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Ficheiro:DF-Hammerfell Cemetery1.png
A typical rural cemetery in Hammerfell
Ficheiro:DF-Cemetery Hammerfell2.png
Another picture of the same cemetery

A cemetery is a place where the dead are interred for their eternal rest. Those with a crypt are also very small dungeons containing a few rooms inhabited by a few monsters, the type of which is dependent on the level of the exploring character.

Those cemeteries with crypts have some utility because loot, which will respawn as soon as the character leaves, may be found within. Additionally they are of further use to vampires because within will always be found a creature to sate a vampire's need to drink blood and these crypts can also be used as a sanctuary during the daylight hours.

There are two gross types of cemeteries:

Rural cemeteries
These are found on the overland map as stand-alone locations. There are two distinct subtypes of Rural Cemeteries.
Common Cemeteries
These are visible on the local map from the start of a game.
Forgotten Cemeteries
These are not visible on the local map from the start of a game and locations must therefore be discovered.
Urban Cemeteries
Urban Cemeteries have no underground crypts and their only purpose is to improve the cityscape.