Online:The Everfull Flagon

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The Everfull Flagon
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Coldharbour (Neutral)
Level 47
Discovery ON-mapicon-Town.png 625 XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png 625 XP
Completion Objective
4169 XP
Skyshards 1
Black GarrisonColdharbour
Southeastern Coldharbour
The Everfull Flagon

The Everfull Flagon is a tavern in southeastern Coldharbour.

Related Quests

  • The Everfull Flagon Objective: Discover the terrible secret of the Everfull Flagon.
    • Special Blend: Investigate the alluring mead at a Coldharbour tavern.


Everfull Flagon Wayshrine

Everfull Flagon Wayshrine is located a way to the northwest of the tavern, just outside the Vault of Haman Forgefire.

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