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There are numerous lesser writings in Elder Scrolls Online, ranging from mundane lists and letters between family members, to important artifact discoveries and detailed strategic analysis. There are some special notes as well, including recipes, and new location discoveries.

Other types of reading material to be found include books.

Title Author Description
2nd Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part two of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
3rd Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part three of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
4th Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part four of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
About the Boss
A unfavorable letter regarding an employer
Academy Supplies
A list of items required for enrollment in Shad Astula Academy of Magic
Aera's Household Notes
Aera Earth-Turner A to-do list
Aldmeri Court Transcript
Seventh Court of Aldmeri Justice A Thalmor document outlining the crimes and punishment of a vampire
Altmeri Overseer's Journal
Overseer's journal
Aluvus' Final Notes
Aluvus The last notes of a vampire
Aluvus' Further Notes
Aluvus More notes of a vampire
Aluvus' Notes
Aluvus Notes of a vampire
The Amplification Crystals
Notes on a plot to spread the influence of the dro-m'Athra
Another Grim Jest
A dark joke
Apothecary's Ledger
Valashi A report on recent sales
Aranias' Diary
Aranias Diary of an eager elf
Armament Inventory
An inventory of rebel arms
Bashshi-ra Inquiry (partial)
Beldorr's Note
Bjoulsae Boys Charter
Curnard the Generous The charter of a bandit gang
Blackcaster Notice
The Blackcaster Mages A notice warning citizens to stay clear of the Molavar ruins
Bloodthorn Orders
Orders for Bloodthorns
Bloodthorn Orders: Ebon Crypt
Broken Helm Notes
Burnt Note
Advisor Norion Orders from a commander
By decree of the Wise and Powerful King Fahara'jad
A decree about piracy
A Call to Action!
Scribe Nicolard Notice of a bounty for goblins
Call to the Faithful (note)
A notice to Khajiit about ruins to be explored
Camandar's Journal
Camandar The journal of a frustrated thief
The Cannonreeve's Conundrum
The Summerset Repertory Players A playbill
Captain Parondo's Log Entry
Captain Parondo Log of a Maormer captain
The Care and Feeding of Trolls
Gulzog the Butcher
Closed Until Further Notice
Ogondar A notice regarding the temporary closure of Ogondar's Winery
Covenant Intelligence Report 2,502
A Daggerfall Covenant agent's report regarding the Iron Orcs of Craglorn
Cover Every Approach
The Hound
Curnard's Journal
Curnard the Generous The journal of a formerly generous man
Daggerfall Covenant Missive
A notice regarding the investigation of recent disturbances near Dragonstar
Dawnbreak Decree
Tenyemanwe A notice to the people of Dawnbreak
Dealing with Quitters
A stern notice regarding membership of the Bitterhand Bandits
Dear Johun Letter
Idesa the Trim Breakup letter to a faraway lover
Defaced Mages Guild Reward Notice
A notice offering a reward for the recovery of Dwemer gears
Del's Claim (note)
The Veiled Queen Orders for the Veiled Heritance
Delves-Deeply's Note
Delves-Deeply A gentle reminder
Digging Orders
Camandar Orders to the workers
A Discarded Missive
Note to a cult leader
Dismissal Letter
Telenger the Artificer A letter of dismissal
Don't Mess This Up
A stern warning regarding an incoming shipment
Dragon Priest—Arise!
The summoning of the Dragon Priest Akiirdal
Drusilla's Notes
Drusilla Information gained from the interrogation of a family
An Elegantly Penned Letter
Ramina A farewell to a lover
Elenaire's Journal
Elenaire A researcher's journal documenting her survey of Hel Ra Citadel
End of My Patience
Krin Ren-dro A bounty letter calling for the head of a Colovian raider
Entila's Folly (book)
Bakhig Part of the journal of a crazed thief
Essanyon's Records
Essanyon The journal of a madman
Exarch's Orders
Exarch Braadoth
The Excavation of Ouze
Notes on mining animus geodes from Ouze
Faded Note
Vareldur Final words of a dying man
Fasaran's Diary
Fasaran Diary of a lonely lover
Fighters Guild Recruitment Poster
A call to join
A Final Appeal
War Chief Helushk
Final Thoughts
Fjar's Interrogation Transcript
For Mathal
Enak-do A letter of warning regarding an unpaid debt
For the Doyen, Sleek Splendid-Paws
Lithyyorion A business proposition
Frederick's Letter
Frederick A letter regarding a person's desire to join the Blackcaster Mages Guild
From Regent of Serpentine Stratagems
Regent Cassipia
From the Regent of Fanged Fury
The Regent of Fanged Fury Orders to continue fighting in eastern Craglorn
Get Back to Work
A warning to mutineers
The Ghost is Our Friend
Skull-Mother Fairynn A note of caution
The Gift of Arson
A gift to their lord
Gilded Letter
Canonreeve Valano A letter outlining some issues with the plan
Gjarma's Orders: Supplies
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding the sourcing of bodies for necromatic purposes
Gjarma's Orders: Yngold
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding supplies for a ritual
Gjarma's Orders: Wamasu
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding the transport of a drugged Wamasu
Gold Coast Missive
Grazzar's Threat
Grazzar A letter threatening to reveal a person's old exploits
Greetings from the Orcthane
Fildgor Orcthane
Grim Jest
A dark joke
Harrani's Report
Harrani A report on several recent disturbances
Hidden-Hands' Journal
Hidden-Hands A thief's journal
Hinaamo's Journal
Hinaamo Journal of a vengeful husband
Hizrabi's Report
Hizrabi-do A letter regarding a scouting mission to Do'Krin Monastery
Hope and Recriminations
A letter regarding a planned smuggling operation to Summerset
How To Prepare Slaughterfish
Preparing Alder Plank Slaughterfish At Sea
Hurricane Assistance and Salvage
An official request for aid from the Dominion navy
I Must Not Falter
Ilessan Tower (note)
T A letter regarding the looting of Ilessan Tower
Ilthag's Orders
Ilthag Ironblood
In the Event of Your Demise
Advisor Norion Should you fail....
