Kwama Mining for Fun and Profit
Dorayn Redas, House Hlaalu An instructional guide to Kwama mining Deshaan Lore
Kyne's Tears
An ode to Kyne's tears Words of the Poets
Ladies of Green
Cirantille A description of the Green Lady Lore and Culture
The Last King of the Ayleids
Herminia Cinna Chronicles the downfall of the Ayleid Empire in the First Era Legends of Nirn
The Lava Queen
A record of the tenth Champion of the Blessed Crucible Lore and Culture
The Lay of Firsthold
Poem dedicated to the founding of Auridon Auridon Lore
Legacy of the Dragonguard
Kiasa-Veda, the Chronicler of Blades A history of the Dragonguard Skill Books
The Legend of Dame Marcelle
Seneschal Derric Andras of Castle Evermore Two of the legends of Dame Marcelle Stenric, Knight of Shornhelm Lore and Culture
The Legend of Fallen Grotto
A cautionary tale surrounding the worship and summoning of Hircine Bangkorai Lore
Legend of the Ghost Snake
Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the Mabrigash tribe Deshaan Lore
The Legend of Vastarie
Afwa, a Student and Friend On one of the most infamous necromancers of the Second Era Grahtwood Lore
The Legendary Sancre Tor, 1st Ed.
Matera Chapel An attempt to chronicle the rise and fall of Sancre Tor Skill Books
The Legendary Scourge
A short story and poem about Scourge, the mace of Malacath Literature
Legends of the Forest
The Sisters Glumm The adventures of Broggo the Small Tales of Tamriel
The Library of Dusk: Rare Books
An inventory of rare manuscripts Coldharbour Lore
A Life Barbaric and Brutal
Arthenice Belloq The first chapter in an account of abduction and slavery at the hands of the Reachmen Bangkorai Lore
Life in the Eagle's Shadow
A journal recounting the rise of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Second Era Auridon Lore
A Life of Strife and Struggle
King Laloriaran Dynar Notes for the personal memoirs of King Laloriaran Dynar, "Last King of the Ayleids" Coldharbour Lore
The Lightless Oubliette
Kynbriefing for the Lightless Oubliette Coldharbour Lore
The Living Gods
Durillis the Theologian Praise for the Tribunal Deshaan Lore
Living with Lycanthropy
Guidance on living productive, peaceful life while afflicted with Lycanthropy Bangkorai Lore
Hatiha A description of desert lizards Research Notes
The Llodos Plague
Alchemist Merdyndril Letter evidencing a Maulborn plot against Narsis Daedric Cults
The Locked Room
Porbert Lyttumly How a pupil outlocks her cruel picklock instructor
The Lost Communion
An Argonian rediscovers a connection with the Hist The Devoted and the Deranged
The Lost Islands of Old Yokuda
Hazadiyya Sea-Queen A poem dedicated to the islands of Yokuda The World and Its Creatures
The Lunar Lorkhan
Fal Droon A theory about the moons Masser and Secunda Divines and Deities
The Lusty Argonian Maid, A Song
A musical rendition of everyone's favorite story Words of the Poets
The Lusty Argonian Maid
Excerpts of a bawdy play
The Mabrigash Trial
Thorgo Letter describing an encounter with a Mabrigash Tales of Tamriel
Mace Etiquette
A warrior's instruction pamphlet on proper mace tactics Skill Books
The Manifesto of Make Way
A call for Redguards to expunge weakness from their hearts
Maormer Correspondence
A letter to the Maormer High Command offering potential advice regarding a planned invasion of Auridon
The Maormer of Pyandonea
Entry 543, Atlas Notes, Imperial Geographical Society The World and Its Creatures
The March Explored
Fenlil the Wayfarer Excerpts from a guide to the Reaper's March region
The Martyrdom of Saint Pelin
Priestess Adie Rodeau How a humble clergyman stopped an army of vampires The Devoted and the Deranged
The Massacre at Cormount
Camoran Gorinir Alleging that the Aldmeri Dominion committed genocide in Valenwood The World and Its Creatures
The Masters' Hall
Unknown Young and optimistic adventurers seek out a lost ruin in the Jerall Mountains Skill Books
Mathor's Journal
Mathor Personal Journals
The Maulborn Manifesto
Propaganda from the Maulborn asking plague victims to seek out their quarantine Plots and Schemes
Mauloch, Orc-Father
Ramurbak gro-Abamath The origin story of Mauloch Lore and Culture
Medium Armor: Tannins and Leather
Defessus Lector Skill Books
Mine Safety Regulations
Safety requirements of a mine Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Miner's Lament
Verse from a miner Words of the Poets
Modern Heretics
Haderus of Gottlesfont An account of one researcher's visit to the shrine of the Daedric Lord Azura Daedric Princes
A theological book containing the common creation myths
The Moon Cats and their Dance
Attributed to Clan Mother Ahnissi Reaper's March Lore
Moon Worship among the Cat-Men
Cirantille A description of the Khajiiti religion The Devoted and the Deranged
Morrowind Fauna, Part One
Holia Asellio A fragment of a larger text covering the bestiary of Morrowind The World and Its Creatures
Motalion Necropolis Report
Maffud Alik'r Desert Lore
The Mysteries of Moravagarlis
History of mysterious Ayleid ruin Research Notes
The Mystery of Gargoyles—Solved!
