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ON-qico-Normal.png Warn Davon's Watch of an impending attack.
Zone: Bal Foyen
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Dhalmora — Light the signal fires and warn Davon's Watch.
Quest Giver: Captain Rana
Location(s): Dhalmora, Fort Zeren, Bal Foyen Dockyards
Previous Quest: Escape from Bleakrock
Next Quest: Crossroads
Reward: Earth-Turner Axe
122 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 6
Light up the fires

We've landed safely. Captain Rana is going to muster the remaining Bleakrock villagers and the people of Dhalmora. She wants me to ensure the fires are lit in the nearby watchtower so we can warn Davon's Watch, the port city in Stonefalls.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find the watchtower.
  2. Search the watchtower in order to find the ledger.
  3. Talk to Urona at the fort.
  4. Talk to Quartermaster Lineem at the docks.
  5. (Optional) Follow her to the supply tunnel.
  6. Light the east and west signal fires.
  7. Talk to Aera Earth-Turner.

Detailed Walkthrough

You need to warn Davon's Watch of the Covenant invasion. Find the watchtower and search it in order to learn that they are low on kindlepitch powder and you need to speak to Quartermaster Urona. Urona at Fort Zeren sends you to get kindlepitch powder from the Bal Foyen docks to light the signal fires.

Quartermaster Lineem, who is at the docks, gives you the powder. She leads you across the bridge to a secret passage to the signal fires. The supply tunnel is on the east side of the docks next to some crates.

There are two signal fires to light. The east fire is to the northeast as you exit the tunnel. The west fire is across the bridge.

Once both are lit, return to Dhalmora where Aera Earth-Turner tells you her whole family is gone. Aera is next to the bank by the Dhalmora wayshrine and the farm. She rewards you with the Earth-Turner Axe and some gold.

Quest Stages

If By Sea
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Get to the Dhalmora Watchtower
Objective: Search the Watchtower
Objective: Get Kindlepitch Powder at Fort Zeren
Objective: Get Kindlepitch Powder at the Foyen Dockyards
Objective: Follow Quartermaster Lineem
Objective: Enter Secret Passage
Objective: Head to the Signal Fires
Objective: Light the East Fire
Objective: Light the West Fire
Objective: Return to Dhalmora
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