Instructions for Placement
Advisor Norion Instruction on where to place the corruption stones in Tanzelwil
Interview with a Spider Cultist
A scholar interrogates a Spider Cultist
Inventory (Confidential)
Confidential inventory listing
Ithis Omalor's Orders
Magistrix Vox Orders to a subordinate
Journal, Day 32
A journal entry from a Mephala cultist
Journal of Priestess Aranwen
Priestess Aranwen Priestess' journal
Khajiiti Note
Kwama Egg Quiche
A recipe note
Last Warning, Cat
The Last Will of Roland Volcy
Roland Volcy The last will of a dying man
Leeza's Bloodthorn Report
Letter from Karpu-sa
Karpu-sa Letter to the local leader
Letter from Rakhad
Rakhad A threatening letter regarding an unpaid debt
Letter to a High Elven sculptor
Cintelmo Instructions for crafting the perfect statue of Prince Naemon
Letter to Agnor
A vengeful letter to an Orcish chieftain
Letter to Amirmil
Letter to Ando
Letter to Ariana
Regol Hodd, Bounty Hunter
Letter to Dhalen
Fildgor Orcthane A note regarding the planned assassination of High King Jorunn
Letter to Estre
High Kinlord Rilis A letter of regret
Letter to Exarch Braadoth
Elska, Regent of Fanged Fury
Letter to Rana
General Vayne Redoran Letter relieving Captain Rana of command over the Pelagiad Garrison
Letter to Seyne
Samel Letter to Sergeant Seyne from her brother
Letter to Skull-Brother Xandier
Emutaril A letter from one collector to another
Letter to Telenger
Namolelcare A letter of recommendation
A Letter to the Mayor
Letter to Volgo
Dreadlord Naucratius A commandment to recover an ancient relic in Nisin
Letter to Windhelm
Letter to Zurga gra-Murtag
Grazubesha gra-Murag An Orc merchant writes to her sister
List of Names
A list of names
Lockpick Sales-Duty
SP A hateful letter
Look to the Dawn
Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part one of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
Maormer Memo
Heculoa A memo from the Maormer
Mathiisen Forge Inventory
Forge inventory listing
A Merchant's Orders to His Guards
A threatening letter warning never to mention what happened at Zalgaz's Den
Merion's Diary
Merion Diary of an abandoned alchemist
Message to Jena
Merdyndril A letter regarding an unpaid debt
Military Deployment Across Auridon
Battlemage Sinien A notice of various deployments
Missing Citizens
A list of missing people
Names, Names, Names!
Phoebe Falvo A list of possible code-names
Nellor's Bandit Connection
Nimriell's Research
Nimriell Notes on kwama research
No Reason to Worry
Notable Transactions
Note from Alasan
Note from Captain Accalia
Captain Accalia
Note from Khezuli's Contact
Quartermaster Oblan
Note from Sagabar
Bailiff Sagabar
Notes on Bewan
Note from a smuggler
Note on Broken Crate
Merdyndril A note indicating a plan is to go ahead
Notes on the Vault Door
Notas encontradas na porta do cofre de Razak
Note to Darius
Captain Accalia
Note to Gilbard
Note to Pellus
Captain Accalia
Note to Rufinus
Note to Selias
Tervur Sadri
Note Written in Blood
Oblan's Letter
A letter to a raider
Ode to a Torchbug
A tribute to a torchbug
On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer
Anonymous Bosmeri Brewer Instructions on brewing Bosmeri alcohol with insects and meat
Orders are Orders
Orders: Bearclaw Mine
Orders for Attius
Septima Tharn
Orders from Regent Elska
Regent Elska
Orsinium Welcomes Heroes and Champions!