Porbert Lyttumly On a possible connection between Giant Goblins and Gargoyles The World and Its Creatures
Mysticism - The Unfathomable Voyage
Tetronius Lor A description of the school of Mysticism Rituals and Revelations
Mythical Beast, Real Powers
Drusus Ovicula, Proctor of the Imperial Library An Imperial scholar's notes on his experience with Dragonknights Skill Books
Myths and Legends of the Hist
Cirantille Details on the Hist of Black Marsh Lore and Culture
Myths of Sheogorath
Mymophonus Magical myths about the Madgod himself
The Na-Totambu of Yokuda
On the lost wisdom of Yokuda The World and Its Creatures
Nedic Dueling Swords
A plaque describing two ancient dueling swords Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
A Nereid Stole My Husband
A cautionary tale Malabal Tor Lore
The Nereid's Dilemma
Anthil Morvir A poem on the single-gendered nature of the Nereids Words of the Poets
Netches! Netches! All Around!
Anonymous A poem about netches Words of the Poets
The Night Mother's Truth
Gaston Bellefort A thesis on the Dark Brotherhood and its spiritual leader Lore and Culture
Nine Commands of the Eight Divines
An overview of principles relating to ethics and worship under the Imperial pantheon Divines and Deities
Nobility in Theft
Zizar-dar A Treatise on Conscientious Larceny Criminal Correspondence
Nords of Skyrim
Hrothmund Wolf-Heart An essay professing the finer qualities of Nords Stonefalls Lore
Notes on Racial Phylogeny
the Council of Healers, Imperial University About the similarities and differences between the races of Tamriel Skill Books
Notes on the Dreugh
A list of research notes surrounding the various species of Dreugh Research Notes
Noxiphilic Sanguivoria
Cinna Scholasticus An overview of a vampirism strain common during the Second Era Myths of the Mundus
Oath of a Dishonored Clan
Lyranth A Daedric oath Coldharbour Lore
The Obsidian Husk
On the mysterious artifact attributed to Mephala Rituals and Revelations
Ode to Oinkers
A tribute to pigs Words of the Poets
Ode to the Tundrastriders
A poem dedicated to giants Poetry and Song
Of the Dragonfires (Fragment)
A portion of Saint Alessia's conversation with the "Divine Voice" Lore and Culture
Ogres: A Summary
Cirantille A description of ogres The World and Its Creatures
The Old Ways
Celarus the Loremaster A guide to the Psijic Order and their beliefs Magic and Magicka
The Omen of Deception
How to summon the Omen of Deception Daedric Cults
On Argonians
Cirantille A description of Argonians and the Hist Lore and Culture
On Immortality
Anonymous Musings on immortality Rituals and Revelations
On Stepping Lightly
Narsis Dren, Treasure Hunter A warning on what to expect in the ruins of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore
On the Detachment of the Sheath
Arch-Prelate Fervidius Tharn An explanation of an aspect of Aurbis Magic and Magicka
On the Immortality of Dust
Weltan of Sentinel A Redguard poem Words of the Poets
On the Knahaten Flu
Archivist Neleminduure A description of the Knahaten Flu Shadowfen Lore
On the Nature of Coldharbour
Phrastus of Elinhir A lecture on Coldharbour Oblivion Lore
Beredalmo the Signifier A bitter-sweet ode celebrating the achievements and failures of the Direnni clan Stormhaven Lore
One Staff, Many Staves
Hoary Durotzel, the Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn A children's guide to staff making Skill Books
The Onus of the Oghma
Phrastus of Elinhir A selection of quotes to emphasize the importance of recording one's life story Lore and Culture
The Ooze: A Fable
A children's tale from Valenwood Greenshade Lore
Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie
Mabei Aywenil, Scribe A brief account of Lamae Bal and the Restless Death Daedric Princes
The Orc Song
An anti-Orc drinking song Words of the Poets
Orcs of Skyrim
Thora Far-Wanderer A history of the Orcish settlers and strongholds of Skyrim Eastmarch Lore
