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Captain Rana
Location Bleakrock Village
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Captain Rana

Captain Rana is the Dunmer leader of the troops garrisoned at Bleakrock Isle, and will be there to greet new Ebonheart Pact players when they awake at the island. According to Letter to Rana, she was stripped of her command and rank at the Pelagiad garrison and court-martialed for undisclosed conduct. She evidently made a hasty decision without proper proof, a decision which got soldiers killed. As conveyed in her log, she ended up in exile on Bleakrock Isle commanding a garrison of "stinking Nords". Sergeant Seyne remained loyal to her commander and followed her to Bleakrock. She took over command there from Tillrani Snow-Bourne, who continued to reside in Bleakrock Village and criticize Rana's performance, even sometimes contravene her orders to the troops. Tillrani is especially critical of Rana's decision to send the garrison's troops off after a mysterious ship they spotted instead of following procedure by lighting their signal fire and evacuating. Rana's recently been having strange dreams, and is concerned about what Tillrani may try to do if she found out.

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You will be directed to speak with her by Mathor, and she will greet you with: "I'm short on good help, and I could use someone capable. Someone like you." If you ask what she wants, she'll respond: "You've seen combat, and I need all the help I can get today. Villagers are scatter across the island. We need to warn them." Ask why, and she'll elaborate: "We sighted a ship offshore. I've sent my troops to investigate. If it's the vanguard of an invasion ... well, we'll need to evacuate."

Ask where to start looking, and she'll say: "You'll find the people of Bleakrock all across the island. Darj, the hunter, went to Skyshroud Barrow. Eiman's out at Orkey's Hollow with his sister, Rolunda. Seyne, my sergeant, is out at Hozzin's Folly." Three topics will follow. Select Skyshroud Barrow, and she'll say: "It's an old dragon shrine. It's a relic of the Dragon Wars. Some of the villagers claim they saw undead out there. I sent Darj out to get proof." As for Orkey's Hollow, she'll say: "Locals claim it's haunted. They dare each other to spend a night inside. It's a silly custom, but a harmless one." Moving on to Hozzin's Folly, she'll say: "It's an abandoned mined. A family cam out from Stonefalls to work the place. Rumor has it they're Daedra worshippers. Now some bandits are hunting through the place, and we need to know why."

Push for more information, and she'll continue: "I'll answer what I can. Captain Tillrani's got the villagers thinking I'm an addled netch, but I'm actually a bit smarter than that." Ask how she ended up there, and she'll admit: "Posted to this backwater, you mean? I made a hasty decision, a bad call. Soldiers died. I learned my lesson. Now I don't act without proof." Ask what Tillani has against her, and she'll say: "I took her job. You might have heard her yelling about that in the square. It's petty, but what can I do? Every time I've reached out to her, she's slapped my hand."

You can ask Rana about the races of the Pact, which varies depending on the player's race. On Nords, she'll say: "I like Nords. Most Nords I've met are strong of arm and heart. I call them the proud spine of the Pact. I'm also more comfortable behind their swords than in front of them." To a fellow Dunmer, she'll say: "I won't speak for you, friend, but I live to enact the will of the Tribunal, our living gods. With their help, we can meet any challenge. If the Nords are the arm of the Pact, and the if the Argonians are the heart, we're the brains." Finally, on Argonians: "The Argonians are a mystery to me. The ones I've met keep to themselves. Good scouts, I'll give them that. Not long ago, the Dunmer held them as slaves. That ended with the founding of the Pact. Now we're all best friends."

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