Battlespire:Quest Walkthrough

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Battlespire(Redireccionado de Battlespire:Quests)

Here you'll find everything you need to complete the game and the various quests along the way.

  • Level 1 — The Weir Gate - The first level of Battlespire where survival is difficult enough let alone trying to decide what exactly you're supposed to be doing.
  • Level 2 — Caitiff - Many tough monsters in this level can give even the strongest characters a hard time.
  • Level 2a — Caitiff - You have to find the voidguide pieces to get out, but where are they?
  • Level 3 — The Soul Cairn - Wraiths that can't be killed, some mysterious talking gems. Whats an adventurer to make of all this?
  • Level 4 — Shade Perilous - Things are actually becoming slightly friendly towards you and you're scared....very scared.
  • Level 5 — The Chimera of Desolation - You appear to be the prey in some sort of hunt whose hunter cannot be killed. Can this be the end your adventure?
  • Level 6 — Havok Wellhead - You are in the presence of the Daedra Lords on this!
  • Level 7 — Mehrunes Dagon - This is the last level where you face Dagon, Lord of the Daedra.


  • The game contains several other multiplayer levels, which are not described here.