Battlespire:Level 3

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Map of Level 3

Quick Walkthrough

  1. On this level you again learn a little more here and there, mostly from two Battlemages turned into wraiths. There are ghosts, wraiths, and Morphoid Daedras to combat on this level, all quite tough to defeat. To exit you must find the Oht, Ayem, Hekem, and Yoodt entry sigils and the three control rods to go on to Level 4, a domain of Nocturnal called Shade Perilous.
  2. You start out at Point A. Pick up the scroll from Vatasha at point B.
  3. Get a Oht entry sigil from a Morphoid Daedra at Point C.
  4. Read the sixth plaque on the left at Point D for answers to the riddles.
  5. Talk to the praeceptor's wraith at Point F. Agree to perform the ceremony and get a hero gem (healing).
  6. Go into the water and turn the wheel at Point H. Continue swimming to the area near Point I.
  7. Kill the Morphoid Daedra at Point I to get the Ayem entry sigil. Turn the two wheels here.
  8. Swim to the underwater tunnel between M and N and read the scroll there to easily dispatch wraiths (optional).
  9. Enter the boat at M to visit Paxil Bittor's wraith at N and get a Yoodt entry sigil and another note from Vatasha.
  10. Get a Hekem entry sigil from the Morphoid Daedra at Point K.
  11. Open the coffins and talk to the Ideal Masters at Point L (Chapel of Love). Get the rod in the northeast corner.
  12. In the room with the rotating platform near Point O, grab another rod in the southeast corner.
  13. Get the last rod at Point Q.
  14. Talk to the Ideal Master at Point S to get details on how to activate the gate.
  15. Go to Point T, turn on the mana streams, put the three rods in the pedestal up top, and operate the gate using the words 'Shade Perilous' to go to Level 4

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

This is the destination from the great teleporter at Point K on Level 2a.

Point B

Near where you arrived you find another scroll from Vatasha. She warns you to stay away from the wraiths since apparently they cannot be killed. Not being that smart, you decide to take that as a challenge and attempt to kill the next wraith you see. After the longest and most grueling fight you've ever been in you emerge victorious. Soon you find that there are other, better and much easier ways, to get the wraiths to stop attacking you. You find that calling them 'mad as a loon' seems to cause them to ignore you for some reason. Also, you are able to utterly destroy some wraiths by turning them with powerful words, although this doesn't always work.

Point C

Here on the upper level, you find an Oht sigil of entry in the possession of a Morphoid Daedra.

Point D

This hallway has many plaques devoted to the history of the Soul Cairn. On careful inspection you notice the sixth one on the left is different. This inscription contains some sort of clues to something and reads:

First Coffin: Grave
Second Coffin: Life
Third Coffin: Boat
Forth Coffin: Pig
Fifth Coffin: Coffin

This will most likely come in useful further on.

Point E

A pair of Oht warding sigils float here, denying passage to anything beyond. Fortunately you found an Oht entry sigil previously (Point C) so you are able to pass freely.

Point F

Past the sigils at Point E you find another wraith. Attempting to converse with it you soon find out that this was, or is, Kirel Aman, the Praeceptor Superior of Battlespire. He was captured and forced to tell all by the Daedra and then sentenced to an eternal death as a wraith. He also tells you of possibly the only way to kill a wraith (other than to kill its creator and master). You agree to perform the ceremony and Kirel's soul is destroyed, leaving behind a Hero Gem (heals health with many uses).

Point G

These hallways are blocked by Ayem warding sigils. Not being able to find the appropriate entry sigil nearby, it looks like you'll be going for a swim. You are careful that you aren't carrying to much weight, otherwise you'd sink like a rock and drown. You find the entry sigil later on at Point I.

Point H

You find a wheel deep underwater and turn in it hopes of it bringing a dryer setting. You find out later that this caused the third platform at Point I to rise.

