Oblivion:Black Bow Bandits

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Tag along with Mazoga the Orc to track down and kill Black Bow Bandits (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Mazoga the Orc at the White Stallion Lodge
Location(s): Telepe, Rockmilk Cave, and Undertow Cavern
Prerequisite Quest: Knights of the White Stallion
Reward: 100 gold for each Black Bow you turn in to Count Marius Caro.
Fighting Bandits at Telepe.

Quick Walkthrough

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. After you have completed Knights of the White Stallion, find Mazoga the Orc and she'll invite you along with her to hunt for more Black Bow Bandits.
  2. On Morndas, you can join Mazoga and clear the Ayleid ruin Telepe.
  3. On Middas, you will wipe out Rockmilk Cave.
  4. On Turdas, Undertow Cavern needs a spring cleaning.

Detailed Walkthrough

Mazoga the Orc

After the Knights of the White Stallion quest, Mazoga spends most of her time in the White Stallion Lodge or nearby; however, three days a week she hunts for Black Bow Bandits, and she will invite you along. The Black Bows you collect can be taken to Count Marius Caro, who gives you 100 gold for each Black Bow you bring to him. When adventuring with Mazoga, note that she is not essential and may be killed at any time. Mazoga will loot Black Bows off of corpses (she makes her intentions quite clear every time you talk to her), so make sure to loot corpses before she does, and also do not store bows on dead bodies or she will pick those up as well.


Around 2 pm on Morndas, Mazoga will head for the Ayleid ruin Telepe, where more Black Bow Bandits have replaced the ones you killed in Knights of the White Stallion.


Around 2 pm on Middas, Mazoga will clear out Rockmilk Cave. In every room, you will find Marauders fighting Bandits. In all, there is a total of 17 Black Bow Bandits.


On Turdas, Mazoga travels to Undertow Cavern for the Black Bow Bandit in the first area. He is guarding a boss-level chest and there is also treasure under the water.

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