Battlespire:Level 2a

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Map of Level 2a

Quick Walkthrough

This level is a continuation of Level 2 since you don't get any stat bonuses, although there isn't any way to return, except you have set a recall anchor somewhere in Level 2. There are a number of things to learn here through conversation and scrolls, in particular about the mace named Scourge. You must find the mace, four void guide pieces and a Web entry sigil to continue on to Level 3.

  1. You teleport in from Level 2 at Point A.
  2. Enter the first door to the south and click on the mace above the door (Point B). Go into the secret room at the south and get the Scourge mace. The lion statue activates the lift.
  3. Go into the library at Point E and find the scroll about the Scourge mace (optional).
  4. Kill the spider daedra at Point H to get the Web entry sigil.
  5. Talk to the daedra Wonshala at Point I to learn more about the Scourge mace. In case you give her the mace, she will give you a piece of the voidguide in return. In this way you can skip searching for one of the other four pieces that are located on this level.
  6. Grab four voidguide pieces found at Points C, D, G, and F. Go talk to Sumeer at point J and put the pieces into the device in front of him. This activates the teleporter at point K which brings you to Level 3.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

This is the destination from the teleporter at Point K on Level 2. You are confronted with a great force of all sorts of creatures, but you fight bravely and come out relatively unscathed.

Point B

Here at the armory you find nothing of interest except a mace apparently stuck above the door. Attempting to remove it you trigger a secret mechanism which reveals an elevator leading down. Inside this secret room you find a wonderful lion statue (which activates the elevator) and a powerful magical mace named "Scourge, Blessed of Malacath".

Point C

This room appears to be a normal barracks occupied by a number of scamps. A careful search reveals a secret lift beneath the intricately designed carpet. It leads to a secret room which contains one of the voidguide pieces.

Point D

This appears to be some sort of training or study room. Given the number of secret rooms you have discovered nearby you search carefully and indeed find one. The bench to the northwest rises to reveal a secret chamber with another piece of the voidguide.

Point E

The Dremora Tanchelm

A small library is found here as well as a Dremora named Tanchelm who wishes to speak. After a relatively long conversation you acquire a scroll from him before he disappears. The scroll outlines the various motivations and forces behind the various Daedra and is rather useful. You also find a number of other scrolls in the library and in particular one describing the Scourge Mace you found near Point B. It seems like the mace is capable of banishing a Daedra in one hit. Although this doesn't work the way it is implied since the Scourge can only be used as a normal blunt weapon.

Point F

You find yet another piece of the voidguide lying on a table.

Point G

You find another piece of the voidguide in this room.

Point H

A Web guarding sigil bars the way here. Fortunately there was a spider daedra here who decided to give you a Web entry sigil.

Point I

Here you find Vonshala Keriayn. She is interested in acquiring the Mace called Scourge, which you found at Point B, as well as the keyword which unlocks its powers. In case you give her the mace, she will give you a piece of the voidguide in return and intends to test the Scourge on you. However since no daedra may wield the Scourge, the weapon will sent her directly to Oblivion, along with the mace.

Point J

Sumeer Jabran

Here you find the daedra Sumeer Jabran, who seems to be the one in charge around here. After a brief talk you agree to return the voidguide pieces in exchange for safe passage through Battlespire. Using four of the five pieces of the voidguide found in this level (Points C, D, F, G and I) you put them into the glowing blue device in front of Sumeer.

Point K

Ficheiro:BS-Level2a Completed Void Guide.png
The completed and activated Void Guide

The device you activated at Point J caused some sort of large teleportation device to function here. Stepping bravely forward, you move on towards Level 3, and parts unknown.


Total number found in level 2 and level 2a:

  • 18x Dremora
  • 30x Scamp
  • 22x Spider Daedra
  • 30x Vermai


  • A magical cape found on this level may be worn as pants.
  • Scamps on this level may disappear into the terrain.
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