The Order of the Ancestor Moth
A Temple novice's initiatory pamphlet on the Cult of the Ancestor Moth Legends of Nirn
The Order of the Black Worm
Evoker Brucille Mages Guild Report: The Order of the Black Worm Tamriel History
Origin of the Mages Guild
The Arch-Mage Salarth Where and how the Mages Guild started Tamriel History
The Origins of Conjuration
On the wonders and dangers of conjuration Rituals and Revelations
The Perfect Host
Malenford Hlaalu, House Event Planner Extraordinaire On planning for a social event Lore and Culture
Persistence of Daedric Veneration
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A response to a rival author Daedric Cults
The Philosophy of Stealth
The Red Asp, Hallin's Stand How not to be seen
The Pig Children
Tyston Bane Discusses the history of the Orcish threat in the Iliac Bay Myths of the Mundus
The Piper
Townspeople lose their children to a mischievous piper Tales of Tamriel
Pirates of the Abecean
A tale of a pirate crew's encounter with the infamous Crimson Ship Malabal Tor Lore
A Pocket Guide to Mournhold
A traveler's guide to the city of Mournhold Deshaan Lore
The Posting of the Hunt
A document announcing a ritualistic hunting of a mortal by Daedra Bangkorai Lore
Prince Aiden's Report
Prince Aiden Direnni Orders to kill a cult of Daedra worshipers in the wilderness of High Rock Military Orders and Reports
Proper-Life: Three Chants
Marching songs of the Alessian Order Poetry and Song
Proposal: Schools of Magic
Gabrielle Benele, Daggerfall Mages Guild A proposal to change the Mages Guild study program Magic and Magicka
Protocols of the Court of Contempt
Judge Xiven Protocols for a Daedric court Coldharbour Lore
Quotes from the Greats
Scaporius Pulex Words of advice from arena champions Skill Books
Racial Motifs
Various A series by Dr. Lupus and Seif-ij Hidja on the major cultural styles of Tamriel
Rajhin and the Stone Maiden
A tale of the great Khajiiti thief Rajhin
Rana's Log
Captain Rana Log of Captain Rana while stationed at Bleakrock Isle Diaries and Logs
The Reality of Spirits
Felari-ko, Scholar of Intriguing Mysteries of Unusual Origins A discussion of spirits Rituals and Revelations
The Red Book of Riddles
Small collection of riddles Literature
The Red Paint
How Orcs make their war paint Malabal Tor Lore
Redguards, History and Heroes
Regarding the "Fists of Thalmor"
Canonreeve Falduil Letters and Missives
Regarding the Ebonheart Pact
Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination Condemnation against the Dunmer and their allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact Auridon Lore
Relics of Saint Veloth
A description of the Relics of Saint Veloth Lore and Culture
The Remanada, Chapter One
Fragmented, mythical recounting of the conception of Reman and the return of the Chim-el Adabal with the people of Tamriel Lore and Culture
The Remnant of Light
Beredalmo the Signifier Translation of an Ayleid tract Rivenspire Lore
Remnants of Cyrod
The legend surrounding an ancient trove of Ayleid knowledge Mysteries and Clues
Reynir the Destroyer
A warning regarding a powerful draugr buried in the crypts beneath Windhelm Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Right Mattock for the Job
An ogre attack on a mine Shadowfen Lore
The Ring of Daggers
Aemilianus Falto, Auctor Veritas of the Legionary's Gazette On the secret agents of the Daggerfall Covenant Lore and Culture
The Rise of Queen Ayrenn
Nuulehtel of Skywatch A brief account of Queen Ayrenn's life and history Auridon Lore
The Rite of Boethiah's Gauntlet
Thendaramur Death-Blossom, Boethiah's Conduit of Sutch On the competitions of Boethiah's faithful Words of the Poets
The Rise of Cormount
The history of the Valenwood city Cormount The World and Its Creatures
The Road to Sovngarde
An overview of the Nordic afterlife The Rift Lore
Robier's Vegetable Garden
A tale of a creature in the garden The Trial of Eyevea
The Rotwood Enigma
