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Quick Walkthrough

You make a few new 'friends' (if you can call them that) on this level, mostly the Dremora and Seducers. You also get friendly with the Fire and Frost Daedra but they still attack you. The real menace on this level are the Dark Seducers. They have many spells, hit for large amounts of damage, have high hitpoints, and there are quite a few of them. In order to finish the level, you need to find the Nocturnals Jaciel and Deyanira, find the Ekem, Jeb and Quam entry sigils, activate the 4 levers, touch the hand (optional), find the book of wheels and enter the sacred code a few times. This is by far the longest level yet so patience is in order.

  1. You start out at Point A on this Level.
  2. Pull the chain at Point C.
  3. Get the passphrase "The Gerent of Dagon Rules Here" from the Fire Daedra or the scroll in the cage at Point E to open the door near Point F.
  4. Talk to Deyanira for a while at Point F. Touch sword in southeast to reveal lever in center or room. Activate this lever and the ones at Points G and J.
  5. Get the Jeb entry sigil from the Fire Daedra at Point G and the Ekem from another one at Point H.
  6. Goto the Point I and talk to the Seducer to get the keyword "dusk" (also found on a scroll in this room). Touch the hand to make it disappear (optional since this has no consequences). Above the hand floats the word "dusk" in daedric letters.
  7. Go through teleporter at Point K to end up at Point L.
  8. Talk to Dremora at Point N to get a Quam entry sigil.
  9. Go to the points P,Q,R,S and press the letters to spell the word "dusk". A wrong button causes around 40-50 points damage.
    1. Point P: Letter U is 4th from Left
    2. Point Q: Letter D is 4th from Left
    3. Point R: Letter K is 4th from Left
    4. Point S: Letter S is 1st on Right
  10. This raises the four platforms into the center.
  11. Turn the four wheels at the center, Point T.
  12. Enter the now opened door at Point U by using the password "dusk", find and activate last Lever at Point V
  13. Talk to Jaciel at Point X.
  14. Return and talk to Deyanira at Point F.
  15. Return and talk to Jaciel at Point X.
  16. Touch torch thing at Point Y to raise platform.
  17. Enter energy field at Point Z via the password "djemekweh". Talk to Daedra and enter teleporter.
  18. Enter the well thing at Point 2 to exit and continue to the Chimera of Desolation, Level 5.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

This is the destination from the gate at Point T on Level 3.

Point B

You meet a talkative Frost Daedra here who reveals a lot of information. It appears as though either Xivilai Moath or Faydra Shardai is the one in charge around here. Imago Storm is the leader of the Dremora and is in charge of the invasion force. You also learn that the frost daedra aren't too fond of their fire counterparts. In exchange for a pair of magical greaves, you agree to kill all fire daedras for them.

Point C

You find some sort of device with a pull chain. Activating it you find it opens a door you passed previously at Point D.

Point D

Returning to this door which you opened via the device at Point C, you make conversation with a Dremora and learn many things. First he says, in order to rescue your friend you must pass beyond Shade Perilous into the Chimera of Desolation and finally on to Dagon's Pleasure Palace. The exact route is beyond the Dremora's knowledge, although he says that Jacial Morgen would know the way. Jacial is one of the Nocturnal lords who was overthrown by the fire and frost daedras released by Xivilai and Faydra to capture Nocturnal. The Dremora goes further to say that all the fire and frost daedra must be eliminated and order restored here so that Dagon will not be upset. This may be possible by mentioning Xivilai or Faydra to the daedra and using their hatred against them.

Point E

Here you find another informative enemy, this time a fire daedra. You learn that the two Nocturnal lords, Jaciel Morgen and Deyanira Katrece were captured and are being held prisoner. Jacial is in the farthest cell in the southern block on this level. Her cell can be only opened by the words "The Gerent of Dagon rules here", which is found out either by reading the scroll in the cage or through the Fire Daedra. Deyanira is being held elsewhere. You also make another pact with the fire daedra to kill all frost daedra and receive a magical helmet in return. You will see that pitting the frost and fire daedra against each other as mentioned by the Dremora at Point D will be easier than you had first thought. There are two healing crystals in the room where you found the daedra.

Point F

Deyanira Katrece

You find a door here which opens when you use the phrase "The Gerent of Dagon rules here" which you got at Point E. Inside you find Deyanira Katrece being held prisoner. She asks you to free Jacial from imprisonment from the night portal. To do so you must start the nocturnal mana to flow again by letting the magical tourbillons begin to turn again. To do this the wheels of heaven must read the appropriate code. She doesn't know the code but tells you to seek the Book of the Wheels of Heaven. She also mentions something about solving the riddles of stools but you don't quite understand that. She also mentions four secret levers which must be pulled to release Jacial from the Nightportal. One is near a podium, another in a secret underwater grotto, another under a table and the last in a storage room. You find the one under the table in the center of this room by touching a large sword on the south wall. Certainly not an easy task to do everything that is required, but you gave your word to help.

