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Staves are always enchanted, and essentially work as magic "rocket launchers" instead of beating sticks. Once the staff is completely discharged, it becomes unusable (save for blocking) and must be recharged using the same methods as any enchanted weapon, namely a Soul Gem, a Varla Stone, or a recharging service. This page describes the unique staves found in the game; a separate page (Generic Staves) describes the rest. Almost all staves have 100 health (exceptions are noted below), but generally the only time the health of a staff is relevant is if a Disintegrate Weapon spell is used.

Mage's Staff

This is a custom (and potentially powerful) staff obtained through a quest once you gain entrance to the Arcane University. After finding the wood you need for the staff (named Unfinished Staff) and taking it to the Arcane University, you get to choose what effects you want. You can choose one of three effects from three schools of magic (which gives a total of nine possible effects).


Destruction gives you a "Mage's Staff of Fire", a "Mage's Staff of Frost", or a "Mage's Staff of Shock". Each causes elemental damage to the target. The magnitude varies with your level when you enchant the staff.

Level ID Magnitude Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 Fire 000E9448
Frost 0001FE0F
Shock 0001FE10
20 pts 800/20=40 338
5-9 Fire 000E9449
Frost 000E944C
Shock 000E9452
40 pts 1600/40=40 666
10-14 Fire 000E944A
Frost 000E944D
Shock 000E9453
60 pts 2400/60=40 994
15+ Fire 000E944B
Frost 000E944E
Shock 000E9454
80 pts 3200/80=40 1322


Illusion gives you a choice between a "Mage's Staff of Charm", a "Mage's Staff of Paralysis", and a "Mage's Staff of Silence".

Mage's Staff of Charm

Level ID Magnitude Duration Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 0001FE11 10 pts 10 secs 200/5=40 92
5-9 000E9442 15 pts 10 secs 360/9=40 157
10-14 000E9443 20 pts 20 secs 1080/27=40 452
15+ 000E9444 25 pts 25 secs 1840/46=40 764

Mage's Staff of Paralysis

Level ID Duration Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 000E944F 2 secs 2000/50=40 830
5-9 0001FE12 4 secs 4000/100=40 1650
10-14 000E9450 6 secs 6000/150=40 2470
15+ 000E9451 8 secs 8000/200=40 3290

Mage's Staff of Silence

Level ID Duration Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 0001FE13 2 secs 720/18=40 305
5-9 000E9455 5 secs 1800/45=40 748
10-14 000E9456 10 secs 3600/90=40 1486
15+ 000E9457 15 secs 5400/135=40 2224


Mysticism gives you a choice between a "Mage's Staff of Dispel", a "Mage's Staff of Soul Trap", or a "Mage's Staff of Telekinesis"

Mage's Staff of Dispel

Level ID Magnitude Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 0001FE16 10 pts 400/10=40 174
5-9 000E9445 20 pts 560/24=23* 243
10-14 000E9446 30 pts 1640/41=40 682
15+ 000E9447 40 pts 2400/60=40 994

Mage's Staff of Soul Trap

Level ID Duration Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 0001FE14 10 secs 1800/45=40 748
5-9 000E9458 20 secs 3600/90=40 1486
10-14 000E9459 30 secs 5400/135=40 2224
15+ 000E945A 40 secs 7200/180=40 2962

Mage's Staff of Telekinesis

Level ID Range Duration Charge / Cost = Uses Value
1-4 0001FE15 30 ft 15 secs 1360/85=16* 588
5-9 000E945B 30 ft 15 secs 3400/85=40 1404
10-14 000E945C 40 ft 20 secs 6600/165=40 2716
15+ 000E945D 40 ft 30 secs 9880/247=40 4060

* This is one of just two mage's staves that does not have 40 uses. The spell it casts is the same power as the level 5-9 staff, instead of being a weaker version; a 20 foot spell lasting 10 seconds would have the correct cost, and is presumably what was intended.

Additional Notes

  • The level of the finished staff is determined by your level at the moment when you return to pick up the completed staff. It is possible to hand in at a lower level and pick it up once you've reached one of the boundary levels. WARNING: Do not speak with anyone about the staff and do not open the cupboard in the Chironasium until you are ready to pick up the staff. Doing so seems to lock the staff's level into place.
  • The 1.2.0416 patch may 'correct' this, and fix the level of the finished staff at the moment you choose the enchantment.
  • All mage's staves have a weight of 10.
  • If you do not intend to keep the staff, be aware that the monetary value of the staves varies widely depending on the type you create. The bold numbers indicate the highest values for a Mage's Staff at that level.

Unique Leveled Staves


Mankar Camoran's Staff

Leveled Item: Mankar Camoran's Staff ()
(All statistics are for level 18+ version)
Type Staff
Editor ID MQMankarCamoranStaffL18
Health Health 200
Health Health 200
Weight Weight 12 Value Value 2112
Charge/Cost = Uses 5000/31=161


Mankar Camoran's Staff is used by Mankar Camoran, who is encountered during the Main Quest. In appearance, it is identical to a typical staff.