The mystery of a benevolent, silent adventurer Skill Books
The Royal House of King Eamond
Seneschal Derric Andras of Castle Evermore On the lineage of the King of Evermore Lore and Culture
The Royal Lineage of Sentinel
Tracing the genealogy of King Fahara'jad Lore and Culture
The Ruby Necklace
A warning goes unheeded Shadowfen Lore
The Ruins of Kemel-Ze
Rolard Nordssen An archaeologist's adventure through ancient Dwemer ruins
Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls
Septimus Signus, College of Winterhold A philosophical view on the role of the Elder Scrolls Myths of the Mundus
Sacred Places
Goes-Here-and-There An Argonian treasure-seeker reflects on her heritage The Devoted and the Deranged
Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers
Nellic Sterone A description of the Stonechewer Goblin tribe Stormhaven Lore
Sacred Witness
Enric Milres Account of Enric's meeting with the Night Mother and career as an assassin
Sacrilege and Mayhem in the Alik'r
Doctor Tazhim of the Bureau of Outlander Affairs A Report to the Royal Family of Hegathe Alik'r Desert Lore
The Salas En Expedition
Lady Clarisse Laurent An academic study into the ruins of Salas En Alik'r Desert Lore
Sanarel the Great
A record of the ninth Champion of the Blessed Crucible Lore and Culture
Sanctioned Murder
Mjahlar Virian Extract from the journal of a retired Morag Tong assassin Deshaan Lore
Saving Your Hide
Lieutenant Anders Gemane On the finer points of dagger use Skill Books
Sayings of the Wise
Orcish proverbs Lore and Culture
Schemes of the Reachmage
Gabrielle Benele, Wizard A Mages Guild record of findings on Angof the Gravesinger Glenumbra Lore
The Sea It Rises
A Sea Chanty of the Long Coast Words of the Poets
Sealing the Great Serpent
How a clan of elves sealed the Great Serpent away Rituals and Revelations
The Second Akaviri Invasion
Yngmaer Raven-Quill, Historian Royal of the Bards' College, Solitude A description of the Second Akaviri Invasion Tamriel History
Second Invasion: Reports
Diary surrounding the Battle of Windhelm during the Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572 Eastmarch Lore
Secrets of Treehenge
Vanendil On visiting the sacred Treehenge The World and Its Creatures
Sentinel, the Jewel of Alik'r
The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam Yokudan legend surrounding the establishment of Sentinel Alik'r Desert Lore
Sep's Kiss
Instructions on brewing a poison Rituals and Revelations
Septima Tharn's Leadership Maxims
Magus-General Septima Tharn On how to command
Settling the Debate
Ralevyn Nerano On what type of leather armor to use Skill Books
The Seven Shadows of Rajhin, Pt. 1
How Rajhin beat the heat Tales of Tamriel
Shad Astula Academy Handbook
Introductory pamphlet for new students at Shad Astula, Academy of Magic Deshaan Lore
Shadow Draining: A Hypothesis
O Raposa-morcego cintilante Sobre o efeito mágico de absorver a vida de outro Skill Books
Shornhelm, Crown City of the North
Lord Wylon, 39th Baron Montclair On Shornhelm and the House of Montclair Rivenspire Lore
On Sithis, the start of the house Myths of the Mundus
Sky and Storm
Words of the Poets
The Slave Pits of Coldharbour
Instructions for Dremora taskmasters in the service of Molag Bal Oblivion Lore
Smithing: A Worthy Endeavor
Cuinaamo, Great Sage of the Forge On the merits of smithing Skill Books
Something's in the Attic
On the bumps in the night... The Devoted and the Deranged
Song of Despair
Anonymous Song on the Daedric Princes Words of the Poets
The Song of Pelinal
The life of Pelinal Whitestrake, assembled from various old fragmentary texts
Song of the Askelde Men
A traditional Nordic poem about a ghost stalking those that killed him Poetry and Song
Song of the Diamond Sword
Words of the Poets
Song of the Spirits
Words of the Poets
Songs of the Return
Partes da tradicional lenda de Ysgramor e seus Quinhentos Companheiros
Sorcery is Not Necromancy!