Point I

You go up a lift in this large room and confront a Morphoid Daedra. After an exchange of blows you find that he is carrying an Ayem entry sigil. Turn the wheels next to where he was found; several platforms rise up to form a path across the room.

Point J

On one side of these rooms you find a cupboard which does not open when you try it. A more careful search reveals a mechanism on the opposite side of the room which does open it, revealing some useful items.

Point K

You come across a Morphoid Daedra here who is carrying a Hekem entry sigil which you gladly relieve him of.

Point L

You find three coffins in this room, two of them protected by riddles. Using the answers from a plaque you found at Point D you know the two answers to be "grave" and "pig". Inside each coffin you find some items as well as a bluish crystal that, when touched, begins to speak. Each gem appears to be the soul of a master, leaders of this Soul Cairn. They are uninterested in helping you until you perform some strange ritual. Not liking the sound of it you decide to move on, but remembering what the souls told you. You also find a pilot rod in the northeast corner of the room which you take, although you aren't quite sure what purpose it serves.

Point M

You find a boat here, tied to the dock. Having just got dry from your last swim you decide to not swim this time. It takes you a little while to get used to steering it but you manage fine with a little practice.

Halfway between point M and N is a small cavern (not marked on the overview map). Inside you can find a scroll guarded by two undead. Reading the scroll will provide you with a phrase to banish all wraiths on this level simply by talking to them. This will be especially useful when you encounter the wraith of Paxti Bittor at N.

Point N

You find a small alcove here with several items and the wraith of Paxti Bittor, the traitor who caused this whole mess. You listen to his story and you find that, in turn, the Daedra betrayed him, killing him and turning him into a wraith (how fitting you think). He mentions the name of Sirran Angada, the Daedra who betrayed him and had a hand in taking over Battlespire. Unfortunately this Daedra uses a transmorph spell to appear as anyone it wants to, making him difficult, if not impossible to find. Among the items on the dock are another letter from Vatasha. She seems to be barely surviving but she did leave you a Yoodt entry sigil which will be useful. You decide to avenge the deaths of the battlemages by ending whatever life Bittor has left in him. You can easily kill him by using the scroll you found in the small cave, or fight the long and arduous battle.

Point O

A pair of Hekem warding runes float here. Using the entry sigil you found at Point K you pass through them unhurt. In the room behind is a strange rotating device. Not knowing exactly what is does you decide to leave it alone...for now. You find a rod poorly hidden in the southeast corner of this room.

Point P

Ficheiro:BS-Soul Cairn Graveyard .png
Graveyard beyond point P

There is a Yoodt warding sigil here which would be blocking your path had you not found the entry sigil left by Vatasha for you at Point N.

Point Q

In the northwest corner you find a rod cleverly hidden near a column.

Point R

In this small room you find another coffin locked by a riddle. Using the answers you found previously, you find the answer to be "boat". Once again you fail to get any sort of useful information from the soul within.

Point S

BS-Soul Cairn Burial Chamber of an Ideal Master.png

A similar coffin and soul are in this room, but with no password protection. After a good deal of discussion, the ideal master tells you in detail what is required to activate the teleporter in the chapel of love (Point L). You need to collect the 3 rods (Points L, O and Q) and insert them into the pedestal between the two mana beams (which you must first turn on). Then the gate will take you to any destination in the outer realms, provided you know its name. Pulling out a scroll from Vatasha you find the next location is called 'Shade Perilous'.

Point T

BS-Soul Cairn Emerald Gate Chapel of Love.png

Here you find the device mentioned by the ideal master at Point S. Following his instructions you turn on the mana streams and put the three rods into the pedestal. You activate the now operating gate by requesting to travel to Shade Perilous, Level 4.


  • 9x Ghost
  • 17x Morphoid Daedra
  • 18x Skeleton
  • 27x Wraith


  • Wraiths may not give the banish dialogue. Re-read the scroll, then try the incantation again. ?
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