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OB-qico-Daedric.png Crash a dinner party at Castle Leyawiin by playing a prank for Sanguine.
Quest Giver: Engorm at Shrine of Sanguine
Location(s): Castle Leyawiin
Reward: Sanguine Rose
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
ID: DASanguine
Required Items: Cyrodilic Brandy
Required Level: 8
Shrine of Sanguine

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Once you have reached level 8, give Sanguine an offering of Cyrodilic Brandy to start the quest.
  2. Go to Leyawiin and play a prank at the countess' dinner party using Sanguine's spell.
  3. Flee from the guards in Leyawiin (while stark naked).
  4. Return to Sanguine to recover your gear and receive your reward: the Sanguine Rose, a staff that summons random Daedra.

Detailed Walkthrough

Locating the Shrine of Sanguine

The Shrine of Sanguine is roughly northwest of Skingrad and southeast of Fort Dirich at the edge of the treeline. Speaking to Fadus Calidius in Skingrad Fighters Guild or Falanu Hlaalu at All Things Alchemical will reveal the location of the shrine on your map (you must have already read Modern Heretics or have spoken with Ulene Hlervu about "Cheydinhal" for the topic to appear). You must be at least level 8 to start this quest.

An Offering to the God

At the shrine, Engorm will tell you that you need to give Sanguine some Cyrodilic Brandy for him to grant an audience with you. Cyrodilic Brandy can be stolen from many nobles' houses; it can also be bought at the Main Ingredient or the Gilded Carafe in the Imperial City. Also, Bogrum Gro-Galash in the Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil has a chance of having it in stock. Three samples can be found inside the Odiil Farm just outside of Chorrol, one sample is found at Cloud Ruler Temple in Jauffre's room, and one can be found in Baenlin's House. With the preliminaries taken care of, approach Sanguine and offer the brandy. He will say:

Ah... another mortal come to beg Sanguine to add a bit of spice to an otherwise drab existence. I would have you perform a service for me. The Castle Leyawiin is a dull, dreary place. The mistress is an especially somber soul, and tomorrow she will hold another excruciating dinner party. I want you to liven it up. Use this spell on the Countess and her guests. I think it will make the party much more interesting. You should probably try to be inconspicuous. Or they might kill you. Oh, and the party is by invitation only. You'll have to find a way in. Have fun!

The Task at Hand

There is, in fact, no rush to get to Leyawiin; the dinner party will only get underway whenever you make it there, even if it takes you several weeks. When you go to Castle Leyawiin, you will find that you cannot enter the dining room (located to the right of the main audience hall). At night, the door will be locked; in the morning, a guard will be posted there. The guard confirms that there will be a dinner party, but that it is invitation only.

In fact, an invitation is not necessary. While the party is in progress (from 6pm until midnight) the guard will let you in if his disposition is high enough (greater than 70); or if you are wearing "valuable" enough equipment (which includes jewelry) or an "upper class" outfit.

Before proceeding, it is strongly recommended that you save your game. When you cast the Stark Reality spell, things are likely to become somewhat chaotic. The Countess is dining with four others: Britta Invel and her husband Jaras, Termanwe, and Vlarimil Orius. If the Countess (or any guest) isn't immediately there, try waiting 24 hours or so (eventually they will arrive). You will need to cast Stark Reality on all five people for the prank to be considered a success. If you are having trouble with this (see bugs), aiming at Termanwe will reliably affect everyone.

When you cast Stark Reality, you will discover that the dinner guests are stripped down to their undergarments and start running around hysterically. The guests aren't the only ones affected: all your possessions, including all of your gold, have vanished (don't panic: you will get everything back at the end of the quest). Casting the spell is considered to be an assault, because the spell has a Drain Health 1 component. The guards posted outside the room will immediately try to arrest you. Since you just lost all your gold, you cannot just pay a fine: you must go to jail or run.