Divayth Fyr A famed wizard's objections to being labeled a necromancer Skill Books
Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction
Warlock Elinyon Musings on soul-trapping Dungeon Lore
The Sounding Horn
A short text on the god Stendarr The Devoted and the Deranged
The Source of the Bone
Selalleth The Death Stories of the Bosmer Skill Books
Sovngarde, A Reexamination
Bereditte Jastal Speculation regarding Sovngarde, the Nordic Hall of Valor The Devoted and the Deranged
The Spawn of Molag Bal
Brief description of Molag Bal and his relationship to Vampires Daedric Princes
The Spinners of Y'ffre
Cirantille A description of the Bosmeri Spinners The Devoted and the Deranged
Spinning a Story
Cirantille A description of Bosmeri culture Lore and Culture
Spirit of Nirn
Opniões do deus Lorkhan e a origem da criação Lore and Culture
Spirit of the Daedra
A look into the Daedric mindset Oblivion Lore
Spirits of Skyrim
Isstille the Scholar On the guardian spirit of the Haunted Wood Eastmarch Lore
Sporting Chance
Skill Books
Stagger and Sway
A love song Words of the Poets
Stendarr's Divine Spear
Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr A poem extolling the power of Stendarr's magic Skill Books
Stepping through Shadows
the Glimmering Foxbat On teleportation magic Skill Books
The Stormcrag Family Crypt
Vunhilde Stormcrag On the Stormcrag clan and their cursed crypt Tales of Tamriel
The Stormfist Clan
Thora Far-Wanderer The rise and fall of the Stormfist Clan Eastmarch Lore
Stormhold, City of Shadowfen
Cirantille A description of the city of Stormhold The World and Its Creatures
The Story of Princess Eselde
Thinly-veiled propaganda from House Tamrith Rivenspire Lore
The Strange Case of Ja-Reet
The story of an Argonian born away from his people Research Notes
The Strange Case of Ragnthar
Guylaine Marilie On the temporospatial claudication of Ragnthar The World and Its Creatures
Azmu-ra On training Senche-Tigers The World and Its Creatures
The Sultry Argonian Bard, Vol. 1
Ellya Erdain A short excerpt from Ellya Erdain's play Tales of Tamriel
Sumiril's Book
The story of a boy named Ostion
The Summoner
Poem on Faindor the Prodigy Words of the Poets
Summoning Rituals (Legible)
Archmage Shalidor The words of a great mage Rituals and Revelations
Summoning Rituals of the Arch-Mage
Archmage Shalidor Rituals and Revelations
Sunk into Ouze
Lore and Culture
The Swallowed City
Beredalmo the Signifier Documenting the fall of a city into Coldharbour Rituals and Revelations
Sweet Life
Dusted-with-Sugar A Khajiit's offering to Alkosh Hearts and Flowers
Sword-Wisdom of Saikhalar
Advice from a sword master Skill Books
The Taking of Abamath
Regarding a Wood Orc town which fell to the Ayleids Tales of Tamriel
The Tale of Dro-Zira
Sonia Vette A Khajiit father in the grips of Moon Sugar gives his cub a history lesson Tales of Tamriel
The Tale of Princess Anurraame
A short story of an Ayleid princess Tales of Tamriel
Tales of the Spinners
An Entry by the Altmeri Travel Guild The Devoted and the Deranged
Tales of the Two Moons Path Vol. 3
A student receives a vision from the moons Tales of Tamriel
Tamrielic Artifacts
A summary of ancient artifacts
Tamrielic Calligraphy, Chapter VII
Alanya of Alinor On the inks of Tamriel Lore and Culture
Tanglehaven's Fletchers
On the famed craftsmen of arrows in Tanglehaven The World and Its Creatures
Tazgol's Vision Quest
On a young Orc's vision from Mauloch Tales of Tamriel
Tears of Anurraame
The tale of an Ayleid princess Hearts and Flowers
Temples of the Dragon Cult
