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Hearts and Flowers is a collection of 73 books, letters and notes that make up the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Discarded Letter
A Plea in Parting
A Prayer for My Family
Ruthri Othrenim
The tale of a spurned Khajiiti girl
Aluvus' Journal
Aluvus A search for an ancient Ayleid ruin
An Ancient Love Letter
Rogano A love letter from a soldier to his beloved
An Elegantly Penned Letter
Ramina A farewell to a lover
An Offering
Angiente's Book of Prospects
Angry Love Letter
Atrocious Love Letter
Blood-Spattered Love Note
Breton Bedtime Stories (Loose Page)
Cardia's Letter to Father
Cardia A letter from a sorrowful daughter to her father
Claudie's Journal
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 1
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 2
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 3
Dear Johun Letter
Idesa the Trim Breakup letter to a faraway lover
Diary of a Romance
Dulkhi's Diary
Farandare's Journal
Feyne Vildan's Diary
Feyne Vildan
Forged Letter From "Zali"
Garil's Journal
I Count the Nights
I Saw Him Again Tonight
A married woman's dilemma
It Is Insufferable
Klaandor's Journal
Klaandor Axe-Bearer
Letter from Chill Hollow
Letter to Betra
Eepa Snow-Hair
Letter to Firilia
A father despairs
Letter to Jazish
Letter to Raerana
Rilyn Uvani
Letter to Rulassalmo
Fistalime A letter to a distant lover
Letter to Sonya
Hadmal Lastblood
Letters from Leon and Rosalind
Rosalind Milielle A collection of love letters between Rosalind Milielle and Leon
Love Note to Adrienne
Erning Erning making a date with Adrienne
Love Note to Catina
Erning Erning making a date with Catina
Love Note to Enna
Erning Erning making a date with Enna
Mathias Raiment's Journal
Mathias Raiment Mathias Raiment confesses his forbidden love
Merion's Diary
Merion Diary of an abandoned alchemist
My Sweet Flower
Nadafa's Journal
Najan's Journal
Nedras' Journal
Nedras the Sly The journal of a Bitterhand bandit
Note from No-Fingers
Note to Cardia
Note to Nurese
O Blessed Spinners
Ulthorn the Hound
Partially Legible Letter
A breakup letter between lovers after a mistress is discovered
Perfumed Letter
Picnic Note
Renrijra Pirates
Captain Augustus Relippe A note on a group of pirates
Rilyn's Journal
Rilyn Uvani
She Is My Light
A love poem
Sweet Life
Dusted-with-Sugar A Khajiit's offering to Alkosh
Sweetness in the Air
A young Orc dreams of escape from a small village
Tears of Anurraame
The tale of an Ayleid princess
The First of the Letters
Erraduure The first of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
The Hist's Fire
Pegareem How two Argonians met
The Last of the Letters
Erraduure The last of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
The Second of the Letters
Erraduure The second of a series of letters between an Ayleid and her slave lover
To Clarice—Be My Darling!
Georges Plouffe An ode to Clarice
To Colundore
Falarel the Jester Letter to a lover
To My Azeez-Eix
Lalisii Dres A note to postpone a meeting
To My Pash-Riha
Lalisii Dres
Tonight He Confessed
A confession from a pale lover
Tonight Was the Night
Encounter with a handsome, pale, ice-cold stranger
Wish Me Good Fortune
Xarxes and Oghma
Thandelieth A tale of a conversation with Xarxes
Yngrel's To Do List
Mervilda Ales
Your Silver Fur