Returning to the Shrine of Sanguine

Since you have no gear and no money, you'll probably want to return to the Shrine of Sanguine right away. Not only will you receive your reward, the Sanguine Rose, but Sanguine will also have all of your vanished gear waiting for you in a chest at the Shrine. His parting message is:

A rousing success, mortal! And it appears you joined in the festivities as well. Good for you. You need to lighten up a bit. You'll find your equipment in that chest over there. And here's a little something for your efforts. Maybe we'll celebrate again sometime....


  • It is possible to avoid a bounty altogether by:
  • Using an Invisibility potion before the spell hits.
  • Having 100% chameleon at the time you cast the spell.
  • Equipping the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal at the time you cast the spell and unequipping it before the spell hits.
  • If your disposition with the guards is 91 or higher, you will still incur a bounty. However, you won't have to pay it nor will you be arrested.
  • After you complete this quest, a special edition of the Black Horse Courier is published: "Pranks Spoils Society Gathering!"
  • The map marker for the "Shrine Of Sanguine" is named differently from all of the other daedric shrines; the other shrine markers are named, for example, "Peryite's Shrine" or "Meridia's Shrine".
  • Performing this quest while other Leyawiin quests are active could cause unwanted consequences. In particular, the quests Mazoga the Orc and Knights of the White Stallion can become unavailable or terminate early if Mazoga comes to your aid and gets killed by the guards.
  • The Stark Reality effect does not show up in the "Known Effects" list at a spell making altar.


  • Stark Reality's removal of gear may cause the Permanent Effects from Quest Items bug.
  • Submitting to the guards, choosing to go to jail, and serving your time may prevent this happening.[verification needed — glitch would occur upon item removal, both with the spell and when guards remove your items]
  • After Ahdarji's Heirloom is completed the Countess is no longer marked as essential. If she dies before the Sanguine quest is completed, you will not be able to obtain the Sanguine Rose. However you will still get credit for completing the quest, and you may still qualify for the Hermaeus Mora quest.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; it makes the Countess essential until both quests are completed.
  • If you visit the Countess in her dressing room while she is under the effect of the Stark Reality spell she may never re-dress. It is possible for her to spend the rest of the game eating at the dinner table wearing only her underwear.
  • For the Stark Reality spell to be considered a success, the Countess must also be affected by it; because of her Chorrol-related bug, it is possible that she won't even show up in the first place.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; it basically cancels her trip to Chorrol at all times, also before this quest is initiated.
  • If the Countess isn't around when you start the quest, keep checking once a day around 6-8 pm (wait in 24 hour increments). It may take several days, but should not take more than a week. Alternatively, try fast-traveling to Castle Chorrol and back to Castle Leyawiin, and make sure to enter both places. This can break her travel loop and make her resume her schedule.
  • Chameleon and Invisibility no longer work with the PC version. You can drop a lockpick before casting the spell and pick it up afterwards to break out of jail.

Journal Entries

{{ Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|!|Sanguine|DASanguine}}

{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=10|2=|3=The follower of Sanguine have told me that, in order to summon the Daedra, I will need to leave an offering of Cyrodilic Brandy at the statue. [You must be level 8 to begin this quest.] }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=20|2=|3=After I provided the offering to Sanguine, the Daedra Prince spoke to me. Sanguine believes that the Countess of Leyawiin is too stuffy, and wants me to do something about it. She will be hosting a dinner party tomorrow, and I am to sneak into the castle undetected and cast the spell of Stark Reality on her. }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=25|2=|3=I have convinced the guard to let me into the Countess Caro's dinner party. }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=30|2=|3=I have succeeded in casting the Stark Reality spell on the Countess of Leyawiin and her company. I should return to the Shrine of Sanguine. }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=90|2=|3=I was detected while attempting to cast the spell of Stark Reality on the Countess of Leyawiin and her guests. I should return to the Shrine of Sanguine. }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=100|2=fin|3=Sanguine was pleased with my efforts. He has given me the Sanguine Rose as a reward. I may retrieve my belongings in the nearby chest. }}{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=105|2=fin|3=I failed to affect all the guests with the Stark Reality spell. The spell has worn off, and my items have been returned to me, but I have failed my quest for Sanguine. }}

Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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