Cirantille A history of the Dragon Cult The World and Its Creatures
The Ternion Monks
Elgad the Scribe On the diminishing Ternion Monks Eastmarch Lore
Thalmor Handbill
Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination Thalmor pamphlet offering guidance for interacting with Khajiit and Bosmer allies Auridon Lore
Thenephan's Mysteries of Mead
Daria Thenephan On the intricacies of creating and consuming Nord mead The Rift Lore
Thibaut's Cairn and its History
Charonius of Sutch On the hero Thibault and his resting place The World and Its Creatures
The Thief God's Treasures
Wafaruz the Veracious Spitter On the exploits of Rajhin Dungeon Lore
Thief of Virtue
A bawdy tale of one thief's quest for coin, and capture of a lady's virtue Tales of Tamriel
Those Who Stood at Chalman Keep
Song of a three-way battle at Chalman Keep Tales of Tamriel
The Thousand Arrows
A record of the fourth Champion of the Blessed Crucible Lore and Culture
Threat of the Baandari Pedlars
Zuladr, High Priest of Satakalaam A Redguard High Priest rationalizes the evil nature of Khajiit Lore and Culture
Three Thieves
Anonymous Some thieves in Morrowind plan a heist
The Time of the Ebonheart Pact
Alla Lalleth An essay on the downfall of mankind and a rallying call to take Cyrodiil Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
To All Who Pass Through
Dutheil An Oblivion architect discusses his greatest creation Dungeon Lore
To Dream Beyond Dreams
The Omen of a Hundred Prophecies The autobiography of the First Nightcaller Stormhaven Lore
To Posterity
Hafara On the Direfrost witch-hunters Dungeon Lore
To Smite with Dragon Claws
Battle Chant of the Intrepid Two Hundred Skill Books
Tombs and Coffers Volume III: Hel Ra Citadel
On the mysterious Alik'r fortress Hel Ra Citadel
Tome of Daedric Portals
The Sinistral Apprentice On reaching the Deadlands and the dangers therein
Tonight He Confessed
A confession from a pale lover Hearts and Flowers
Tonight Was the Night
Encounter with a handsome, pale, ice-cold stranger Hearts and Flowers
The Totems of Hircine
Werewolf tales regarding artifacts of Hircine Daedric Princes
Touch of the Worm's Tongue
Record of an experiment The Rift Lore
Tower of Adamant
Hrerm House-builder, Bard's College, Solitude Notes on the Adamantine Tower Stormhaven Lore
Travails and Triumphs of a Monarch
His Majesty King Emeric An autobiographical account of the life of King Emeric of Wayrest
Treatise on Metallurgical Anomalies
Ovuld, Master Metallurgist Introduction to a scholarly treatise on strange metals Skill Books
A Treatise on the Knot
An overview on various knots used by sailors Houses, Shops, and Trade
Treaty of Khenarthi's Roost
A treaty between Khenarthi's Roost and the Maormer Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Trials of Hissmir
Sali-Ze, Hissmir Oblate Advice on offering oneself to the Hist Rituals and Revelations
Trials of Saint Alessia
Excerpt from a greater work detailing the creation of the Amulet of Kings Biographies
Triumphs of a Monarch
His Majesty King Emeric An autobiographical account of the life of King Emeric of Wayrest
Troll Slaying
A guide to identifying, fighting, and collecting fat from trolls The World and Its Creatures
The True Balance
How to understand a foe Tales of Tamriel
The True Fate of King Ranser
Serinal Gane, Royal Scribe of Shornhelm How the King of Shornhelm escaped death Diaries and Logs
True Heirs of the Empire
Erystera Ligen Propaganda for the Daggerfall Covenant Glenumbra Lore
The True Nature of Orcs (Banned Ed.)
