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OB-icon-Invisibility.png Invisibility
School Illusion
Type Defensive
(No enchanting)
Effect ID INVI
Base Cost 40.0
Barter Factor 0
(Click on any item for details)
Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Invisibility for D seconds

This is the other effect (besides Chameleon) that renders you invisible (but not inaudible) to monsters and NPCs in the game. Invisibility is perfect, but temporary. It will end if you cast any spell, attack any NPC, or interact with any NPC or item in the game. There are also a few scripted sequences where an NPC will notice you even if you are invisible.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making via spells, choosing the Shadow Birthsign, the Jone Stone Doomstone, or achieving 100% Vampirism which bestows the ability Embrace of Shadows.
  • Magic Traps will still fire at you while you are invisible.
  • If you are discovered trespassing and then cast an invisibility spell, even though you are invisible the NPC that discovered you will follow you until you leave; issuing the standard warnings.
  • If you are invisible when an NPC is due to lock up, all NPCs in the cell will immediately become aware of your presence.
  • You can grab an item without losing your invisibility. This allows you to carry the item to a place where you can pick it up without being seen.
  • NPC followers will still follow you when you're invisible.


  • Short term Invisibility effects are useful for getting some easy stealth strikes or for stealing things out of containers and off of store shelves while shop owners are watching you (a five or ten second duration is sufficient for this).
  • It is not possible to enchant items with Invisibility as the effect does not appear in the list when using an Altar of Enchanting. The reason for this is because, if you use the Construction Set to make the effect available for enchanting, you will become invisible, but the effect will be dispelled as soon as you do anything but move, requiring you to re-equip the clothing. This is why there are no invisibility pre-enchantments or Sigil Stone effects in the game.
  • If you go invisible, there will still be a small outline for you to see. The characters in the game cannot detect this, but you (as opposed to your character) can. When an NPC goes invisible, you can look for this outline to find them without the aid of Detect Life.
  • An invisibility spell with a duration of up to fifteen seconds only requires an apprentice level in Illusion; however, the only ways to obtain the spell effect before journeyman level are: being born under the Shadow Birthsign, becoming a vampire and resting until you have 100% vampirism, or through the Jone Doom Stone.


  • Be aware using invisibility going through doors. It is possible that if the spell is extremely close to finishing casting when you enter a door you will become stuck in cutscene mode, with no ability to interact with anything or move in anyway.

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Alchemy Ingredients

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