Oblivion:Knights of the White Stallion (quest)

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OB-qico-General1.png Join this Knightly order by killing a notorious bandit.
Quest Giver: Count Marius Caro in Castle Leyawiin
Location(s): Castle Leyawiin, Telepe
Prerequisite Quest: Mazoga the Orc
Next Quest: Black Bow Bandits (freeform quest, not in journal)
Reward: Become a Knight-Errant of the Knights of the White Stallion, a Leyawiin guard's shield, and the keys to the White Stallion Lodge
ID: MS92
The Entrance to Telepe (beware of sentries)

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Count Marius Caro about a dangerous bandit.
  2. Speak with Mazoga for more information.
  3. Travel with Mazoga to Telepe and kill all the bandits.
  4. Report to Marius.
  5. Return Black Bows to Marius for a bounty.

Detailed Walkthrough

The Target

Speak to Count Marius Caro after completing Mazoga the Orc's quest to begin this quest. The Count wants you to kill an Orc outlaw named Black Brugo, chieftain of the Black Bow Bandits. He'll suggest speaking with Mazoga, who may have contacts with outlaws due to her shadowy past.

Speak with Mazoga and you'll learn that she knows Brugo, that his hideout is an Ayleid ruin west of Leyawiin called Telepe, and that he visits there between midnight and 6am (see Notes). Keep in mind, he may arrive early; sometimes shortly after 8pm. Mazoga will wait in the Castle Hall until you ask her to follow you.

The Black Bow Bandits

Travel to Telepe (northwest of Leyawiin and a short distance southwest of the White Stallion Lodge) and kill Black Brugo and his gang. The ruins are quite small and contain two of Brugo's henchmen. If you arrive at the time indicated above, Brugo and his friends Alonzo and Roxy Aric are located nearby after you enter the cell, so the action begins quickly. They will enter the ruin, however.

If you arrive at 8am or shortly afterwards, you will see Brugo, Alonzo, and an invisible Roxy Aric heading out to the ambush site a bit north of Telepe near the road. This offers new tactics: as long as you walk behind them, they don't attack until arriving at the ambush site (even if they shout alarm phrases). So you can fight them one at a time, making the fight a lot easier.

After killing Brugo, be sure to take the key he carries. It unlocks an Ayleid Coffer in Telepe containing 300 gold and a quest-related note which you would otherwise have to pick open.

After the battle, Mazoga is quite excited that she'll soon be a real knight, even though she apparently does not know how to be one or even what a knight-errant is, and says she'll meet you in the Castle Hall. Note that before she starts traveling on her own, you will first have to lead her outside and away from the ruins.

Become a Knight

Report to Marius to become a Knight-Errant of the Knights of the White Stallion, receive a Leyawiin guard's shield and the key to White Stallion Lodge. He also promises a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow you deliver to him.

If you speak to Mazoga after this, she will tell you that she will be at the White Stallion Lodge, after which she leaves the Castle Hall and then Leyawiin itself.

After the quest, Mazoga will say "I'm gonna go get me some black bows. Tag along if you like." This initiates the freeform quest Black Bow Bandits.


  • The black bows you retrieve from the bandits are quite good and you won't find better bows until Dwarven bows appear at level 6. If you are into archery you might want to keep one for yourself, at least until you find better equipment. Also remember that the count will pay you more for black bows (100 gold) than any merchant (base price is 70 gold).
  • If you do not need the help, you can speak to Mazoga and ask her to wait for you to ensure her survival. If you tell Mazoga to wait while on route to Telepe, and continue on your own, you may have trouble finding her again later unless you set a blue map marker at her location - it may be best to leave her inside the Leyawiin castle. The count will still make her a knight together with you, even though she did not really do anything.
  • If Mazoga gets killed while in the ruins, it will not affect the outcome of the quest. Once you complete the quest, the messenger from Marius apparently feels happy in depositing the shield and keys on her corpse. You can go back to the cave and pick them up yourself, along with her armor.
  • Initially, Mazoga will confusingly tell you that Brugo will be at Telepe every night, then when asked any time afterwards, will indicate that Brugo will be there on Middas.
  • Mazoga has a minimum level of 10. If you do this quest early at a low level, Mazoga can do most of the work for you without having to worry about dying.
  • Sometimes, the standard bandit guarding Telepe will stand on the hard-to-reach section above the entrance. To get to top of the entrance, jump on one of the low rocks at the back of the building, then carefully jump to a slightly higher ledge nearby, and keep going until you reach the top.
  • Killing Black Brugo can be remarkably easy. Simply don't push the switch to open up the gate he's behind then using a bow just shoot him until he dies. He will run around a bit but still stay within the open circle area of the gate for you to shoot him.


  • For several different reasons, Brugo will often fail to retrieve his gold and instead wander randomly around Telepe.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • To resolve the issue, open the gate manually if Brugo hasn't done so already and leave the dungeon. Wait one hour or longer and he should resume his normal schedule.
  • If either Roxy or Alonzo are dead, Brugo will only go to Telepe at midnight on Middas instead of every night, as he's supposed to. If this happens, look for him a bit north of Telepe. You'll find him wandering around there.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 3.4.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; partially fixed: if Roxy is dead, Brugo will still be stuck north of Telepe.

Journal Entries

Knights of the White Stallion (MS92)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin has offered to make Mazoga and myself Knights-Errant of the White Stallion if we find and kill the Orc named Black Brugo, chieftain of the Black Bow Bandits.
20 To locate Black Brugo, the Count suggested I should ask Mazoga, who might have contacts among outlaws.
30 Mazoga knows Black Brugo, and has a plan to ambush him. Black Brugo visits his gang's hideout to collect his share of the loot every night between midnight and six in the morning. The hideout is an Ayleid ruin west of Leyawiin called Telepe. Mazoga offered to help me find and kill Black Brugo. She will wait in the Castle Hall until I ask her to follow me.
32 (no entry; Mazoga starts MazogaFollowToTelepe)
35 Mazoga was reluctant to betray a former associate, but she says, sooner or later, Black Brugo visits a hideout west of Leyawiin called Telepe.
80 Black Brugo is dead. I must report to Marius Caro and become a Knight-Errant of the White Stallion.
100 1Yes The Count praised me for killing Black Brugo. He has made me Knight-Errant of the Order of the White Stallion, and has given me a guard's shield bearing the heraldry of Count Leyawiin, and the key to White Stallion Lodge on the western shores of the Niben River. The Count also asked me to find and kill any remaining members of the Black Bow Bandits, and promised a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow I deliver to him.
105 1Yes Mazoga is dead. Now I'll never know how to find Black Brugo.
110 1Yes The Count praised us for killing Black Brugo. He has made Mazoga and me Knights-Errant of the Order of the White Stallion, and has given us guard's shields bearing the heraldry of Count Leyawiin, and keys to White Stallion Lodge on the western shores of the Niben River. The Count also asked us to find and kill any remaining members of the Black Bow Bandits, and promised a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow we deliver to him.
120 (no entry; player told Mazoga she's a knight)
130 (no entry; player told Mazoga he's a knight and she gets nothing)
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