An invitation to Orsinium
Overdreamer Chartrand's Orders
Overdreamer Chartrand
Our Budding Alliance
Mannimarco A letter of appreciation
Our Dupes, the Sea Elves
The Veiled Queen A note on the true intentions of the Veiled Heritance
Outdated Dominion Broadsheet
A notice heralding the arrival of Dominion soldiers
Palith Note
Rolancano Notes on a missing daughter
The Perfect Batch
Notes of alchemist making a breakthrough
A Perfect Score
Hundred-Scales A letter regarding the potential treasures within Arx Corinium
Phillip's Note to Yasmine
Phillip A letter to an unfaithful wife
Pillagers of the Hist
Letter regarding the Dominion's collection of Hist sap
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls (Covenant)
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls (Dominion)
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls (Pact)
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
Quaronaldil's Letter
Quaronaldil Duure A letter of apology
Receipt for Arcane Tomes
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A receipt of delivery
A Recipe of Surpassing Danger
An unusual recipe requiring rare ingredients
Red Rook Orders
Red Rook Orders: Cryptwatch
Red Rook's Journal
A reminder of orders
Resources for Lukiul
Naril Heleran
Reward for Longfang!
A bounty notice for a giant spider
Rothondothrin's Journal
Rothondothrin Journal of a Bosmeri chef
Royal Decree
A royal decree stripping a court mage of his title
Royal Messenger's Fate
Sir Emmath Report of a messenger's demise
Sanavar's Research Notes
Sanavar A researcher's journal attempting to establish a connection between Dwemer and Yokudan astronomy
Sardok's Bloodthorn Report
The Serpent's Blade
Cassipia, Regent of Serpentine Strategems
Short Note
A bandit's musings on his regretful path in life
Silver Crawdad Surprise
A recipe for fish
Skooma Runner Logs
Smuggler's Note (Craglorn)
A stern note regarding an order for dreugh eggs
Smuggler's Note (Forgotten Crypts)
A note from an unsatisfied smuggler
Smuggler's Note (Smuggler's Tunnel)
A jubilant note of a Veiled Heritance member
A Smuggler's Plan
A note regarding Moon Sugar smuggling
A Star-Gazer's Ramblings
Musings on an ancient warrior
Supplementary Orders
Captain Rela Additional orders
Supplies and Sundries
Darj the Hunter A note about food shortages
Tale of Two Moons
A Khajiit poem about changing moon phases and seasons
Talqua's Clue
Tattered Note
Telvanni Requirements
Llarel Telvanni A letter requesting a list of slaves meeting certain criteria
Tempest Island Briefing
On the growing Maormer threat to the Altmer during the Alliance War
Thalmor Diplomatic Corps Notice
A Thalmor guide on etiquette when interacting with Khajiti and Wood Elf allies
There Are Ways
Thallik Wormfather
There Is No Going Back
Cassia Varo
Tishi's Research Notes
Tishi Experimental notes on a cure for the poisoned water of Shada's Tear
To Anchorite Gaius
To Colundore
Falarel the Jester Letter to a lover
To Grandmaster Sees-All-Colors
Darj the Hunter A letter declining an offer to join the Fighters Guild
To My Azeez-Eix
Lalisii Dres A note to postpone a meeting
To The Veiled Queen
Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea A letter from the Maormer High Command revealing plans to invade Auridon
Tome of the Anka-Ra Guardians
An ode to the sentinels of Anka-Ra Burial Site
The Toothmaul Contract
Contract between unlikely allies
Tracking the Butcher
Regol Hodd
The Treasure of Stillrise Village
The Trial of Air
A note surrounding the Trial of Air
The Trial of Fire
A note surrounding the Trial of Fire
The Trial of Martial Knowledge
A note surrounding the Trial of Martial Knowledge
Trumbull's Note
Trumbull A letter surrounding the potential sale of soul gems and skyshards
Tsanji's Ship Records
Unlabeled Notes
Unwelcome Visitors
A report on recent visitors
Urcelmo's Supplemental Orders
Battlereeve Urcelmo Additional orders
Vareldur's Journal
Vareldur The journal of a repentant son
Veiled Heritance - Be Warned
The Management A forewarning letter
Verrik's Note
Village Record, Recent Entry
Canonreeve Pinanande The village record
Vosh and Rakh: A History
Ilthag Ironblood On the raising of welwas
Wansalen Tunnels
A letter of warning
Warning: I Heard You!
Camandar A warning to the workers
Watch Your Back
Waterlogged Journal
An old journal detailing Tarish-Zi's attack on a city
The Way of the Blade
A note surrounding the trials that constitute the Way of the Blade
Waylaid Traveler's Journal
The journal of a traveler's passage through Craglorn
We Expect Absolute Discretion
We Have Control
A threatening letter
What Comes Next
What Eats Birds?
The ravings of a bird-hater
Where I'll Be
A bandit's note
Wolfpack Initiate's Notes
First journal entry of a novice werewolf
A Word to the Wise
H A warning regarding missed shipments
Yamanu-ko's Letter to Her Apprentice
Yamanu-ko A letter outlining various orders to a subordinate
Zaban's Letter
Zaban A letter of warning
Zombies: Further Experiments
Research notes on creating autonomous zombies
Zurka's Orders
Ren-dro New orders for a spy