Book detailing the Orsimer race and their origin Glenumbra Lore
The True-Told Tale of Hallin
A tale about Sword-singer Hallin and his defense of Ojwambu
The Truth of the Hunter
A hunter's tale
Truths of the North
Song of the wise Nord Words of the Poets
Tu'whacca's Prayer
A traditional Redguard prayer Alik'r Desert Lore
Tu'whacca, Arkay, Xarxes
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A discussion on the similarity of gods The Devoted and the Deranged
Uela's Song
Uela the Ravener A song of hunting in a storm Words of the Poets
The Unbreakable Redguard
On the torture of Sai Sahan The Five Companions
Undeniable Truths of Attire
Elenuume the Impeccable On proper mage attire Skill Books
Unexpected Allies
Commentary on the Ebonheart Pact by a Nord soldier The Rift Lore
The Unholy Temple
Ancient text regarding growing hostility between two Ayleid city-states The Devoted and the Deranged
Untold Legends
A fragmented tome surrounding the other lives of Ysgramor Mysteries and Clues
Urenenya's Lament
Pelorrah, Assistant Sapiarch of Altmeri Heritage, Cloudrest Annex A translation of an Ayleid text discussing a mystery surrounding an ancient Ayleid princess Rituals and Revelations
Valenwood Hounds
An entry by the Altmeri Travel Guild Lore and Culture
Valenwood: A Study
Archivist Endaranande A study of Valenwood Malabal Tor Lore
Vampires and their Hunters
How to be a vampire hunter The Devoted and the Deranged
The Vanishing Crux
Masura-dra, Sentinel Magister On the Osseous Crux Skill Books
Varieties of Daedra
Aranea Drethan, Healer and Dissident Priest An analysis of Daedra forms, focusing primarily on the Dremora
Varieties of Faith in Tamriel
Brother Mikhael Karkuxor of the Imperial College Description of the pantheons of gods in Tamriel
Veloth the Pilgrim
Cascius the Proud A biography of Saint Veloth the Pilgrim Lore and Culture
Verses of the Illuminated
Verse 5 Words of the Poets
Vindication for the Dragon Break
Fervidius Tharn, Arch-Prelate of the Maruhkati Selective A Marukhati edict instructing the expungement of the Aldmeri aspects from Auriel The Devoted and the Deranged
The Viridian Sentinel
A children's story surrounding the legend of the Viridian Sentinel Bangkorai Lore
Visions of the Green Pact Bosmer
Morvas Andrys Insights into the worldview of followers of the Green Pact Greenshade Lore
Vivec and Mephala
Informational book about ALMSIVI and Mephala Divines and Deities
The Voice of the People
On the rise of a new Silvenar, Voice of the People for the Bosmer Malabal Tor Lore
The Voyages of Il-Am-Hakim
On the exploits of Il-Am-Hakim
Story of one man's summoning of Sheogorath and descent into madness Literature
Wait Till Next Time
Fulgrush gro-Othgar An Orc's thoughts on the Daggerfall Covenant Lore and Culture
The Wandering Skald
A song on being a skald The Rift Lore
War Call of the Mammoth Herders
Fragment of a tale of a fight with a mammoth Tales of Tamriel
War Customs of the Tribal Bosmer
Mistral Aurelian Teriscor What to expect from the warriors of the Valenwood forests Grahtwood Lore
War of the First Council
Agrippa Fundilius A brief account of a First Age religious conflict Lore and Culture
War of Two Houses
Drelisa Hlaalu, House Historian A Hlaalu account of an armed conflict with House Dres in 2E 559 Deshaan Lore
War Weather
Ancient Maormeri treatise on weather magic Dungeon Lore
Wardens of the Green
A tale of the Green Lady and the Silvenar The Devoted and the Deranged
A Warning to the Aldmeri Dominion
Erystera Ligen A Daggerfall Covenant ultimatum delivered to the Aldmeri Dominion Glenumbra Lore
The Warrior's Blade
A short text on the god Trinimac The Devoted and the Deranged
The Warrior's Charge
An old poem of the Redguards that deals with the constellations Poetry and Song
Watchtower Ledger
Sergeant Duren Mysteries and Clues
The Waters of Oblivion
A work on the dangers of Daedra and Oblivion
The Way of the Baandari
Precepts of the Baandari Lore and Culture
Wayrest Sewers: A Short History
Hilaire Beanique Volume 1 Dungeon Lore
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay
Sathyr Longleat the Elder (Cumberland Edition) Stormhaven Lore
Wayshrines of Tamriel
Beredalmo the Signifier The origins of the Wayshrines of Tamriel Magic and Magicka
The Wedding Feast: A Memoir
Naral, also known as Baretail A memorial Bosmeri wedding feast Malabal Tor Lore
Welcome to the Ice Caves
On mining in the Ice Caves
The Werewolf's Hide
Um líder de alcateia desconhecido O maior trunfo de um lobisomem Lore de Glenumbra
Wergital the Wolf-Boy
Edouard Longtemps Poem of the wolf boy of Glenumbra, attributed to Edouard Longtemps Words of the Poets
Wet Wilds of Black Marsh
Cirantille An unflattering appraisal of the wilds of Black Marsh The World and Its Creatures
What a Pig Needs
Swineherd Francois Wickton On the arduous tasks of a swineherd Houses, Shops, and Trade
What is Volendrung?
