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Final Words is a collection of 76 books, letters and notes that make up the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
…ine Commands of Eight Divines
Fragment of a title page and some graffiti in an old text
All Alone
Marisse A note of despair
All Our Hopes Dashed
A note of regret
An Egg-citing Discovery!
An ill-fated discovery
Another Scrawled Note
Anyone, Please
E.K. The last words of a regretful miner
Avenge Us!
Miri Hedoran A letter requesting retribution against the Gray Vipers
Ayleid Library?
A fragmented journal entry from within an Ayleid ruin
Azara's Note
Azara A warning to stay away from Mist Morrow Vale
Back to the Land!
The journal of a Bosmer's ill-fated attempt to live in the forest
Barrowton's Journal
Barrowton An explorer's journal documenting his adventure in Breagha-Fin
Black Vine Ruins
Zidal A note regarding missing persons
Bonesnap Journal
A researcher's ill-fated observations of the Bonesnap Goblin tribe
Borzul's Suicide Note
Borzul gro-Ghol An Orc suitor's final words after being rejected
Captain Fanimanwe's Journal
Captain Fanimanwe The final journal entries of a soldier and his doomed investigation of Thibaut's Cairn
Capturing Ammabani's Pride
An artist's last thoughts as he attempts to paint a pride of sabre cats
Claudie's Last Entry
Claudie Themond A pregnant woman's last wish
Crow's Wood Traveler's Log
The final journal entry of a lost traveler
A Death Desired
Acolyte Sorexius Cinna The journal of a pilgrim's blissful experience in Sancre Tor
Endarre's Log
Endarre The final journal entry of an adventurer trapped in Mzeneldt
Faded Note
Vareldur Final words of a dying man
Fakimal's Letter
Bailiff Fakimal
The Falconer's Log
An Aldmeri Dominion sailor's logbook
Final Statement of Leobert Charien
Leobert Charien The journal of a man in pursuit of Gaston Ashham
Final Words
An Argonian's letter of regret
Fisherman's Journal
A fisherman records his difficulty in catching fish due to mysterious lights
A Fortune Behind Those Walls
A treasure hunter's journal recording his discovery of Frandar Hunding's riches
Gamirth's Final Message
Gamirth A farewell letter
General Malgoth's Journal
General Malgoth The journal of General Malgoth's conflict against Vullain
Glonnir's Letter
Glonnir Glonnir confesses his regrets and failings to his wife
Grida's Note to Dralof
Grida Meadmoon A letter regarding poisoned bath salts
Guild Mage's Journal
A mage documents a failed attack, their abduction to Coldharbour and capture by Dremora
Healer Heloise's Notes
Heloise Menoit A record of injuries suffered by the Shornhelm Guard
Hlaki's Journal
Hlaki Lodorrsbane The notes of a necromancer preparing a trap
The Hoarvor Pit
Aklief A note regarding a Daedric creature trapped down a hoarvor pit
Hubert's Notes
Hubert A note of despair
I Know Its Name
A free verse poem about an abomination
Journal of Elias
Elias The journal of a doomed traveler lost in the forest
Journal's Final Pages
A father's remorseful letter
Kalodar's Letter
Last Will and Testament
Betra Fairskin The final words of a person trapped in a troll infested grotto
The Last Will of Roland Volcy
Roland Volcy The last will of a dying man
Last Words of a Devotee
A Daedric worshiper's final words
Last Words of Gordianus Fortunatus
Gordianus Fortunatus A spurned lover's final words
Letter to a Scoundrel
Letter to Hanza
A letter revealing the reason behind a few deaths was loud goats
Letter to Imwyn
Lieutenant Jascien's Last Missive
Lieutenant Alouis Jascien A soldier laments the desecration of a holy site
The Little Alkosh's Log
The log of a Khajiiti sailor
Lost and Dusty Journal
An ill-fated note surrounding a test of fortitude between friends
Lucius' Note
Lucius The last words of a person trapped in a troll infested tower
Message in a Bottle
Captain Lagra The final message to a friend from a sinking ship's captain
Might as Well Die Fighting
The final words of a person trapped in a Goblin den
Mustn't Forget
Nine Commands of the Eight …
Fragment of a title page scrawled in graffiti
No Quarantine for Us
Rest Gently
Risa's Journal
Risa Uvaril The last thoughts of a regretful adventurer
Ruminations by Guard Kleo
Guard Kleo The musings of a bored bodyguard
Scrap of Adubaer's Journal
Scrawled Note
The note of a Daedra attack victim
Serpent Hollow Observations
A researcher's notes on the behavior of a clan of Ogres
Shul's Letter
Shul A Kothringi bids farewell to his wife as the Knahaten Flu takes him
A Simple Prayer
The final words of a worshipper
Skyshard in Sight!
Estien A note regarding the discovery of a Skyshard
Slashed and Blood-Stained Note
Aklief A fragmented note from a spurned lover
Talvini Radus' Last Wish
Talvini Radus The last wish of a trapped man
Theyo Bezon's Natural Observations
Theyo Bezon A person's final thoughts on a giant bear before becoming acquainted with it
Treasure Hunter's Journal
The ill-fated journal surrounding a band of adventurers
Troll Socialization Research Notes
A researcher's notes on the behavior and mannerisms of trolls
Vareldur's Journal
Vareldur The journal of a repentant son
Who Asked Them Here?
The journal entry of a citizen objecting the actions of an occupying army
Will of Otrovor Knifeborn
Otrovor Knifeborn
Zagrugh's Journal
Zagrugh The journal of a tired orc