Point G

This must be the secret underwater grotto Deyanira told you about at Point F. You find a lever in the floor here and the Fire Daedra here was carrying a Jeb entry sigil.

Point H

A Fire Daedra was carrying a Ekem sigil of entry in this room.

Point I

This room is protected by a Jeb warding sigil and you pass through using the entry sigil you found at Point H. The Daedra Seducer in this room directs you to the Book of Wheels which gives you the sacred code "dusk". There is also a large hand protected by sigils in this room which you can't figure out at the moment. Not being that bright, you touch it anyways and it disappears (you finish the level without really knowing what it did). However, above the hand floats the word "dusk" written in daedric letters. Now you know exactly which letters you must use at the Points P, Q, R and S. A coffer of restoration also resides in this room.

Point J

Another lever for unlocking the Nightportal can be found in this room, hidden behind the bench along the eastern wall.

Point K

You pass through these Ekem warding sigils with the entry rune found at Point H. The teleporter pad here takes you to Point L.

Point L

Destination from teleporter pad at Point K.

Point M

This teleporter pad returns you near to Point K.

Point N

You find a mysterious Dremora at the end of this hallway who gives you a Quam entry sigil without explanation and disappears.

Point O

This hall is blocked by a Quam warding sigil which you pass using the entry sigil acquired at Point N.

Point P

There are 5 Daedric letters on the wall here, from left to right: Z, W, V, U, T as well as a coffer of restoration. You press the letter U for the codeword 'dusk'.

Point Q

There are 7 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. You press the letter D for the codeword 'dusk'.

Point R

There are 5 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: H, I, J, K, L. You press the letter K for the codeword 'dusk'.

Point S

There are 7 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: M, N, O, P, Q, R, S. You press the letter S for the codeword 'dusk'.

Point T

Pressing the all the letters to spell dusk at the Point P, Q, R, and S raises the four platforms towards the center. You can now turn the four wheels of heaven to restore the flow of Nocturnal mana.

Point U

After pressing the appropriate letters at and turning the wheels at Point T this previously blocked entrance turns into some sort of energy field. Approaching it you find it is bound to a riddle whose answer is "dusk" once again.

Point V

You find the last of the four levers here in the northwest corner of this room.

Point W

These passage is opened by pulling the four levers at Points F, G, J, and V.

Point X

Jaciel Morgen

At the end of this tunnel you find the Nocturnal ruler Jaciel Morgen. Unfortunately she appears to be in such as state of depression that you are unable to get anything useful out of her.

Return to Point F

You return to Deyanira Katrece in hopes that she will be able to help once again. She is thrilled that you found Jaciel and says that only a deeper loose than that of losing Shade Perilous will revive her. She then suggests that the only possible way would be for herself to be thrown into Oblivion. You reluctantly agree and perform the required ceremony.

Return to Point X

You return to Jaciel to tell her about Deyanira. She becomes very enraged and you fear for your life. You manage to calm her down eventually and she tells you how to move to the next level. You need to cross the Rock Sail to a gate which opens by the word "djemekweh". There is then a lesser portal, and beyond that a gate which takes you to wherever Dagon has set it to go.

Point Y

You carefully cross these partial bridges. You find a flaming blue torch near a frost daedra which turns out to be a switch. This raises a platform allowing your travels to continue.

Point Z

You find the gate Jaciel mentioned, a large blue-white glowing energy field of some sort. It opens via the command "djemekweh". Beyond this you find a Dremora who you talk to a bit, providing you with much useful information. Unfortunately, Dagon has captured Vatasha and taken her to his hunting lodge. Also, much to your distress, on the next level, Chimera of Desolation, you will be hunted as prey in a game. There are rules to this hunt and the Dremora suggests you use them to your advantage. You should also seek hidden resources and something that was a man with the mantle of distinction. He does not provide any more detail on the subjects and you're left with more questions that you started with. The teleporter pad here takes you to Point 1.

Point 1

This is the destination of the teleporter at Point Z.

Point 2

You enter the gate here, moving on to Level 5, the Chimera of Desolation.


  • 18x Dark Seducer
  • 13x Dremora
  • 18x Fire Daedra
  • 16x Frost Daedra
  • 25x Seducer


  • Jaciel may not recognize the fact that you've performed the ritual on Deyanira. It is still possible to pass the gate with "djemekweh". ?
  • It is entirely possible to skip the Jaciel-Deyanira subplot. The game remains winnable, despite mentioning Jaciel later. ?
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