Daggerfall:Grimdale Moor

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Grimdale Moor: City Summary
City State Wayrest Buildings
Walled No Type Count
Palace No Alchemists 0
Cemetery Yes Armorers 0
Guilds Banks 0
The Dark Brotherhood Yes Bookstores 0
The Fighters Guild No Clothing Stores 0
The Mages Guild Yes General Stores 5
The Thieves Guild No Gem Stores 0
Knightly Order None Libraries 0
Temple Order of the Hour
Temple of Stendarr
Pawn Shops 0
Quests Residences 107
Quest Locations 81 Shopping Plaza 0
Houses associated with Faction Taverns 6
None Weapon Smiths 0

Grimdale Moor is a town in western Wayrest, near the border to Orsinium in the province of High Rock. This town is one of few which houses two temples, namely the Order of the Hour and the Temple of Stendarr. The Mages Guild of this place is also of particular interest, because it offers a fine assortment of various higher class types of magical armor, weapons and soul gems.

Ficheiro:DF-Grimdale Moor Mages Guild.png
The Mages Guild of Grimdale Moor
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