For full leveled statistics see the Mankar Camoran's Staff article.


Staff of Indarys

Leveled Artifact: Staff of Indarys ()
(All statistics are for level 25+ version)
Type Staff
Editor ID MS13StaffIndarys25
Health Health 100
Health Health 100
Weight Weight 5 Value Value 3920
Charge/Cost = Uses 9000/300=30


The Staff of Indarys is one of the possible rewards given to you by Count Andel Indarys for completing the quest The Wayward Knight; you get to choose whether to receive this staff or Thornblade.

For full leveled statistics see the Staff of Indarys article.


Staff of Nenalata

Leveled Item: Staff of Nenalata ()
(All statistics are for level 25+ version)
Type Staff
Editor ID MS27StaffofNenalata25
Health Health 20
Health Health 20
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 692
Charge/Cost = Uses 1400/82=17


Staff of Nenalata may be found (or destroyed) during the quest Secrets of the Ayleids. In appearance, it is identical to a typical staff.

For full leveled statistics see the Staff of Nenalata article.

Other Staves

These are all of the other unique staves in the game. Generic staves (i.e., those that are found in random loot) are all listed at Generic Staves. Many of these staves have individual articles that provide more details, as indicated by the links in the following table.

Name Effects Charge / Cost = Uses Value Notes
Fire Damage 33pts
Frost Damage 33pts
Shock Damage 33pts
3000/250=12 3500 For sale at Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City Market District.
Combined with a brief 100% Weakness to all three elements spell this staff can be very powerful, doing nearly 200 points of damage.
Goblin Shaman Staff
Shock Damage 5pts 150/9=16 188 Found on the Goblin Witch during Tutorial.
Goblin Totem Staff
Shock Damage 20pts 3000/27=111 7760 Found in several Goblin hideouts. Goblin tribes will sometimes try to recover them if left close to the goblin cave they came from. (Total of 7 in game)
Hrormir's Icestaff
Frost Damage 10pts
Light 30ft for 30sec
Chameleon 1% for 30sec
1000/97=10 1239 Stolen from the Arch-Mage's quarters during the Misdirection quest for the Thieves Guild. The first ID (00002DDF) refers to the staff that exists during the quest (which is a zero-weight quest item). After the quest the first version disappears, and the second one (ID 00047372) appears in the Arch-Mage's quarters.
Mages Staff (Bravil)
Charm 10pts for 10sec 350/5=70 192 You need to retrieve this staff during the Bravil Recommendation quest. It has the same power as a low level Charm staff you can get for yourself, (see above) but with more charges.
Ruma's Staff
Drain Health 20pts for 10sec 2000/31=64 912 Not found in-game. Appears to have at one time been related to the Dagon Shrine quest.
Sanguine Rose
Sanguine Rose 3000/300=10 1330 Reward for completing Sanguine's quest.
Skull of Corruption
Corruption for 30sec 3000/150=20 1270 Reward for completing Vaermina's Quest.
Staff of Banishment
Invisibility 10sec
Paralyze 10sec
Banishment[1] 10sec
4400/386=11 2014 Using this staff against Vampires is not recommended. Vampires are immune to Paralysis, so you'll just make them invisible and angry, not a good combination...
The staff is found in random loot starting at level 24.
Staff of Flame
Fire Damage 40pts 500/63=7 325 Carried by Lorgren Benirus, the lich responsible for the haunting of Benirus Manor in Anvil. See Where Spirits Have Lease for details.
Staff of the Battlemage
Shock Damage 80pts for 1sec 500/159=3 273 Carried by High Chancellor Ocato
Staff of the Everscamp
Summons four non-hostile scamps who will follow the owner everywhere until the staff is dropped (except the staff can't be dropped). N/A 0 Rosentia Gallenus in Leyawiin can't get rid of it fast enough. See Whom Gods Annoy for details.
Staff of Unholy Terror
Demoralize up to level 8 (35pts) in 15ft for 15sec
Turn Undead up to level 10 (40pts) in 15ft for 15sec
2800/140=20 1276 Not available in game
Staff of Worms
Reanimate for 30sec 5000/22=227 0 Held by Mannimarco, King of Worms, who is encountered during the Mages Guild quest Confront the King.
Unfinished Staff
none N/A 50 In a chest on the Isle of Wellspring. Found during the A Mage's Staff quest. Used to create your own Mage's Staff. This staff has unusually high health (900); but after being transformed into your Mage's Staff it has 100 health.
Wabbajack 3000/300=10 1330 Reward for completing Sheogorath's quest.
  1. ^ The "Banishment" enchantment sets the ghost flag on the target. The intent was presumably to make the target invisible, incapable of action and incapable of being interacted with. Unfortunately, the ghost effect doesn't stop the target showing as a conversation target, and doesn't mean the player can walk through it so the result is far from perfect.