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Aera Earth-Turner
Home Settlement Bleakrock Village
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 2 Health 133
Store Type Brewer
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Aera Earth-Turner
Aera in Bal Foyen

Aera Earth-Turner is a Nord farmer on Bleakrock Isle. After the Covenant attack, she evacuates with her husband, Denskar, and daughter to Bal Foyen.

Later, she can be found in Shor's Stone where she is tracking a Clan Matron of the Reach. She asks you to kill the matron and all her followers for the side quest The Troubleshooter. She swore revenge on the Covenant and has been killing their soldiers. She says "the Pact has given me purpose, a reason to live beyond Bleakrock." If you choose to ask her how she is doing, she will say she is "well enough" and that "it's easy to wallow in the thoughts of Bleakrock. Of the good days." She reveals that she had a breakdown after Bal Foyen. She lost family, and the others from Bleakrock reminded her of "everything she lost." She is a good tracker.

Aera Earth-Turner keeps a book in Shor's Stone of all the Worm Cultists she has "brought to justice." All of them died during the arrest or soon after.

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