Gurour Discussion on the mythical artifact Volendrung Dungeon Lore
When I Will Come A-Courtin'
Words of the Poets
When the Dragon Broke
Various A brief description and multiple accounts of the Dragon Break Rituals and Revelations
When We Pass
A Redguard creed The Devoted and the Deranged
Deranged scrawlings from within Root Sunder The Devoted and the Deranged
Where Magical Paths Meet
Warlock Aldaale On the benefits of conjuration Dungeon Lore
The Whisperer's Song
Three-part song of the Whisperer
Why Don the Veil?
Jingoistic pamphlet condemning Queen Ayrenn and her allies Auridon Lore
The Wilderking Legend
Unknown An ancient legend of Valenwood Greenshade Lore
The Will of Drulshasa
Drulshasa A call for Dremora to sacrifice mortals to Molag Bal Daedric Cults
Wind and Sand
Afa-Saryat A treatise on the sands of the Alik'r Desert, and their relationship to magic Rituals and Revelations
The Winds of Change
A fragmented tome surrounding Jarl Elgryr the Unminded Mysteries and Clues
Witch Cults of Northern High Rock
Wafimeles Masteret (Lorekeeper) On the beliefs and practices of Wyrd covens The World and Its Creatures
The Witches of Hag Fen
Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the hags in Glenumbra's Hag Fens, from the journals of Bonorion the Wanderer, 2E 567 Research Notes
With Regards to the Ebony Blade
A Morag Tong memorandum on the Ebony Blade Dungeon Lore
The Wolf in the Sky
A Nord seeks help from his inner wolf Tales of Tamriel
Wood Elf Etiquette: An Imperial Perspective
Kerandas Calvus, in the year 2723 A long discredited late First Era text on manners in Valenwood Lore and Culture
The Wood Elf Gourmet, Ch. 1
A wood elf recipe Greenshade Lore
The Wood Elves of Valenwood
On Bosmeri government and warfare The World and Its Creatures
Woodhearth: A Pocket Guide
A brief history of Woodhearth Greenshade Lore
The Woodsmer
Tale of an encounter with the mythical Woodsmer Malabal Tor Lore
Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi
Clan Mother Ahnissi How a Khajiit explains the origin of the world
Words of the Masters
Words of wisdom for students of the sword Lore and Culture
Words of the Wind
A volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women Poetry and Song
Worm Saga
Mannimarco Rhyming autobiography of Mannimarco Words of the Poets
Worship in Fanacas
Mabrel Pierel On the Ayleid ruin Fanacas and plans to enact a ritual there The Devoted and the Deranged
The Worthy Ar-Azal, His Deeds
From "The History of Histories, As Told to Young Prince Fahara'jad" Tales of Tamriel
Wulfmare's Guide to Better Thieving
Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak A boastful thief discusses the tricks of the trade Skill Books
Wuunding and Tumult
Vothel Bethalas Two legends of Wuunding recorded by Vothel Bethalas Skill Books
Wyresses: The Name-Daughters
Glargargil the Speaking Oak A song of Jephre and the Wyrd Women, attributed to Glargargil Glenumbra Lore
Xarxes and Oghma
Thandelieth A tale of a conversation with Xarxes Hearts and Flowers
Xil-Go's Spell
Adzi-Kahz How an Argonian village fought off slavers from House Dres Skill Books
You Are What You Eat
Norgic Darkcloak Dietary advice from a mad Nord The Devoted and the Deranged
Yours for the Taking!
Catonius Libo, Aide-de-Camp to General Lavinia Axius A call for Colovians to join the Legion of the West Weald Reaper's March Lore
…ine Commands of Eight Divines
Fragment of a title page and some graffiti in an old text Final Words
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